I have to start this post by saying this night leading up to the show sucked more than anyone could ever imagine. I tried to do something nice for someone that means a lot to me and it just got thrown back in my face ten fold. It was incredible how shitty I felt. That being said I had different plans for this night.

I love seeing Lil Wyte and he always shows the crowd a good time. However it just wasn’t my orginal plan for the night. I was already downtown and had a few friends at the show. Being the great friends they are after hearing about my horrific night they said make it to the club and we got your back.

15 minutes and a few blown traffic lights later I arrived at the Fubar in St. Louis. At this point I was the kind of stressed to where I was looking for my phone while talking on it. It was just a unbelievable night. I always try and make the best out of bad situations.

My friend got my back at the door and I was in. There was an armed St. Louis cop at the door by the doorman, another one in the sound booth, and one in the crowd for a total of 3 police in this show. There had been some fights at previous shows and security was beefed up for this one.

The opening acts were somewhat okay, and some of them were downright HORRIBLE. A lot of them lacked substance and most of the songs were all about ” money, money, money ” without any depth or story at all.

This lasted for hours, atleast 7 different acts took the stage during the wait for Lil Wyte. I did find P.R.E.A.C.H to be my favorite of the bunch. He has that star quality it takes to command a crowd and he had the crowd packed in to watch his set. My friends all went up to watch him and I enjoyed his time. I look forward to seeing him perform again soon.

(photo credit: Caitlin T.)

An hour and a few acts later it was time for Lil Wyte to take the stage. He came out to the song he likes to open with ” My Smoking Song ” and got the crowd all hyped up in part thanks to his new hype man Miscellaneous.

He followed up with such sure hits as ” I Sho Will ” which got the kind of crowd response Wyte has came to expect from his fans in STL.

Running through more and more of the classics from his 5 albums dating back to 2003. A little over 25 minutes after taking the stage and a few minutes past midnight the DJ dropped the beat for the normal set closing song ” Oxycotin ” I was sure he was just gonna do a half an hour and leave.

I was prepared to leave a bit disappointed and go on with the night that had already sucked. Much to the delight of the crowd and myself he decided to stick around and rock some more.

After telling the crowd about his new album ” Still Doubted ” a title referencing his debut album ” Doubt Me Now ” would drop on 06/06/12. He decided to preview a few tracks for the fans in attendance.

First up was the Lex Luger produced track ” Money ” which is slated to drop as a single for the new album featuring Project Pat. Pat wasn’t in the building to drop his verse live but Wyte still rocked it.

Mr. Luger has been a busy man during the last two years producing a few chart topping hits for Jay-Z, Kayne and Rick Ross among others. Lil Wyte has been busy in the studio and decided to drop yet another track to keep the crowd excited for the upcoming release.

It was safe to say the crowd was excited to hear the new shit being debuted live and in person. He had the crowd eating out of his hand and really put a great show.

Deciding to end the show on a high note Wyte and company decided to invite some of the ladies of St. Louis on stage to dance to new single off ” Still Doubted ” called ” Sike ”

The song was about quitting smoking, drinking and popping pills, but SIKE wyte is getting fucked up tonight. It was my favorite of the new tracks and was a fitting end to a great show.

Lil Wyte puts on a great show and mixes up the setlist enough to make things interesting. He should be on the road a lot in 2012 promoting ” Still Doubted “. Go check him out on facebook, get that new album in June and go see a show.

Thanks for turning a otherwise shitty night into a good time Lil Wyte.

Till next time.


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