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Richie Kotzen @ Rams Head in Annapolis, MD




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If you had asked me a week ago who Richie Kotzen is, I would have said I had no idea. Ask me now and what would I say? One of the most phenomenal guitar player/singer’s that I’ve seen in a long time. It was Saturday night and I had the night off from work for once and my best friend (A.K.A my “concert bitch”) Bob asked me if I wanted to go to this show with him. Richie Kotzen. Who the fuck is that? All he really told me was that he used to play with Poison and Mr. Big and his band The Winery Dogs. I’m always up for a show, so I told him I’d go.


Before the evening arrived, I went onto Youtube to check out some of his songs. I quickly learned that I was going to be in for a night of great music. I only listened to a few of his songs, but it was enough to know that he was good. Anyone who really knows me, knows I’m a metal head. I’ll be the first one to yell out “SLAYER!” at a country music concert. But, I also love bluesy type rock. A little bit of soul never hurt anyone…not to mention, it’s usually the best type of rock to see live.

I arrived at Rams Head around 7:45. There are many different Rams Head venues/restaurants throughout Maryland and this was my first time at the Annapolis one. Walking in, we were given assigned seats…yes, I said seats. The floor was all tables and chairs and I immediately felt like I was under dressed for the occasion. It’s definitely not the type of place you’d think of when you are headed to a show but it was a full house! We were escorted (yes escorted) to our table – 301, and we were quickly discouraged to see that we had a wooden pole blocking our view of the stage. I tried to snap pictures around it but it was hard.


Anyways, Richie took the stage around 8:30 and proceeded to rock my face off for the next hour and a half. “Soulful”, “Bluesy”, “mesmerizing”, “astounding”, “cream my panties”, “give me more and don’t stop”, are the adjectives I’d use to describe him. I was in awe from start to finish. One thing that I didn’t notice until my friend pointed it out, was that he was not using a guitar pic! He was doing solos with no guitar pic!! Was this guy for real?


At one point, the bassist and drummer (I can’t recall their names) walked off the stage and Richie made a comment that it looked like they quit. They didn’t. This was Richie’s moment to shine. He played “What is” by himself and it was awesome!

His drummer and bassist came back, played some more and then it was Richie’s turn to leave the stage as we were hit with a drum and bass solo. I wish I could tell you these guys’ names but I didn’t write them down and, well, I’m horrible when it comes to remembering names, but they were just as good as Mr. Kotzen himself.

When Richie came back, he took over the drum set and pounded out some beats and sang at the same time. At one point, the drummer came over and started banging away on the drums with him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people play the same drum set like they did. All the while, Richie had his guitar around his neck so when he got up, he was immediately playing the guitar! It was pretty bad ass in my opinion!

Again, I wish I could tell you more about them but this was brand spackin’ new to me. I did download his essential CD, and so far my favorites are “War Paint,” “You can’t save me,” and “What is.” Of course, I still have so many other songs on so many more CD’s to check out so I’m sure this list is going to grow and grow. I’m not sure why this guy isn’t well known but I suggest you check him out, either live or buying one of his CDs, or hey…both! You won’t be disappointed if you are into the kind of bluesy rock like I am that just makes your soul happy!


Veruca Salt @ The Black Cat in Washington DC


Veruca Salt? Back together? What?!?! AWESOME!! When I heard about this tour coming around to my neck of the woods a couple of months ago, I thought to myself: “this is a show that I can’t miss.” Then it slipped my mind with the stress of my second job and the boss saying: “No requests off for July and August.” I had to choose my dates off carefully and unfortunately I need my vacations to survive.

Lets just say that I had to call out of work sick today…concert hangovers are the best!

As Monday night got closer and closer, I kept getting messages from my friend Bob: “Hey don’t forget Veruca Salt on Monday…you have to go…” and almost every day or every other day I got a similar message from him. I told him I usually work Monday nights so I doubt I’d be able to go. Then on Sunday a co-worker said he’d work for me Monday night…there was only one problem…the show was sold out.

“Don’t worry about it! Just go and we’ll find a way in,” Said Bob. Now if any of my other friends had said that to me, I’d tell them no way, I’m just going to work and make money. However, Bob knows people and when he doesn’t, he still has a lucky horseshoe shoved up his ass!

So I met up with him in Columbia and I drove us down to DC…about a 45 minute drive. The show was at the Black Cat…I’ve been there a few times to see my favorite band Local H and I have to say, I hate DC and I really hate the Black Cat. It’s a shit hole! Just look at the floor of the club:


Anyways, we get to the club and as luck would have it, there was a parking lot across form the club open to the public. I pulled in, thinking I had to pay but no one was there to take money. “Fuck it.” I locked my doors and off we went to the other side of the street where a pretty good line had formed. I was confused because the Black Cat is not that big of a club and I wasn’t sure how all those people were going to fit in there. Another sold out show, another crowded room…you’d think I’d be used to that by now but I still hate the sold out shows in little rooms.

We are finding our way to the back of the line, still not sure if I was going to get in. Bob already secured his ticket with the club. As luck would have it we walked by a guy with two tickets in his hand that he was trying to unload. $30 dollars lighter and I had my ticket in!


The first band came on around 8:45 or so, Battleme. I’ve never heard of them but evidently they are from Portland, Oregon. They were a good opener for Veruca Salt and if you plan to catch this tour, definitely get there early and check them out!


As we waited for Veruca Salt to hit the stage I tried remembering when the last time was that I saw them. I know that I saw them once at a local music festival and I also saw them at an arena…Local H actually opened up for them! When their album “Eight Arms to Hold You” came out I was a fan! That album came out…ummm….1997?!?!? Seventeen years ago! Wow! Now I feel old! That’s okay though because most of the crowd there was in their late 20’s, 30’s and probably even 40’s. I did see a few hands with the big black X on them so there were some young ones there too.

Before I get into the review of the show, let me go off on a tiny rant. This is a message to all the ladies who go to shows. Do me a favor….LEAVE YOUR FUCKIN’ PURSES/BAGS AT HOME!! When the show is sold out and you can barely move, I for one don’t enjoy having my space taken up by your freaking purse! I had a chic to my right who kept knocking her big ass purse into me and then a chic in front of me with one of those backpack/bags on her back that kept me from being able to move my arms freely. I understand that as chics, you may have to have some things on you but damn it…that’s what cargo pants with 4 or 5 pockets are for. You are only going to be in the place for a few hours, so leave your luggage at home…please!


Veruca salt hit the stage at about 10:05 and their set ran for about an hour and half. As you can see from their set list, they covered all the classics (or at least what I consider classics): “Volcano Girls”, “David Bowie”, “Straight”, and my personal favorite, “Shutterbug.”



It was the original line-up with Nina Gordon (my favorite, her solo stuff is amazing!), Louise Post, Jim Shapiro (drums), and Steve Lack (bassist). They only thing that has really changed is that they have all aged a bit…but haven’t we all? I have to say that these chics still rock! They did NOT disappoint. Someone yelled from the crowd in between songs: Don’t ever break up again!! Amen to that!



Louise did most of the talking and at one point she stated that her and Nina got over their shit and made up and then they pretty much forced Jim and Steve to get back together with them! Louise and Nina were definitely in sync as the night went on.

They were banging their heads together and at the end of the set, they hugged. As they walked off stage, they walked off arm in arm. I don’t follow drama that goes with bands so I have no idea what they ever fought about and I really don’t care. What I care about is that they made up and are back together!


One thing I will say is that as the night went on Louise’s voice started to sound raspy when she talked and it almost sounded as if she was losing it. But hey, when you growl like she was doing, I guess that’s bound to happen after nights of doing it!



This was one of those shows that I’ll remember for the rest of my life! Not just because the band killed it but also because the crowd gave them so much love. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an audience scream and cheer so loud for a band before.

They only have a few more east coast dates before they head over to Australia but if you can, go see them! It’s a must do! Big thanks to my friend, Bob for making sure I went to this show!



4/19/14 Local H @ DC9 in Washington, DC

Local H 2014 DC

So I’ve written a handful of Local H reviews already and I feel like I can’t possibly be creative anymore in my reviews for them. Of course I’m going to say they killed it! They always do! Of course I’m going to say they left me with a “high” that will be with  me for weeks, they always do! Of course I’m going to tell you that if you’ve never seen them live that you have to…The only new thing about tonight’s show was it was the first time I got see/hear the new drummer, Ryan Harding. He’s a killer on the drum set and he fits right in with Scott. I was 100% satisfied with tonight’s show.

Scott Lucas

I don’t know if it was because of the new drummer or I was just jonesin’ for a Local H show since it had been 7 months since I’d seen them last, but tonight they sounded tight, alive, rich, pure, smooth and sweet, and very loud. My personal favorite for tonight was Buffalo Trace. It just sounded hardcore, clear, and groovy…I felt it deep within my soul…I can’t wait to see them again tomorrow night in Baltimore!!


I bet you want to know the set list? Well, see if you can figure it out in this little story that I put together:


When I was in middle school, I quit the soccer TEAM the same day that I got into a fight with my boyfriend. I told him to HIT THE SKIDS after I punched him in the face. I got kicked out of the BRYN MAWR school for fighting. It was just ANOTHER FEBRUARY for me.

As I got older, I discovered rock and roll. ALL RIGHT, OH YEAH! That’s what I had been missing in my life. I liked it loud but it seemed that my pussy cat didn’t. “CHA!” SAID THE KITTY! It then attacked me and clawed my arm all up. I had to go to the pharmacy on FRITZ CORNER to buy some Band-Aids. The owner of the pharmacy is a real MISANTHROPE. He trusts no one and hates everyone! Sometimes, he’ll talk about conspiracy theories. He told me one day that THEY SAVED REAGAN’S BRAIN!

I got home and bandaged up my arm and decided to go to the record store. I wanted to find some new tunes but all they were playing on the sound system were CALIFORNIA SONGS. I tried to find a bat to smash the speakers but all I could find was a BAG OF HAMMERS. As I was destroying the speakers, I stopped when I heard the Pretender’s playing. They played their album from start to finish, you know, THE ONE WITH KID.

As I left the record store, I was stopped by a priest who told me to put my HANDS ON THE BIBLE. I told him I didn’t have the time because I had to get to the BUFFALO TRACE distillery. He told me I should go to church instead but I told him he should give up and become ONE OF US. After leaving the distillery, drunk off my ass, I was BOUND FOR THE FLOOR. In my giving and drunken state, WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE ME DO?

I went to work still drunk the next day so my co-worker raised his hand for me to slap. He is such a HIGH FIVING MOTHER FUCKER. I denied him my return, called him an idiot, and decided to go to church after all – just so I could hold a HEAVY METAL BAKE SALE and trade the halos for horns. All in the name of rock and roll!!


Camp Freddy – 10/26/13 @ The 9:30 Club in Washington DC

Set ListIMG_20131026_224312816IMG_20131026_223934470IMG_20131026_233038757


The date: Saturday, October 26, 2013.

The text from my best friend: “BTW just found out that Zakk Wylde is playing with Camp Freddy tonight at the 9:30 club.”

Me: HOLY SHIT?! I wasn’t sure who Camp Freddy was so I had to be schooled a little bit and I found out it was a band of rockers who get together every so often and do cover songs of other bands: Dave Navarro, Billy Morrison, Matt Sorum (but this night he wasn’t there, it was Josh Freese on the drums), Donovan Leitch, and Chris Chaney. For the rest of the day I contemplated going to the show. Working two jobs and taking two classes doesn’t leave me much free time and when I do have free time, I have to use it to do my homework. So, I could either stay home and do homework and regret not going to the show, OR, I could go to the show and regret not doing my homework. Then, I get a text from another friend who was looking for something to get into for the night…I guess the stars all aligned and I knew I’d much rather regret not getting my homework done.

A little after 7:30, we were in my car on the way to Washington DC to the great 9:30 Club. I hadn’t been to that club in a while. It used to be pretty much the only club in the area to feature rock bands, until Baltimore caught on and took over. The 9:30 Club is a great venue though so I was glad it was there.

As my friend and I are driving, I get another text from my best friend who is already at the show: “Dude! Scott Weiland is here tonight!

ARE YOU SHITTING ME??? Scott Weiland AND Zakk Wylde, two of my most favorite musicians….playing the same night….at the same show??? It seemed as if someone had me in mind when they put this line-up together. I pressed that gas pedal just a little bit harder knowing that I made the right decision!

We get to the club and bought our $50.00 tickets – not a big deal because it was a charity show! We got there just in time to see the last few songs of The Surreal McCoy’s. I didn’t really know who they were but they were decent enough. This was also a Halloween themed night so there were many costumes. I saw Michael Myers, Ms. Piggy, Elmo, Where’s Waldo, fucked up fairies, zombies, monsters, etc. I camed dressed up as a rock n’ roll fan!

Shortly after 10:30, Camp Freddy made their way out onto the stage. The first singer was Donovan Leitch, which is the singer for Camp Freddy. He sang two songs: “Are you gonna go my way” and “I ran.” It was a great start and I was getting more excited by the minute.


The next singer to take the stage was Franky Perez, singing two songs as well: “Hard to handle” and “The immigrant song.” I’m not too clear on who Franky Perez is so excuse my ignorance but he was pretty damn good – whoever he was!

The next singer up was…Mark McGrath! I have mixed feelings about him. When he first came out with Sugar Ray, I liked him because he was more on the metal side of things, but he softened up over the years. What I will say about him is he is a very sexy man! His three songs were: “Killing in the name of,” “Pretty vacant,” and “Rock and Roll all night.” I have to go off on a bitch here. I filmed some of “killing in the name of” because I really like that song. I can’t tell you how well Mark sang it because the fat fuck standing next to me was singing the song so freakin’ loud that I couldn’t even hear Mark over him. Even in my video, all you hear is the fat fuck next to me. What was really bad about this fat fuck was that he was off beat and signing the lyrics either too early or too late….douche bag! The other songs, though, Mark killed and he commented that he didn’t really belong there among all those other rockers. I do love how he shoves the microphone down his pants, though!


Next up, Billy Morrison, Camp Freddy’s guitarist, sang “Wonder wall.” It was kind of a snooze but was played and sang very well.

After Billy was done, the big stars were finally starting to hit the stage. Next up, was Sebastian Bach! He did, “The Mountain Song,” “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” and “Highway to Hell.” In my opinion, this is when things really started to rock and the energy really started to pick up…or maybe that was just me because I knew next was going to be the two guys I really wanted to see. Sebastian did okay. He’s hard to take seriously sometimes and my friend pointed out to me that he had the lyrics of the songs taped to the stage…maybe that could be from all the weed smoking he does…he lit up on the side of the stage when he was done his set…

IMG_20131026_231012740 IMG_20131026_230953207 IMG_20131026_230958481 IMG_20131026_231001991

And it was now finally time…for Zakk mother fuckin’ Wylde to hit the stage. I love this man. He is what I would consider to be a “god” if there ever was one. The way he whales on his guitar, all his heavy chains swaying about, his hair flying…he IS god! He came out to do his three songs and they all three sounded great…he took over that stage….he OWNED that stage! He did: “Voodoo Child,” “War Pigs,” and “N.I.B.” I have to say, the sound was phenomenal!

IMG_20131026_232815798 IMG_20131026_232824144 IMG_20131026_232827396 IMG_20131026_232833653

When Zakk was done, I could have left happy by that point, but it was now time for Scott Weiland. With Weiland, you never know if you are going to get a sober Weiland or a fucked up Weiland. On this night, he seemed to be pretty straight and clear headed and he put on a killer set. I always enjoy watching him perform because of the way he slithers around on the stage like a snake. You can tell he’s in his own little world but it’s a world that is so fascinating to watch from the outside. Whenever I watch him perform, the song that comes to my mind is “Sexy mother fucker” by Prince…Scott Weiland IS a sexy motherfucker. Although the microphone crapped out on him for a couple of minutes during his set, he still put on a great performance and he sounded great! He got to do four songs: “Vasoline,” “Jean Genie,” “Surrender,” and “Roadhouse Blues.” His set was the only one I filmed from start to finish. Someday I will get around to putting up the videos…but not today…

I got some great pictures though….

IMG_20131026_235800974 IMG_20131027_240207541 IMG_20131027_240209792 IMG_20131027_240211650

After Scott finished, all the musicians gathered on the stage and I was waiting for a line-up bow but they never got their act together to really do one, so it didn’t happen. Scott was busy shaking hands with the people in the front and I put my hand out. Scott, grabbed my hand and I grabbed his and I DID NOT want to let go! I held onto it until he finally pulled away a few seconds later. I couldn’t get Zakk’s attention so I got no handshake from him.

Overall, the show was excellent, it ran smoothly, and there was no bullshit talking in between. Straight rock, straight through…I couldn’t have asked for a better show! This is easily the best show I’ve seen all year and could very well be one of the top shows I’ll ever see my entire life! I left there feeling satisfied but still wanting more and I know how lucky I am to have been able to see this one of a kind show. I feel bad for anyone who missed it!


Local H Say Good-Bye to Brian In New York City – 10/5/13 – Santos Party House

Local H Santos

I know I’ve only written a few reviews and one of them was a Local H review, but I just have to do another one after catching them in New York. This was a big trip for me for three reasons. One, I had never been to New York and it was on my bucket list of things to do before I turn 40 (which is funny because I’m only 3-4 hours away). Two, this was one of the last shows that Brian would be playing with Local H. They weren’t coming to the Maryland area which is why I had to go New York to catch them. Three, I got to meet a fellow concert confessions writer in person – Jay!

So, I put out an invite to all my friends and two of them bit: Dana and Bob. Dana had her Local H cherry popped a year ago when I took her to her first Local H show, but Bob had never seen them before. He’s a big music nerd like the rest of us so I was really excited for him to FINALLY be able to see Local H. I’ve been trying for years to get him to come to one of their shows and have always failed in my attempts.

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon, a little after 11:00 and we all meet up at Dana’s house and I was the volunteer driver so we hopped in my car and took off. The three hour drive seemed to just fly by and it was close to 3:00 by the time we drove through the Lincoln Tunnel. After crossing through to the other side, I was immediately met with traffic, pedestrians, and car horns blowing every single second. We found our hotel (right in the heart of the city) with no problems but parking was a pain as we drove around, trying to figure out where to park. During our 20 minute parking excursion, I’m sure I heard 1 million car horns blowing and came close to hitting at least 300 pedestrians….soooo this is what NYC is like? Got it! I decided to give my car horn a try for no reason at all!

We finally found a spot to park my car. It was street parking and we didn’t have to pay and it was right around the corner from our hotel! Score! My car stayed in that spot until we left the following evening. After checking in our little crappy hotel that cost an arm and leg, we got out and checked out Time Square. The only thing I can say is: Wow! There were so many people, so much to see, and walking was the best way to do it because you really got to take it all in. Around 5:00 or so, we stopped in Planet Hollywood to have some dinner and that’s where Jay met up with us. It was cool to meet another cool person that I had only known online. I was hoping he was going to hit up the Local H show so maybe we could have done a duel review but he had a special invite to go see Soul Asylum and you can check out his review on our page! After we finished our chatting, we all left together and parted ways at the subway; and Jay was a big help in making sure we were going in the right direction and hooking us up with a subway card!

When we arrived at Santo’s Party House, there were two lines outside the club and we quickly learned that Eye Empire was playing at the same place. There are two stages in this building which I had no idea. The line for Local H was about 50-75 people deep already and we found our spot at the end of the line. The doors were supposed to open at 6:30 but it was after 7:00 by the time they opened up. I was anxious for this show for a couple of reasons. I wanted to see what it was like to see Local H in a totally different state than what I usually do, I was curious to find out if the crowd would be the same or not, and I couldn’t wait to see if they played “California songs” because of the “…and fuck New York too” line.

When we entered the club, it wasn’t much different than the clubs here in Maryland. It had two bars, wasn’t too big, and had a big disco ball on the ceiling. It was a nice little club. It didn’t take long for the opening band to start. They were a band from Chicago named “Monkey Paw.” I had never heard of them but they were pretty good and did a good job warming me up for Local H. They were a 3 piece band that had some similar sounds to Local H but also had some jam type sounds in there too. I felt like they sounded great live but wouldn’t be all that great on a CD or listening to them on the radio. They were good though and worth checking out if ever given the chance.

Once Monkey Paw finished up, it didn’t take long for Local H to hit the stage. I was surprised at how early they were going on and that they were done playing by 10:00. Bob found out that they do a dance party at the club so that’s why the show was so early…which worked out well for us because we got more play time in the city!

Local H opened up with “Terrible Love” and they proceeded to rip through song after song with a nice mix of both old songs as well as new. What I noticed about the crowd was that it wasn’t much different than the Maryland area crowds. You had your hard-core Local H fans in the front, singing every single lyric to every single song, you had the drunk guys in the front who were too big, old, and drunk to be up close as they invaded everyone’s personal space because it was “their world and no one else’s,” and you had the entire crowd singing along to the well- known songs. What caught me off guard was that I saw a dude there that I see at ALL the Local H shows in the DC area. I’ve spoken to him once or twice before and while I can’t remember his name, I do remember him telling me he follows Local H around a lot, taking pictures, and Scott knows him by name…or he may have just been trying to make himself look good. He’s a male groupie either way!

Brain St. Clair Local H

It was surreal seeing Local H in New York City. For some reason, to me, it seemed more “professional” or more solid than their shows are in DC. They still sounded just as great and still put on just as awesome of a show as always, but it seemed more “big-time.” However, that could have just been all on me since I had never been to NYC before and it seemed very big and busy to me. I also seemed to be the only one amused when they did play “California Songs” and they did sing “and fuck New York too.” It made me laugh, but it doesn’t take much to amuse me. No one else seemed to think anything of it…oh well! One thing I noticed was that Scott didn’t talk to the crowd in NYC as much as he usually does in DC. He did talk to the NYC crowd but he seems more laid back at the DC shows.

Scott Lucas

Towards the end of the show, Scott informed the audience that they were there for two reasons. One was to make up the show there that they had to cancel when Scott got choked in Russia and the second reason was to say good-bye to Brian. After he said that, the crowd went into a cheer for Brian that seemed like it lasted forever but it was only a few minutes. As the crowd was cheering for Brian, his back was turned as it usually is during the breaks between songs but after a minute, he actually turned around and waved at the crowd and said thank you. Scott made the comment that he’s NEVER seen Brian do that…EVER! So I guess New York gave Brian some good vibes on this night! Here is my video of that:

After they were done, Scott did his crowd surfing over to the merchandise table like he always does and a line quickly formed with pretty much everyone in the place so we could buy some things and chat with Scott. I was disappointed that Brian didn’t hang out; he usually doesn’t but it would have been nice if he did so we all could have said good-bye to him. I bought another Local H shirt (not that I really need anymore) and Dana bought one as well, but she was having trouble figuring out which size to buy. Scott told her, in a very feminine voice, that he understood her female troubles and proceeded to take the next few minutes and help her decide which size to get. After she picked her size, she also told him she wanted a CD in which case he yelled, “Oh Shit!” I thought he was going to say that he was all out, but no…he had said that because, he said, “he had to make himself be a man again!” I can’t make this shit up!!


Overall the show was killer and I’m glad I took the trip up there to see Brian perform one last time with Local H. He was such a great fit with Scott and the music that is Local H that I don’t know how Scott is ever going to replace him. I’m going to miss looking over and seeing Brian whaling away on those drums, looking like “Animal” from The Muppets and not missing a beat. I have a couple of his drums sticks though!!

Going back to the drunken dudes in front of me, when Local H started playing “Fritz’s Corner” they went nuts and had their own private mosh pit. They scared Dana and Bob off to the side of the stage but I stood my ground and my short video of that song clearly shows me being shoved right before I decide to stop the video in fear of dropping the camera. Check it out:

Dana enjoyed her second Local H show and Bob, commented that they were really good! As for me, I’m crossing my fingers that Scott doesn’t take too long to get Local H back out on the road; as I’ve said before:  a life without live Local H shows is a life I NEVER want to experience. Just for the hell of it, here is a picture of me with Brian and Scott that I took back in 2008 when they were doing an acoustic performance in a music shop:


One odd thing about this show was that they didn’t do “bound for the floor” and “high-fiving mother fucker.” Scott did say that Brian pretty much came up with the set list so I guess Brian was all floored and mother fuckered out!

The set list for this night was:

Terrible Love

Heaven on the Way Down

Eddie Vedder

They Saved Reagan’s Brain

The one with Kid

Fine and Good

Hands on the Bible

Cold Manor

California Songs

Half Life

Another February

Nothing Special

All-Right (Oh, Yeah)

All the Kids are Right


Fritz’s Corner

What Would You Have Me Do?

Wolf Like Me

DOPE @ Empire in Springfield, VA 02/21/13


It’s very rare these days that I get inspired to bust out a review of a concert, but after seeing Dope last night, I couldn’t wait to pump this review out. I’ve been a fan of Dope ever since their first album, “Felons and Revolutionaries” came out in 1999. I was first turned on to them because when that album came out, I was working at a music store. We got a promo copy of the album and every night after we closed, I would blare that album and annoy and scare the preppy kids that I worked with. In fact, I remember when “Life” came out in 2001 and I’d blare that album in the store as well and one of the preppy kids would tell me to stop singing “die mother, die mother fucker, die” to him. I guess you have to be a special kind of person to appreciate such lyrics!

Dope released their 3rd album “Group Therapy” in 2003, their 4th album “American Apathy” in 2005, and finally their 5th album, “No Regrets” in 2009. I bought every album when it came out and went to all their shows. In my opinion, all five of their albums rock from start to finish and I never found myself skipping a song or two as you do with most albums these days. I love their crunchy and dirty industrial sound and they have always put on a great live show. I have never been disappointed by any of their shows that I have seen.

I had to go back to my picture archives to try to remember when the last time was that I saw Dope live. It was in fact, back in July of 2008 when they did two shows back to back in Virginia with Kittie at the same venue I saw them at last night. Only back then, the venue was called Jaxx and it’s now been renamed to Empire. I can’t believe that I’ve gone almost five years without seeing them live and I was beyond excited about the show last night.

I met up with my best friend Bob at a little after eight and we hauled ass an hour down the road to get there with a half an hour to spare before Dope would come on. There were not many people there; a small crowd always makes for a more fun show in my opinion. Dope were supposed to go on at 10:05 but didn’t hit the stage until 10:40. What was funny was that we saw all the band members upstairs hanging out and everyone was looking up at them, wondering what the fuck they were waiting for. At one point, Edsel realized everyone was looking up at him and he ducked down to try to hide.


They finally hit the stage and I was surprised to see that they still had almost the same line up as last time I saw them. The band members are: Edsel Dope (lead singer/guitar), Virus (lead guitar), Tripp “Lee” Tribbett (bass guitar), and Anglel Bartolotta (drums). What was funny about the show last night is that they did the same exact set that they did when I saw them back in 2008! They played the usual suspects that included: “No Way Out,”  “Addiction,” “Bitch,” “You Spin Me Round,” “Rebel Yell,” “Now or Never,” and “Die, Boom, Die, Burn, Fuck,” which is a medley of five of their songs ran together as one. Their set list was about 45 minutes long, but they were on the stage for over an hour!

At first I was getting annoyed with them because they spent more time talking, joking around, and goofing off than they did playing music. However, they did play their entire set list and they rocked each and every song and put on a great performance. Edsel made the comment that they hadn’t played together in a quite a while and haven’t rehearsed but you could have fooled me because they sounded great! Edsel also said that they have a new album almost ready to go but they had no idea when it was going to come out. I’m not so sure I believe him though because they didn’t play one new song last night. He did say that when they come back out on tour, they were going to have a new set list with some new songs. He apologized for not being able to play a lot of their songs because the band members don’t know how to play them!

Edsel giving us the finger!

At times during their set, I forgot that I was at a concert and was feeling like I was at an open-mic night for a comedy show. They were having fun in between songs and I have to say I did laugh a few times. The name of the club is Empire and there was a big back drop behind the stage that looked like a band back drop so Edsel said they were changing their band name to “Empire.” There were three separate moments in the show that I had 3 separate reactions to: funny, shocked, and pity.


The funny part was when Edsel was talking to a girl in the front who told him that she was there with her boyfriend AND her ex-boyfriend. Towards the end of the show, Edsel asked her why she broke up with her ex-boyfriend and the answer that came out was because he was black and an entire funny conversation came out about her ex-boyfriend and whether he was actually black or just dark skinned. Edsel said the guy wasn’t black, and when they went into the second to last song, at times during the song, he’d say “and this guy is black” and point to the ex-boyfriend. It was really funny and so out of place for a concert. I have some of it on video for proof!

The part that shocked me was the weed smoking. I’m not surprised about the weed smoking in general but I’m surprised at what they got away with. All throughout the show, Edsel kept asking the audience who had weed and why they hadn’t shared it with him. He kept saying he was disappointed because no one had any weed there. Finally, at one point about mid-way through their set, I started to smell weed. During the song, Edsel disappeared off stage and when he came back out on stage, he was blowing smoke, so I’m assuming someone finally gave him some weed. Finally, I believe it was the same girl who was there with her boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend, handed him a pack of cigarettes. He told her he didn’t want cigarettes, he wanted weed and he was told to open the box. He pulled out a joint and asked for fire. This is the part that shocked me. They actually lit the joint on stage and Edsel and Tripp were sharing the joint for a few minutes. Empire is not a big club so it didn’t take long before it was filled with the aroma of weed. I guess people who smoke it was enjoying it, but coming from someone who stays away from that shit, it was kind of annoying. I was surprised that they were smoking right there on stage, when it’s not even legal and I wondered how long they’d be allowed to get away with it. After a few minutes, someone from the club came over the PA system and told them to put it out NOW! They did as they were told but Edsel said, “Oh…but it’s not real! It’s stage-weed. It’s just a prop!”

Edsel with a joint on stage! Virus Virus and Edsel goofing around.Angel


The part that made me feel pity for Edsel was when he hurt his ribs. After messing with the guy who said he was black, he went into the song and as I said earlier, he was saying “this guy is black.” At one point, he was laying on the stage during the song, laughing his ass off, and Tripp jumped on top of him, while he was laughing. Edsel was clearly in pain and it took him a while to stand up. He ended up singing the last song with his hand on his ribs and kind of bent over in pain. He still sounded great though! He commented that he’s been hurt on stage before but this was the worst pain he’s ever experienced during a show. He also commented that it must have been his karma for messing with the “black guy who isn’t black.” I hope he wasn’t hurt too bad but I’m sure he’ll drink and smoke the pain away if he was.


Overall, I have to say, it was a great show. I was annoyed at first by all the talking they were doing, but it occurred to me that they were just having a good time. Edsel even said that he’s been doing this for a long time and he’s earned the right to suck. Only, they didn’t suck!! I found myself standing there, with the thoughts that have been crashing in my head over the past year or so. Everyone is so quick to get married, have kids, and make a shit ton of money and they end up forgetting to live life. They forget to have fun and enjoy every single minute of every single day. Edsel and his band are clearly not making that much money doing what they love, but it’s not about the money….it’s about the music and the fun that comes along with it, and they clearly understand that and show it from the second they hit the stage to the time they leave. They are not doing very many shows but if they are hitting your area, GO CHECK THEM OUT!! It will be the best $15.00 you’ve ever spent, I promise! The rest of their shows are:

2/22/13: The Studio at Webster Hall in New York, NY

2/23/13: Crocodile Rock Café in Allentown, PA

3/01/13: The Fillmore Theatre in Wausau, WI

3/01/13: The Back Bar in Janesville, WI

3/03/13: Centerstage Bar and Grill in Kokomo, Indiana


A couple of my videos:

Dope (This is the one of Edsel talking to the non-black ex boyfriend)

Dope (This is one where Edsel is talking about what to do if caught smoking weed)

Dope (This is Edsel and his hurt ribs)

Dope (Die mother fucker, die mother fucker, die)

Scott Lucas and the Married Men 06/15/12: Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD

Scott Lucas and the Married Men 06/15/12

Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD

Words/Photos by SluggerA

It’s a rarity that I write a concert review. Not because I don’t want to but because of time constraints. In fact, it’s almost 1 in the morning, but I  HAVE to write this review now while my ears are still ringing and I still got the music flowing through my body.

Tonight, I saw Scott Lucas and the Married Men at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland. They also did a show two nights ago in DC and I had planned on going to that one as well, but, well, life has been hectic. There was no way I was going to miss tonight’s show. This was actually the second time I have seen The Married Men live.  I realize that a Scott Lucas And The Married Men review was just posted yesterday by Jay Porks and you can read his review to find out the set and the band memeber’s names and all that happy shit. I always like to put a personal spin on my reviews.

Speaking of which, thanks to Jay Porks for emailing with me while I was sitting and waiting.

To bring this full circle let me let you in on my personal world. For the past two weeks, I have been watching my dad fight cancer. Watching one of your parents go through radiation and chemo is NOT fun; I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. That already has my mind all fucked up, but hell, lets throw some depression in there as well. This week, my therapist told me that if I don’t find a way to drag myself out of the depression, she’s going to bring up medication (and she KNOWS I REFUSE to take meds of that sort) and start making me do push-ups…lol.

This evening, before I left for the show, I got into a fight with my parent’s other daughter and I was already in a bad mood because I couldn’t find anyone to go to the show with me. Fuck it, I went anyway.

I’ve never been to this venue before and I walked in to see….well, nobody, really. No one but the band members. Now I felt REALLY awkward. It was a small place and I’m sure I stuck out like a sore thumb since I was maybe one of 3 chics in there. I sat down in a comfy leather couch and felt like the biggest idiot. Actually, I felt like I had just crashed a private party. This is when I started emailing with Jay and he was trying to get me to go talk to Scott, who was sitting at the bar with the Married Men. I just couldn’t do it. I am not one to get “star struck.” He is a person, just like me. I never did make it over to the bar until after the openers started.

The Dig were the openers and they were a good opener for Scott Lucas and the Married Men and worth checking out! They started playing and I got a message from a co-worker, Arleen that she was going to come hang out, which was kind of odd because her and I have never hung out outside of work. I finally head over to the bar and ask the bar tender to make me something good and I’m right next to Scott himself. It was at this time that he said something to me but it was loud. I think he said, “thanks for coming out.” I gave him a little nod as it was too loud to have a conversation.

Finally Arleen showed up and a few minutes later, the Married Men started. Alreen had never heard one lick of them and she instantly fell in love with them! Yes!! A new fan!!

Something happens when a band like this starts playing. You forget all the bullshit that is going on in your life; well, at least I do. They are such a tight band, but if you are looking for a Local H sound alike, you will NOT find it here. The best way I can describe their sound is, well, orgasmic…an orgasim for your ears. And yes, they gave my ears many, many, many orgasims. If you’ve never heard them, do yourself a favor and check them out, right NOW!

What I found really sad was that there was maybe 20 people there tonight. I can’t believe that people miss something so amazing that is happening right in their back yard…fuckin’ fools!

After the show, I quickly snagged the set list from the stage and then we went over to the merch table. I had to get me a t-shirt and Arleen wanted to buy a CD. She didn’t know which one to get. I told her to get both. Scott even cut her some sort of deal but as he was taking them out of the box he said, “You know what, you can have them for free.” We both thought he was kidding around, but sure as shit, he gave them to her, free of charge!!! She was a brand new fan and it was a smooth move on Scott’s part to give her the cd’s for free. It made her love them even more!

I, however, paid for my shirt. Even if he offered to let me have it for free, I still would have paid. Dude’s have to make their money! We chatted about how little people were there and I made the comment that it sucks that more people didn’t come out. I told him, for me, I enjoy it being so empty and intimate but it’s not good for the band. That’s when Scott said, it was totally fine with them. They are grateful for the fans that do come out!!

Poor Arleen, you would have thought she was meeting the president or something…lol…it made me happy to know that I turned someone on to some good music. Areelen had to have a picture with him, so as I was getting ready to snap the picture, he apologized for stinking…lol…he made the comment during the set that his clothes were still wet from the show the night before. Arleen told him it was fine and I said that it was okay, that he just smells like rock n’ roll. He said that he smells worse than rock n’ roll. Lol…

I’m sure I’ve said it before in one of my Local H reviews, but Scott has always struck something inside me…and no, not THAT spot…lol…not to sound totally psychotic here, but it always seems like he gets inside my head and knows my thoughts and my feelings and then puts them into songs. I’ve always felt that connection with him through all of his Local H songs. Now that I’ve gotten older (I turn 34 in a few months…ugh), I feel like his Married Men project is his more “mature” project, just as I am more mature and trying to find my spot in life.

I bring this up because I decided to get my picture taken with Scott as well, and I asked him if I could wear his hat for the picture. His response was, “yes, I was actually just going to suggest that.” I rest my case.

That was one sweaty hat and I’m contemplating never washing my hair again…juuuust kidding…lol…

I walked out of that venue on a “high” that was much needed. I think when I see my therapist again, I’m going to suggest to her that instead of trying to put people on meds for depression, to put them on Scott Lucas and the Married Men. If you have a soul, they will touch it!


Photo Gallery: Guns N’ Roses 02/23/12: Fillmore Silver Springs – Silver Springs, MD

Last night (02/23/12) our pal SluggerA hit up the intimate Guns N’ Roses show at the Fillmore Silver Springs in scenic Silver Springs, MD. Taking the stage around midnight and playing for nearly three hours, our pal got up and close with Axl and friends and has been kind enough to share her photos with us.

For additional Guns N’ Roses coverage, check out our pal Jay Porks review from the groups stop at New Jersey’s IZOD Center last November by clicking here.


Wayne Static 02/08/12: Recher Theatre – Townson, MD


I don’t do many reviews simply because I have limited time with working full time and going to school in the evening. Yesterday after working 8.5 hours at work and being tortured for 2 hours in my math class, I hauled ass over to the Recher Theatre in Towson, Maryland to catch the Wayne Static show. Although it was only Wednesday, it had been a pretty fucked up week for me and I needed some live music to get myself grounded again. Live music ALWAYS does the trick. However, this “reivew” will be more of an opinion piece as I felt like I was at some sort of XXX circus than a rock show.

I have been a Static-X fan since day one. I remember seeing them at the side stage at Ozzfest in 1999 (I believe that was the year…they seem to all mesh together the older you get). When they played Ozzfest, not many people knew who they were. All the band memebers were walking around and I got a picture with Wayne, Tony, and Ken (the old drummer). I’ve been a fan of them over the years. They call thier sound “evil disco” which is a term that fits them well. If you love that hard-core industrial sound then Static-X will get the job done for you.


Static-X went through some band memeber changes and eventually made their way back to the orginal line up minus Ken Jay on drums. It didn’t last long and the band fell apart, hence the reason for Wayne Static going solo. Rumor quickly circulated as to why the band broke up. I have never listened to rumors. I like to see things for myself. I looked forward to see how Wayne was without his right hand man, Tony.

I hate to admit it, but I was disappointed…BIG TIME!

I was pleased because Wayne Static played more Static-x songs than his solo shit which I have not really listened to yet. My friend raised the point that it was NOT a Static-x show, it was a Wayne Static show so why the fuck was he playing Static-x songs more than his solo stuff? If you go to see Scott Weiland, he will play a couple of Stone Temple Pilots songs, but the majority of his show is his solo stuff. Makes sense. I have a feeling, though, that I wasn’t the only one happy that he was playing Static-X songs.

He played all the favorites, like “Push it,” “Love dump,” “Loser,” “Trance Is The Motion,” etc…and while I got off on the songs, it was not the same feel as it would have been if it were the original band line up. However, this was not the only thing that was off….

Wayne’s wife (Former Adult Film Star Tara Wray) and another chick were on stage for the entire show. They were dancing around, making out, and twirling huge light sticks. His wife was topless the entire time, with black tape covering her nipples. Now, I know that sex goes hand in hand with rock n’ roll but it took something AWAY from the show. I made the comment to my friend that I felt like I was watching a XXX circus rather than a rock show. Even my friend, who is a straight male, said that even though he enjoyed watching the girls, it was not the place for them. We were there to see a rock show, not a porno.

The part that really made me laugh was when his wife got to use a fuckin’ microphone to make groaning noises and put a few words together. What was even worse than that was when they played “Loser,” she used her finger and her thumb in the shape of an “L” on her forehead, but then again, Wayne was doing it too. What’s worse, is she had a shovel in her hand and was rocking it above her head. It was the most cheesiest, stupidest thing that I have ever seen at a concert.

My issues with his wife being on stage with him are as follows:

1. She is dancing around half naked. How many men who truely love thier wife would be cool with her showing her goods to complete strangers like that? Where the hell is the respect?

2. If she wants to be in the entertainment business, then she needs to find her own thing, NOT ride on the tails of her husband. If he continues to allow her to be on stage with him, his career is going to go straight down the shitter…and what I failed to mention, there was hardly anyone there. There was plenty of room to dance around and move and breath, it was really pathetic, actually.

3. Why the fuck do you need to bring out big light sticks?? I felt like I was at a fuckin’ rave! If the music is good, you DO NOT NEED that extra flashy shit. I mean, what is the point of having that going on stage?

4. The shovel…REALLY??? That looked so fuckin’ stupid…I can’t believe Wayne allowed it.

5. If this isn’t another Kurt/Courtney or  Ono/Lennon thing in the making, then I don’t know what is!

I don’t think having your wife (or your husband) take up part of your spot light is smart. It was just really sad, and maybe you had to be there to experience it for yourself to see what I am desperatly trying to say, but the rumors are true. His wife IS part of his band and if I were Tony and the other guys, I would have bailed on Wayne too and this is coming from a huge Static-X fan!

Instead of going by “Wayne Static” he should add “And Wife” to that because she really tried to be as big of a part of his show as he is….sad and pathetic!


M3 Rock Festival – Merriweather Post Pavilion 05/14/11

M3 Rock Festival 05/14/11

Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia, MD

Words/Photos by SluggerA


For anyone who does’t live on the East coast, chances are, you may not know what the “M3 Festival” is. It’s a flashback to the 80’s hairmetal era, that’s what it is!!  I missed the first 2, and I would have missed this years if it weren’t for my good friend, Bob. He had an extra ticket and it was all mine! The show was two days, Friday and Saturday. I wasn’t able to make the Friday night show and I missed Warrant. However, Saturday morning, I crawled out of bed, went to school to take my psychology final and then headed to Merriweather Post Pavilion, only 10 minutes from my house!

The day was a dreary, rainy day. It sprinkled off and on with a danger of a huge, big, bad thunderstorm, but that didn’t stop us 80’s hair metal lovers. We actually got lucky because the heavy rain held out until the end of the night. I walked through the gates after getting my ticket from Bob and didn’t know which way to go. Bob informed that Firehouse was playing, so I took off to my seat to catch Firehouse.

I sat down and do what I always do at a show…especially when I’m alone…look around me. I was suddenly back in middle school/high school. The mullets, the slash top hats, the tight pants, the big hair…and I’m not talking about the bands…I’m talking about my fellow concert goers! I’m sure some of them just dressed up to “play the part,” but you could tell that most of them are like that everyday. I saw one man with his son, who was mabye 12 years old…his son had a mullet!! It made me smile.

I didn’t know too many songs by Firehouse, but they started playing “Love of a lifetime,” I wanted to hurl. Not because I don’t like the song, in fact..I love it! But looking around you could see all the couples, with their arms around each other, probably reliving some sortm of moment in time in the backseat of their car, making out to that song…lol….I can hate because I’m single….had I been there with a “boyfriend,” I would have been looking all starry eyed too…blaaaaah…lol…

I stayed at the mainstage the entire day except for at the end. I missed a lot of the bands on the side stage. From what I heard, I missed some good sets on that side, but I wasn’t really in the mood to walk around, back and forth between stages. I did get up at one point and heard a band playing, but they weren’t on the side stage. There was another, smaller stage that had miniture orange cones on the roof. I got closer to see kids, yes, kids playing music….I watched for a minute, thought it was cute, and walked away. Not sure what it was about but it was kind of cool.

After Firehouse played, the next band up on the main stage was Slaughter. Slaughter was one of my more favorite bands back in the day so I was excited to see them. Mark Slaughter sounded like he had some trouble singing like he used to. I didn’t really notice it though until I got home and watched the video footage I took. I didn’t notice because I was locked on the drummer. I have no idea if it was the original drummer, but this dude was AMAZING! Talk about having energy and knowing how to entertain. The dude couldn’t sit still. He was constantly standing up and playing, his sticks were twirrling and being thrown up into the air, he was even playing the cymbal at one point with his left foot!! Yes, his FOOT! He also took his left foot and put it out in front of him and moved it back and forth. It was great to see.

The drummer was the best drummer ever!!

Slaughter’s set wouldn’t have been as good if it weren’t for their drummer but when they played “Fly to the Angels,” I was really going back to the day. I remember that song being blared on my brother’s radio and thinking, “Who is that???” My oldest brother was always playing metal. He had the biggest cassette tape collection I have ever seen!! Yes, I said it; CASSETTE TAPE! Lol.  When Slaughter played “Up all night,” that’s what got me up out of my seat. “Up all night…sleep all day,” what teenager didn’t live by that, especially in the summer when you had no school. All you had to do was sleep all day and party all night…yeah…memories….

After Slaughter, Great White was up, with a different singer. From what I understand their original singer (whose name is escaping right now and I don’t feel like looking it up) was sick and was unable to perform, so they had some guy fill in. He was good…but he was not the sound of Great White. I personally thought they should have went on before Slaughter.

After Great White, was Sebastian Bach, another one that I was waiting to see. I have to say, I can’t stand to hear Sebastian Bach speak. His speaking voice is so annoying to me…but his singing voice…he’s still got it! Ball grabbing vocals, the true sound of the 80’s!  He played some of his solo songs, which I didn’t know, but he played mostly Skid Row songs, which I was all about! When they opened up with “Slave to the Grind,” EVERYONE in the arena stood up, and they had all been sitting down the entire day.

A couple of days before the M3 festival, Sebastian Bach actually got arrested for possession of weed. He made a statement during his show that it was much better than jail! Then he went on to say that he plays rock n’ roll…OF COURSE he smokes weed! He also made a cool statement about catching Bin Laden and said something to the effect of that’s what happens when you fuck with the US! He got many cheers. I will say, he knows how to get a crowd going! One thing that looked off, though, was his guitar player. He looks REALLY young, but he was good!

How old do you think the guitar player on the left is?

I think Sebastian Bach was my favorite on the main stage because I knew more of his songs than any of the other bands. He played all the hits, “18 and Life,” “I Remember you,” “Monkey Business (one of my personal favorites),” “Slave to the Grind,” and he ended with “Youth Gone Wild.” A great set!

Up next was Mr. Big. They put on a good show, but I never really got into them back in the day. Maybe it was just me, but Mr. Big seemed ALOT louder than the bands before them…I’m pretty sure that is what made me deaf for the next few days! After Mr. Big, was Tesla. I saw Tesla a couple of years ago at Rams Head in Baltimore and I couldn’t believe how good they still where. They acutally sold out that night. I watched 3 of their songs, but then I left to get a good spot at the side stage. Lita fuckin’ Ford was up next and that was the main reason I went to the show. I’ve never seen her live and she’s one of my all time favorites from back in the day.


So, I finally left the main stage and headed over to the side stage. There was a small crowd already but as it got closer for Lita to come on, it was packed! It seemed like it took them forever to get things set up…or maybe I was just really excited. It was here, that I saw the most disgusting thing! The whole day I had seen funny 80’s get ups and all kinds of characters. I noticed there was no fighting with anyone, no one getting kicked out. It was like a peace fest or something. In fact, the only thing that I had seen up to that point that was even some what “exciting” from the crowd was a girl a few seats in front of me, sitting in her seat with her head down. She must have been there for 2 hours before EMT’s came and took her out of there. She was drunk. She couldn’t have been worse than the guy in the Lita Ford crowd, though.

I was just standing there, minding my own business, waiting for LITA FUCKIN’ FORD, when I hear a guy from my left yelling, “Coming through…make way…” I look over to see a guy, escorting his buddy out of the crowd in front of the stage. I followed them with my eyes to try to figure out what was going on…BAD IDEA!! Just as I looked back at them, one last time, the dude puked…and I don’t mean…he puked…I mean…HE FUCKIN’ PUKED!! Just as he cleared the crowd, he starting blowing chunks…he made it to the trash can, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…as disgusting as it was, I couldn’t stop looking because it wasn’t human. The dude was puking BRIGHT ORANGE liquid…it was like something out of a movie…but that’s not the worst part…the worst part is HOW MUCH was flying out of his mouth. Imagine a 5 gallon bucket..filled with water…and imagine dumping the water out…all at once…imagine how much water would come out all at once…that’s exactly how this bright orange vomit was coming out of this dude’s mouth…it was CRAZY!!

Hey…sharing is caring!!! Anyway…Lita Ford FINALLY came on and the rain had picked up, but only a little, it was standable. For an older chic, she looked pretty good, from what I was seeing anyway.

Lita can still rock it out! One funny thing she said was, the tent that was over the stage was leaking and one of the stage guys kept wiping the water off the stage. Lita told him to stop wiping up the wet spots! You don’t clean up the wet spots! Lol…it made me laugh! When she played “Close my eyes forever,” the crowd got to participate by singing the Ozzy party and the Lita parts…it was someting to hear the ENTIRE crowd singing that song and watching Lita not sing it but listen to us sing it instead! That must be an awesome feeling, to be standing in front of so many people, singing your song, word for word, line by line…that’s power! She ended with “Kiss me deadly,” and I wanted so bad to get that song on video, but my memory card was full and I only got the first two lines before it was done. I think Lita Ford was my favorite for the entire day….I was soo happy to finally see her perform and I was, in no way, dissappointed!

Whitesnake was finishing up the show on the main stage, but to be honest, I could have cared less to see them, so I went on home after Lita Ford played. The second I walked in the door, the rain started POURING down…in case I forgot to mention it, it was an outisde show! So I left just in time to avoid getting wet! Being back home and laying in my bed, ears ringing, I was thinking about my life. Time sure does fly, and the older you get, the faster it goes….you gotta live your life…do what you want…before you know’s gonna be over…alot of the bands kept saying it’s been 25 years since this song or that song…25 FUCKIN YEARS!! It seems like it was just yesterday…makes me wish I could go back to the 80’s and have another chance to live my life the way I wanted to…things would have been different…and as I drifted off to sleep that’s what I was thinking….if only I knew then what I know now….



LOCAL H 04/24/11: Rock and Roll Hotel – Washington, DC

Local H 04/24/11

Rock and Roll Hotel – Washington DC

Words/Photos by SluggerA

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I LOVE LOCAL H! I’ve been a huge fan since 1996 and every time they come around, I’m like a little kid at Christmas time.  I count down until the show arrives to my town, well, DC isn’t my town but it’s the closest they come to Maryland. Local H is the only band I will go to DC for. Traffic sucks there and the parking is worse. However, on this particular night, not only did I not get lost going there, or coming home, but I managed to get a killer parking spot, 15 feet away from the club!!

As I walked in the door and got my ticket, I could hardly contain how excited I was. I NEEDED this show after the crappy couple of weeks I’ve had. I went inside, bought my first and only beer for the night, and propped my ass against the bar. Back in the day, I would be right in the front, with all the crazy people, but I’m not so young anymore. I’d rather stand back and enjoy the show!

The first band, “The Dig” went on around 8:30. They were a great opener for Local H and you should check them out! An hour later, Local H hit the stage. All the hits all night is exactly what they played. Surprisingly, they started out with Fritz’s Corner. That shocked me since it’s one of the popular ones! And when they played “High Fiving Mother Fucker,” I remembered why I love them so much. There’s something about their music, their sound, and their feel, that makes me feel alive. When Scott fucks his amp with his guitar, oh man, it makes me wanna loose my mind!  I don’t know why I love it so much. Maybe it’s the way he displays his energy while doing it, the sound, the feel, I dunno…but it makes me wanna just mosh with everyone in the club! It gives me an “alive” feeling. I must say, I hope I die before Local H stops playing for good. A life without live Local H shows, is a life I don’t EVER wanna experience!

I came to the show alone, but when I’m at a Local H show, I don’t “feel” alone. I’m surrounded by people who know what real fuckin’ music is! Standing back, you can see what’s going on in the crowd and one thing that I really found interesting is what I saw when they started playing “Bound For The Floor.” That’s an old song, probably the first song we all heard from Local H. I’m sure Scott and even Brian are tired of playing it, but they kinda have to. What I noticed though, were the guys in the crowd, who were there with their buddies, put their arms around each other and sing the words at the top of their lungs. I realized, they were doing the same thing I was, remembering where they were the first time they heard that song. What they were doing. I remember…I was at a local music festival and it was the first time I ever saw Local H or even heard of them. Just happened to check their set…and when they played “Bound For The Floor,” I was a fan for life. I remember me and my boyfriend at the time, walking out of that show, singing that song as we walked to our car.

And it never fails, going to see Local H in DC, pretty much the same time every year, I see some of the same people. The one guy that I’ve talked to a couple of times, but he probably doesn’t even remember me. The one guy who I hung out with outside of Record and Tape Traders the time Scott and Brian were doing an in-store signing, and this guy was playing Local H songs on his guitar in the parking lot. I got video of it. He was there last night. Doubt he even remembers me. And the tall dorky guy with glasses who’s at every show. Pretty sure I’ve talked to him before. Why do I remember these people, when they more than likely don’t remember me? Because I’m a fan! I don’t just take in the band, and the music, I take in the people. It gives me a certain “high” that only Local H can!

I started seeing Local H when I was 18. I’m now 32! They have been through it all with me. Their music has helped me though some rough times…and helped me party during the good times! My break up with my boyfiend a couple of months ago, can ya guess what I was playing?? Yup, the 12 angry months cd!

After they played, everyone rushed the merch. table to buy shit and meet Scott. I was standing in line next to these little girls. Well, not little, maybe 19 or so, but little to me. And one of them looked up at me, a drumstick clinched in her hand, and I saw myself in her when I was that age. Holding that drumstick, wanting to get that signature. She said something to me about I can go first coz I was there first, and I told her no worries, and she looked up at me and said, “I like your tattoos…blah blah blah…I’m sorry if I’m annoying you.” I smiled and told her she was fine and she finally left me alone. She wasn’t annoying me, it was like I was looking at myself years ago. It was awesome! And of course, she went ahead of me and her and her little friend took forever! Lol…it was cute though. And when Scott FINALLY got to me, I accidently said, “Finally!” Lol..he was like, “did you say finally?” Ooopps..I didn’t mean it like that…lol. I meant that the little kids were finally done drooling and taking up so much time. I just wanted to buy my shirt from that sexy mother fucker (referring to Scott) and go home! He said he felt like a bar douch bag next to me said I should try showing some more cleavage and maybe Scott would have gotten to me sooner. As Scott said, “No,” I also said, “No, I’m not like that…” I bought my shirt, told Scott, “thank you for being so great.” He said, “Thanks for coming out to the show,” and I left, with Local H shirt #15 in my hand! Yes, I counted when I got home. I have 15 Local H t-shirts AND two hoodies!

I dunno, when I see Local H, it almost feels as if they are singing songs about my life. I relate to so much of what they are singing about, the attitude, and just the love of that music. Hmmm….and I will be on a high for the next week. I wish they would come around more then just once a year. I have so many memories, like seeing them twice in one week and getting to sing “All the kids” with Scott both times! Luck that was! When I hear the song “Mayonnaise and Malaise” I think about the time I worked at Blimpie Subs and wanted to kill the next customer who walked through the door! Shit like that, it makes me happy!

I’ve never really felt like I belonged anywhere. I don’t fit in with people, and I always feel like an outsider, but when I’m at a Local H show…it’s the only time shit makes sense….and with that being said, the new song they played was awesome and I can’t wait for the new record to come out…so I can put some new memories with it!

Thanks again Scott and Brian for being the awesome musicans you are and making everyone feel alive!

Click here to legally download a copy of this show.

FROM THE VAULT: Scott Weiland Live in Baltimore

Scott Weiland 01/29/09

Rams Head Live – Baltimore, MD

Words/photos by Joyce

Editors note:  I originally started this concept of fan-submitted concert reviews with a Myspace page.  While a good chunk of those reviews were lost when the now-dead social network deleted my page with no warning, I came across this review saved on my hard-drive and decided to share it here.  I hope you enjoy.

So last night I had the pleasure of seeing Scott Weiland at Rams head in Baltimore. I almost didn’t go coz the weather was nasty. Already had a couple of inches of snow and then they were calling for freezing rain later in the night…but….I HAD to go. I mean…its SCOTT WEILAND! I have been a fan of his for as long as I can remember. I remember when the Stone Temple Pilots album “Core” came out waaaay back in 1992. I had just started really getting into rock and when that album came out…I just remember running around and singing those songs at the top of my lungs. And Scott Weiland blew me away..His voice…his looks….a sexy package all the way around!

Back in 2000 I won tickets from 98 Rock, a local radio station, to see Scott Weiland and Dean Deleo of STP play a few songs acoustically in their pint house! It was me and about 20 other people! I was freaking out that day! I got a picture taken with them…but I will not share that picture coz it’s got my ex-husband in it…yeah…going to have to crop him out of it!

So…I had to go last night…fuck the weather…I was going!! The doors opened at 7:00 and I got there safely at a little after 7:00. I walked to the entrance and saw no line at all! I peeked in the club and only saw 2 people at the bar. I asked the guy at the door if anyone was here yet. His reply, “yeah…34 people.” He even showed me his counter on his scanner that he scans tickets with. I was number 35! I walked in and saw an open spot right in the front…so I took it!

The opening local band took the stage around 8:00…they were okay but not worth talking about. I was looking around for my best friend. Surprised he wasn’t there yet…only to find out later that he was having dinner with the fuckin’ band…thanks best friend! But, guess that’s the perks when you have your own online magazine.

The opening band finished playing and now I just had to wait. Finally, shortly after 9:00 the band took the stage and opened with a sweet jam. Scott quietly walked out onto the stage as if he was no big deal. Seeing him up close, I was worried what he may look like. He looked good though! Healthy! Very sexy! The band rocked out song after song..mainly playing songs from the new album…which by the way…if you haven’t gotten it…get it! The songs sound great live! The show was flawless. I think one of the annoying things was the crowd chanting “STP…STP” I guess it’s to be expected…but he was not there to support STP…he was there to support his solo album….and that’s what he did. He played a few STP songs…but lets face it…it wasn’t STP…the songs sounded as if they were sped up…they flew threw them and went back to the solo stuff

They had a fog machine that blew out a ton of smoke…it added a great effect to the songs. After playing for about an hour and a half…they left the stage…but they were def. coming back. The roadies covered up the guitar pedals with a towel and I was wondering what was coming up. They band came back out and they began playing more songs from the new album. Then…the reason for the towels…BUBBLES!! I am in no way a pot head or a drug user of any kind…but if anyone in the audience was high last night…I’m sure they were loving this show. The songs and the effects added a funk-a-delic atmosphere.

I have to say the funniest part of the night was when, Doug, the guitar player, decided he was going to go over to the other guitar players and knock them down! Before you knew it, all 3 of them plus Scott were laying down on stage and playing their instruments. You could tell that Doug was the one who keeps that band going…keeps it fun and real. The show wouldn’t have been the same without him!  And Scott…if you’ve seen him perform…he takes control of the stage. He dances in almost like a slither….kind of like a snake. Watching him is very inspiring to me. But you can tell he is in his own little world by the way he dances and moves around.

And as I was driving home….both hands on the wheel…white knuckles….lol….driving in the ice that was falling out of the sky…it was so fitting to the night and all I could think was, “Well..if I crash my car and die…at least I would die happy!”


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