Even if you don’t think you do, you already know who Killer Mike is. He has been in the game since his debut on Outkast’s 2000 release ” Stankonia ” and has yet to slow down. Most recently on the new single featuring T.I ” Ready Set Go ” . He has been in atleast 3 movies, including ATL and Idlewild.

Needless to say he has been and stayed busy the past 11 years. So when my friend Curtis called and said Killer Mike was playing a local university on Friday and it was only 5 dollars. I was fast to tell him to get me a ticket as only 100 are released publicly the rest are free to students.

Day of show I was supposed to work till 10 p.m. However by pulling a double the next day I was able to skate out at 8 p.m and was fast on my way to meet my friends. We met a few blocks away from the venue off campus. All in hopes that our pregame meditations wouldn’t wind us up on the next episode of Campus PD.

We got there and parking was crazy, everyone had these parking passes so we found a good spot in the back parked and went in.The Venue was The Gargoyle which is under the Edison Theatre on the Washintgon University campus. Or as others has described the Basement. The venue is ran by the students and the shows are free for students as well.

There were 3 very bored security gaurds outside and a table full of promotional items greeted us as we got our hand stamps and went in. After watching the first couple of opening acts who did a good job of opening. We decided to go outside to catch some air. Before heading out I hit the restroom.

While washing my hands the guy washing his next to me commented on my ATL hat. ” Are you from Atlanta? ” He asked. I told him No, I am just wearing this to show respect to Killer Mike and his hometown. He said that Mike would enjoy that! We went on to joke about how my friend Curtis on the other hand wasn’t so nice and was rocking The Cardinals gear because after all we are the champs in 2011! We both laughed and he introduced himself as DJ Trackstar Killer Mike’s tour DJ.

DJ Trackstar has been very busy as well. Much to his credit he was rocking the Cardinals Fitted hat and told me he just moved to Atlanta a few weeks ago but was from St. Louis and rocked Cardinals gear wherever he went. Being a Hip Hop fan his name sounded very familar after I got home I realized why. He has made over 100 + mixtapes that are well known, well recieved and circulating around the globe.

After we got back inside the crowd had doubled in size. Everyone gathered at the front for Rockwell Knuckles and Tef Poe. Who once again put on a great show and gave St Louis something else to be proud of. Everytime I see Rocky and Tef, they get better and the crowd gets BIGGER. I wouldn’t be suprised to see them go on to much bigger shows and things in the years ahead.

At about 11 p.m Dj Trackstar took the stage, after a brief soundcheck it was time.

Killer Mike took the stage much to the crowds excitement. He wasted no time in opening his set with a hit from 2003 ” NEVER SCARED” I forgot how potent and raw his verse was. I was quickly reminded.

On May 17th of this year. Killer Mike released his 5th album to date ” PL3DGE ” and jumped right into ” Burn ” off that next. He commented how he loves playing the smaller shows as it gives him more chances to connect to the audience.

Connect he did, he had the crowd rocking, and the beats were booming out the speakers. After visting more high profile cameos he played Curtis’s favorite track off the new album ” That’s Life 2 ”

Before and after each song he would spit acapella really driving the lyrics and the meaning behind them home.

He did his verse from the new single ” Ready Set Go ” acapella before doing it with the loud beat shaking the walls. I honestly love his lines in this song and especially the ones about Ed Hardy.

I know these streets bout tired of this weak shit, ya style been ran thru like a freak bitch. Da pussy club got ya angered wit ya frequent. Ed hardy ass nigga and ya sequins, might as well shop at victoria secret have em gift warp you some “I love Pink” shit. Rent due and yall niggas deliquent

Curtis had been talking a lot about Killer Mikes new album and how much he loved the track “Ric Flair”. It features Ric Flair promos on the chorus. He said that he didn’t think he would play it. Well he did and it made the crowd bust out their best ” WOOOOOOOO” Nature Boy Style.

After rocking the stage for the better part of an hour. Preforming hits from 2000 to 2011. As Killer Mike put it, it was time to hit the east side strip clubs until dawn. Not before he played his hit ” Kryponite ” everyone in the crowd got hyped up one last time and rocked it.

Lights came on and we stood around feeling great from seeing another great live hip hop show. We were debating waiting to meet Mike, but some of us thought he either left or wouldn’t come out. Well we were all wrong and less than 3 minutes off the stage Killer Mike was standing at the exit. Shaking hands, taking photo’s and hugging the ladies, you could tell he was genuine when he thanked everyone passing him for coming out.

My friends I went with are really big music supporters. They go to so many shows, buy so many cds and are always picking up merch at everyshow. They had asked about Killer Mike or Grind Time Merch but they had said they left it all on the tour they are currently on. Then one of the guys from the crew gave them the Hoody off his back.

We snapped pics, thanked them and were off into the night. I can’t say enough good things about Killer Mike. I enjoyed the show and can’t wait to see him again.

Killer Mike is currently on tour with Immortal Technique and Chino Xl with dates on the west coast through the rest of November. His album ” PL3DGE ” is instores now and you should consider supporting both.

Also check out www.djtrackstar.com for FREE mixes!

Till Next Time………

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