Photo by Reverend Justito

Words By Jay Porks

Video Via Team Coco

As the Gallagher brothers tour the U.S. and world in separate bands hitting (or having already hit) a town near you-you must admit other than providing epic quotes for internet bloggers like myself to use, when together Oasis is a great band who played great music.

As Liam Gallagher tours with Beady Eye, a band that is essentially the rest of Oasis, Noel Gallagher tours with his own band-Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

On a Monday evening, Noel rolled through Conan with those High Flying Birds to play “AKA… What A Life!”, proving two of my own personal theories. One, I need to get a hold of this album, and two-most importantly in the Gallagher V Gallagher heavyweight bout- Noel wins.

Jay Porks here.. I like to go to shows and pass along the experiences to you in words, photos and videos. In my spare time I do Social Media for the Meat Puppets in addition to hosting a weekly podcast. Remember folks it\'s not all about the technicalities of the situation more than it is about what the situation brings to the technicalities... The Jay Porks Experience, take a stroll my shoes for a little while...
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