Saturday January 24th was a day I had been anticipating for a long time. You see thanks for my Older role model up the street i got turned onto slipknot at a VERY young age. We are talking in 98 right before ozzfest and all that shit. I was going to see these guys at POP’S. First slipknot show i saw them, they were a fuckin opening band. Here was the line up. It went Dope, Slipknot, Coal Chamber, and Soufly. I remember going to that show and not knowing much about this band called slipknot. Who had the unheard of TWO official sites and Everything about them was just intense.

I remember like it was yesterday being at Pop’s where I have seen many a metal show and walking upstairs being greeted by James from slipknot who someone had pointed out to us. I remember Joey being so cool and all for the fans. I remember my Mom meeting slipknot outside a random show there a few years later when they came back to headline. I remember talking to Corey about Pizza Hut and George Carlin. Corey was wearing a pizza hut visor which really off set the image I had going for him. He told me stories about working the old shitty pizza hut paying dues. They were all really cool people in person.

EYELESS 1999 Pop\’s (Video of a slipknot show i went to in 99′)

Then Ozzfest 99 came. It was almost overnight. Slipknot became and still is HUGE. It is awesome to see these guys playing arenas now. They are one of a hand full of bands I was blessed enough to see, hear and meet before the masses. I will always remember those shows and there raw energy. I was hooked from a young age.

Then I get the call that chris had scored pre-sale to KC and we were going to see Coheed(his fav band) open for Slipknot(my fav band) I was ready to see them again.

This brings me to Jan 24th 08. I decided not to play games. I was going to wait for chris to call me, leave my house and meet him by the highway. The first call i get is at 11:30 and its all bad. The sprint center sent a email out saying basically leave your cameras at home. I was needless to say disappointed. I was really looking foward to shooting at that show. I don’t know who’s rules it was. Bullshit though.

Whatever…. I had packed plenty of herbal remedy refreshments! I also bought a half pint of grey goose, and the guy at the liquor store gave me one of those little ass bottles free! Score. I drink maybe 5-10 times a year. I am a event drinker. I don’t like sitting around being drunk id much rather be at a wild concert in a town ill never come back to for a while.

Doing the trip we almost got popped going down the highway which wouldn’t of been a fun experience. Everything was going great . After we got 90 miles out from kc from my post in the back seat. I started mixing up drinks, time to get CRUNK!!!!! That went great for 20 miles until the car started to over heat. We were 3/4’s of the way there. FUUUUUUUUUCK! So i hopped out and walked around this gas station for a half hour. Luckily it was a replica super walmart downsized to walgreens size and packed around a million gas pumps. That shit had a subway, A pizza hut and a Tire Center everything.

Chris brought his friend Jason on this trip, He was a good road trip companion. Pretty cool guy. He and Chris ate subway while i chilled and ate pretzels. I had smashed two cheeseburgers and a large fry from Culvers before i left. I didn’t want to be the kid that ate too much in the pit. I wanted to be the kid that drank too much!

We finally let the car cool off, topped off the antifreeze and said fuck it. Hopped back on the highway. We hit KC about 5:20 and found a parking spot 3 floors deep in KC’s underground garage next to the venue. We blasted off between the smoker session and the drinks pumping in my veins i was charged. I made us wait till doors open to walk up there. It was too cold to fuck around.

It was decided that we were going to try to sneak our cameras in. Disregarding that email from earlier and all the signs posted saying “no cameras”. I kept trying to educate Jason of our ways. He didn’t think we could get them in. I knew we could, but like i told him “thats the easy part”. When we approached the door, we realized our error. They were searching too vigorously to sneak anything buy them. They had a big walk through metal detector and wands.

Then we foolishly decided to abandon ship. We strolled back to the car and put the cameras up. I took that time to also make myself another drink with the little bottle i got for free. I poured the whole thing into a drink and headed for the door again. I am slamming this drink before i get to the security people, then i pull out a bottle of water and slam that shit too right in front of them.

We go inside and notice a very exploitable flaw in the security. They are not watching the smoking area at all. All they are doing is checking your tickets as you reenter. I was pretty smashed at this point and kept telling my friends I was going to hop the fence and go get those cameras. Luckily they talked me out of it. We went to the floor and watched Trivium. They were okay, and thats being nice because they were just okay and i was Drrrrrrunk. Nothing exciting happened during there set. I kept watching security during this set. They had that place locked down on the inside.

I went in between sets to see if i could sneak the cameras in before Coheed. This time they had security posted outside everywhere. Our time had came and went, there would be no bobby or chris footage.

I have two Coheed cd’s they both are acoustic cd’s. I like them but didn’t know what to expect. They came out and played “welcome home” to open the set. Honestly that was the only song i knew the whole set, and standing there during Coheed the alcohol caught up with me. I was kind of in a musical daze, it was one of those sets that just flew by. Claudio was definitely rocking the full fro’ they had the slit throat backdrop going too.

The slipknot fans put up with the set, but it was obvious it was not a lot of peoples cup of tea. Fuck those people, it is a concert. If all music was the same as the band you came to see it would all be boring and wouldn’t be MUSIC. My advice is if you hate a band that much, go smoke a joint, go get a beer, smoke a cigarette or walk around aimlessly. It makes no sense to sit around and bitch about it like some of these people did.

Honestly the Coheed set flew by, also i was expecting more. My buddy had hyped them up quite a bit. However he did say that there set that night wasn’t that tight and seemed a little off. Second day of the tour that seems understandable. Don’t get me wrong though they rocked. It just was a average set and flew by because i was blasted!

The intermission for slipknot was long, drawn out and seemed to take forever! It might have been because this radio DJ came out and hyped the crowd up. He said “slipknot will be out here in a few minutes” about 30 to 40 minutes before they actually took the stage. I passed the time by Inching closer and closer to the stage. During Coheed’s set i was 2 people from the barricade. By the time the infamous nine masked maggots hit the stage i was one person off the barricade. My buzz had leveled off, i was pumped.

I am Horrible at song names. I couldn’t name five slipknot songs honestly. I don’t study the track listings, I don’t have a read out on my cd player. When slipknot hit, they ripped the place apart. From the floor up, it was a mad house. What impressed me the most was how much old material they played. Only a few songs into the set they played my favorite slipknot song which i believe is number 3 off there self titled album. I got the fuck up during that song and bounced my ass off.

They really put a lot into this show, one nice addition i saw was a Flat Screen Tv mounted to Clown’s Percussion kit. He had a camera set up and was playing that footage on the TV. During the mayhem that ensued the camera was hit out of focus for at least 20 minutes until he fixed it. Sid looked healthy again from his foot injuries and was even doing pull ups while clowns kit was suspended 6 feet in the air.

Mick and James seemed to really be enjoying this tour, slamming out the hard riffs that make up slipknots style. Paul was jamming away on the bass. Corey was energetic as ever and really seemed to be into this set. He told the crowd at one point “if this next song doesn’t make you wanna rip your head off, i will piss in your mouth”. It is nice to have a band care so much about your experience at there show. Slipknot Cares.

At one point a bra flew up on stage from the girl behind me, James put it on his head and rocked out for a minute. I have to say that was a little wierd. Funny though, then it started a chain reaction of girls flashing the band towards the end of set. The best part though was the dude in front of me was with his girl, and she screamed like someone was about to stab her. “OMG DONT TURN AROUND” she said. Naturally i turned around. I thought it was funny. What was the big deal after watching nine masked men murder everything on stage for an hour.

They played a fierce 1 hour set and took a 10 minute break, then came out and rocked out for another half an hour. Then took another break.

Then i heard the opening chord’s to my favorite slipknot song. It all started back in gym class in high school, back in the slipknot ozzfest daze. My friend Aj would stomp, kick and slap the beat to surfacing while we screamed the chorus at the scared kids in our class. FUCK IT ALL, FUCK THIS WORLD, FUCK EVERYTHING THAT YOU STAND FOR. Surfacing is my jam. Both middle fingers in the air I screamed the chorus loud enough to make everyone in my gym class proud. I remember at the ozzfest when Corey would announce this is your new Fuckin NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!!!!

Brought me back. It used to be that meant the end of the show. They had one more for us though SPIT IT OUT was a great song to end with. I was impressed slipknot had outdone themselves yet again with another great show. Everyone seemed quite happy with the show. As we were climbing the stairs to exit the arena i realized i had left a sweatshirt in the pit. Oh well another causality of war, stepping out into the frigid missouri Air I wasn’t cold at all. It was that good of a show.

I encourage everyone to go see this tour if possible, it will be well worth your money to do so.



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