After 15 years straight of playing large venues such as amplitheatres , arenas and race car tracks. Kid Rock and the respective Twisted Brown Trucker Band came back to revisit the club days.

They haven’t played clubs since 1999 and it was exciting to be able to buy general admission floor tickets for one of the best venues in the midwest. The Midland Theater right next to the Power And Light District of Kansas City, Missouri.

Day of show the biggest Kid rock fan I know, my mom and I ventured out to Kansas City in search of good times and Barbque. It was a 4 hour drive that I drove in less than 3 and a half. I decided to hit a KC classic that I haven’t been to since 2001. It was a good choice.

We ended up a Oklahoma Joes around 12:30, which is a well known secret to K.C. It is housed inside a gas station with impossible parking and insane barbque. We found a spot after 3 laps around the lot, parked and went in. I counted 50 people in line, not to mention a full dining room. The place is that good, believe the hype.

After 15 minutes of waiting I got a barbque pork and a fry. It was worth every bit of the wait, this sandwich was incredible. The roll was nice size and the pork tasted juicy and fresh with just a bit of the famous sauce on it, with more being available on the side. The fries were some of the best I’ve ever had and were seasoned to a salty perfection.

We ate in the car to avoid the chaos of a full dining room and a packed line with no sign of slowing up. Every bit was delicious and I made sure to finish my extra large helping of fries.

After that we headed to the venue and got in line. While in line we got to know the most entertaining security guard of all time. He deserves an award, best security guard 2011. He was funny and kept everyone from not acting crazy, what more can you ask for? We were the 6th people in line and took turns all day leaving and holding the spot.

We got amazing spots for the show, front row, center right in front of the main microphone. Around 8 p.m the opening act came out we were pleasantly surprised by Ty Stone. Also from Detriot, MI he showed a lot of depth as performer and not to mention his act was solo.

Ty was recently signed to Top Dog Records. He did a great job of opening the show. I thought he was a great addition to the tour and I look forward to seeing of and from him in the future.

After 30 minutes the intermission music stopped, the lights dimmed, the spotlight came on and out walked the guy who travels around and does the introduction for Kid Rock and we have seen him on too many tours to count. The music started, behind the white, war torn sheet that covered the stage, you could see the shadow of Kid Rock.

He came out to the 98 classic ” Devil Without A Cause “. It was a great song to open a career spanning set.

When the song got to Joe C’s part a banner dropped as Joe C’s voice boomed out the speakers. It was a great moment in the show and it wasn’t even past the first song.

He explored most of his records for this tour. The Twisted Brown Trucker Band was on point. Each and every song they made their own. They played old hits from 99 to present some such as ” Wasting Time “.

He told the crowd that they haven’t played that song in 10 plus years live. I wish they would venture away from the singles a bit more often.

Going back to his break out 1999 album they played the crowd favorite ” Cowboy ” which was vastly different from the last time I saw him besides the cowboy hat part. The crowd ate it up, and couldn’t get enough.

(Video by who has a youtube channel very worth checking out, great work.)

By this point the show seemed like it had been going on for a while and it was only half way through the setlist. He had the crowd going crazy. He has always been fond of covers and when he played Ted Nugent’s ” Cat Scratch Fever ” he took over for DJ Paradime and then took his turn at the drums and rocked both.

Everyone including the band was enjoying themselves. As the hits kept coming the people kept moving and everyone from the floor to the balcony was having a great time.

My mom was in heaven front row at her favorite artist in the world. I felt like a great son. Before performing the song ” Care ” Kid Rock announced that the money from this show was to benefit 2 charities in the Kansas City Area.

I think it is cool for a star such as Kid to give back, so many of these money hungry celebrities are like poor people in a cash machine. Just grabbing for every dollar they can. You have to realize Kid Rock doesn’t have to work, he doesn’t have to tour and he sure as shit doesn’t have to give to charity. But He does.

It is for reasons like these I respect Kid Rock, a lot of people knock the guy but he cares for his fans, our country and his music. Which is a lot more than I can say for some of the artist out now.

After the charity annoucements he played another great hit song from way back. ” Roving Gangster ” or better known as ” Rollin ” was next on the list. It was great seeing a setlist with a lot of earlier material in it as the summer tour was lacking this a bit.

He played the new crowd favorite ” Fuckin’ 40″ which suprisingly isn’t about 40′ ounces but turning 40. Who knew? Followed by ” So Hot ” and ” Bawitdaba “. While doing the famous into to ” Bawitdaba ” Kid exclaimed ” this is the part that hurts ” before screaming his name into the mic.

(Video by who has a youtube channel very worth checking out, great work.)

Then The Twisted Brown Trucker Band exited the stage, leaving the crowd chanting ” Kid Rock, KID ROCK, KID ROCK, growing louder with each chant. Just when you thought it couldnt get any louder the band reemerged and took their places.

Getting the crowd back in the groove was the song ” Rock and Roll Jesus ” featuring confetti falling like rain from the sky.

As the confetti still fell from the sky they played a great live version of ” Only God Knows Why ” which was totally different than the album version.

They really mixed some songs up for this show and it was great.

The next song ” Born Free ” which started out with Kid on piano quickly changed tempo’s as he jumped on top of the piano as the American flag banner dropped in the backround.

(Video by who has a youtube channel very worth checking out, great work.)

Kid Rock and Twisted Brown Trucker gave it their all, I didn’t mention most of the band was sick during this show but you couldn’t tell except for a few moments here and there.

They came to rock, and so did we, I stayed up and drove home in record time stopping by the White Castle for a late night tasty snack at 6 a.m and called it a night.

Till next time.


Devil Without a Cause
Rock Bottom Blues
All Summer Long
Purple Sky
I Got One for Ya’
Midnight Train to Memphis
Wasting Time
Slow My Roll
Lay It On Me
Cat Scratch Fever (cover)
God Bless Saturday
Roving Gangster (Rollin’)
Fuckin’ Forty
So Hott
Rock N Roll Jesus
Only God Knows Why
Born Free

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