Beady Eye w/ Black Box Revelation 11/30/11

Showbox at the Market – Seattle, WA

Words/Photos by JakobRoss424

The two musicians who have arguably made music headlines more than any other pair of musicians EVER are the brothers Gallagher: Liam and Noel. Oh and before you ask the obvious, no they are not related to the watermelon-smashing comedian. In 2009, Oasis—one of the biggest and best bands of the 90s—split… kind of. Song writer/guitarist Noel Gallagher left the band after a backstage fight with Liam. Liam and some other members of Oasis formed Beady Eye, while Noel formed Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, who Reverend Justito saw earlier this year AND who I will be seeing in April. So just like that, Liam went from 50,000 person crowds and headlining huge festivals to 500 person crowds and playing the small stages at mid-afternoon. And it seemed like a decent fit for the man.

So fast forward to early 2011, Beady Eye released their debut album to mixed reviews, but I really liked it. The songwriting isn’t very strong, mostly due to the departure of the songwriter, but the music had an old school kind of feel to it, with blues influences and soft-rock influences. After a successful four-show mini-tour of the US earlier this year, Beady Eye decided to expand to a 10-show tour of the US, in which they played here in Seattle for the first time ever. The show, which took place at Seattle’s oldest venue(?) Showbox at the Market (opened in 1939) didn’t exactly sell out, but the crowd got packed pretty tight when the band came on.

At 9:15, the openers, Belgian garage-rock duo Black Box Revelation, came out and put on a cool performance with riffs that would make Tony Iommi smile, and jams that would bring Jerry Garcia back from the dead. They had a Black Sabbath/White Stripes kind of feel, and in the seven songs they played, I could tell the crowd was impressed especially the two kids who knew EVERY word to EVERY song. They probably lived in the youth hostel next door, am I right!?
We thought we would have to wait at least an hour before even SEEING Liam Gallagher, but we were wrong. Halfway through BBR’s set, Beady Eye just strolled right past the stage, waving and accepting applause. But it would be another hour before Beady Eye came on to perform, and when they did the lights went out and the band’s logo appeared on the screen. I got out my new iPhone and began shooting video. They came on after a minute of some weird intro music (according to, this little intro is called “Yellow Tail”) they came on and broke into “Four Letter Word.” As the song came to a close, a bouncer came over and told me that video was prohibited, but pictures were ok. Not wanting to be kicked out (as some of the drunk people around me were) I decided to take pictures only.

The band sounded tight, and although Liam’s voice cracked every once in a while, it seemed as though he had as much fun as Liam could possibly have. He walked around the stage nonchalantly and even did his signature “hands-behind-the-back-and-head-tilted-back” stance he has done at the microphone ever since Oasis began. Liam sported a trench coat which, by the end of the show, was caked with sweat, so I could only assumed Noel was under there. Think about it…
Has anyone SEEN the two in the same place since Oasis broke up??
The band ripped through song after song, and even though Liam is a Manchester City fan (Liverpool for life), Mostly Oasis put on a rather good show, and I recommend them, even though Liam is a Grumpy Grumperson.
Yellow Tail (Intro)
Four Letter Word
Beatles and Stones
Two of a Kind
For Anyone
Three Ring Circus
The Roller
In The Bubble With the Bullet
Bring the Light
Standing On the Edge of the Noise
Kill For a Dream
The Beat Goes On
Man of Misery
The Morning Son
World Outside My Room
Sons of the Stage (World of Twist cover)

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