I have to start this by saying thank you Firebird for hosting so many great shows in the past few years. If you wanna watch people become stars, this is a great place to do that.

With all genres of music at The Firebird each day, I often check their website for new listings. While searching last week, I noticed a fimilar name : Hopsin was coming to rock. Oddly enough it was a early show that was scheduled to start at 5 p.m and was slated to end at 7:30. Fair enough, one problem. I had to work until 10 p.m.

After picking up day shift, and having someone cover me until 8:30 at the gig. I was set and ready to rock. On my way down to the city, I stopped by the Delmar Loop Ice Festival and walked down the strip. Lots of inspiring Ice Sculptures and people lined the street.

It was a good time, yet a bit cold, but hey its a ice festival after all. After packing up and finishing my voyage to downtown I was suprised to see a 10+ line outside The Firebird as I arrived.

My friends Curt and Kathy were also on the way down and brought 3 more people with them, then a car pulled up and at least 5-7 hopped out of it.I was glad to see a good turn out so early in the day for a underground artist such as Hopsin.

We rolled inside just as a local artist was finishing up his energetic set that had the crowd lining the front of the stage. We headed over to the merch table and said whats up to rapper, producer SwizZz. He was a cool guy and we finally met DJ Hoppa who also was very nice, and friendly.

Up next was a guy from Flint, MI named Jon Connor. I can’t help but think about the Terminator movies hearing that name. He was cool and put on a great show for the crowd that came to rock early on a Saturday night.

He was a cool act, and had a lot of good lines and solid production often featuring cool samples of other songs that came out awesome and very soulful. His passion was very contagious and he had the hands up and rocking.

He did a 20-30 minute set that the crowd, and myself enjoyed. It was very solid, very honest and a refreshing hip hop show to say the least. I would like to see him back in St. Louis soon.

After Jon Connor’s set DJ Hoppa, got on stage and started up the tables and the crowd inched closer as the wait grew less and less. Finally it was time, and Hopsin, SwizZz and DJ Hoppa took The Firebird stage. Going crazy is a bit of an understatement.

Hopsin came on with ” Pans in the Kitchen ” and had the crowd eating it up. He and SwizZz took turns rocking each side of the stage. I found my way to a good spot up front and was blown away by how big his following was. These days the internet can make you a star and Hopsin takes full advantage of that.

SwizZz would back up Hopsin, and even performed some of his songs. Such as “Scream” that the crowd enjoyed, and rocked with him.

My knowledge of Hopsin is somewhat limited, I know he was signed to Ruthless Records, got shelved, got pissed, left and made it on his own. I admire the work ethic behind all of that. And hard work pays off, the crowd was feeling every song that came blasting out of the speakers.

In between songs I would check the clock, as it read 7:34 I knew the show was coming to a close, but the crowd was obviously not ready to go anywhere, and neither was Hopsin. He told the crowd,” my time is up, but im not leaving until I sag my pants in this bitch ”

As the beat for “Sag My Pants ” dropped the crowd went crazy singing each lyric louder than the one before it. ” Sag My Pants ” is a diss song directed towards the rap world of today. With lines attacking : Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Eazy E’s wife among other people. However my favorite line is ” Y’all faker than Lupe Fiasco claiming he skateboards “.

After the show, we met and talked with each of the artist. They were very down to earth, real people. Myself and Hopsin talked a bit about skateboarding among other things, I got to joke with Jon Connor a bit. I had to be at work in 45 minutes so it was time to go.

One problem, my car wouldnt start, after a jump start I was back on the road and 10 minutes late getting back to work. All was well though and was well worth seeing a great show such as this.

Hopsin, SwizZz, DJ Hoppa and Jon Connor are in Chicago TONIGHT 1/15

You can keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and www.myfunkvolume.com

At www.myfunkvolume.com there is a $1000 contest going on now, go check them out.

Till next time.

BeezNutz calls St. Louis, Mo home and enjoys shooting: drugs, shows and hookers. Check out his videos at youtube.com/therealbeeznutz, on facebook :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beez-Nutz/161811213885941 or Twitter.com/BeezNutzstl
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