Yelawolf Rocks Conan 12/05/11

And with the Crimson Tide being put in the BCS National Championship game earlier this week, it was only fitting Alabama’s own Yelawolf came on Conan Monday night with a song called “Let’s Roll”.

The latest prodigy out of Eminem’s Shady Records camp came on stage with full band, including Travis Barker (of Blink 182 fame) on drums and a back up singer that looked exactly like Cee-Lo Green. Rocking the crimson red tee shirt with the Alabama “A” on it, I must say his performance was quite unlike the 9-6 LSU-Alabama game from earlier this year, as it was entertaining.

Jumping around stage with a huge chain swinging, band kicking out the jams, just running through verses filled with intricate lyrics faster than I could keep up with was all combined enough to have me, a first timer, sold on his future potential. Plus, he runs with Eminem and Slaughterhouse..


And Let’s note that’s what makes Conan the more ‘hip’ of the Late Night hosts-he shows us his copy of the album on vinyl, as oppose to the CD I saw Kimmel holding up on a performance a week or two ago. The album is ‘Radioactive’, and it’ in stores now.
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