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It had been almost 2 years since Foxy Shazam hit the wonderful streets of St. Louis and graced us with their presence. They have recently released a new album ” Church Of Rock And Roll ” on January 24th of this year. They are currently on tour with The Darkness.

They announced a headlining show at a great venue called Off Broadway in St. Louis. My friend Mike and I quickly requested off work as not to miss this show. The day of show the ground was covered with snow and ice. The facebook event page had 34 rsvps and it was on a Monday night. Things didn’t look good.

Passing the famous Budweiser brewery and making a quick turn onto Lemp Ave. It was soon apparent that I had underestimated this show. We barely found parking within a few blocks of the venue and slowly made our way to the door.

I bought both of our tickets since Mike drove there and we went in.The band Last Nights Vice was playing and they brought a good size chunk of the crowd and had everyone enjoying themselves. The room was packed and it was good to see a great turn out on a snowy cold Monday night.

After a brief set change and sound check at 9:43 Foxy Shazam took the stage to a wildly excited packed crowd that had at least doubled in size since the last time we saw them. Everyone pushed forward in hopes of securing that spot close to the stage. They were in for a show.

Eric came out and started in with a story about him and Alex getting mixed up with some ” serious voodoo stuff ” and this might be the last show they play together and that we needed to make it fun.

Foxy Shazam brings the ruckus and waste no time. As they played ” Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll ” the first track off their new album. It was a lot of fun to watch each of them go crazy playing their respective instruments with a wild intensity.

They barely had stopped the first song before going into my friend Mike’s favorite song ” Oh Lord ” off the 2010 release ” Foxy Shazam “. A big thing about seeing Foxy Shazam live is what stories singer Eric Nally will tell. Before the next song Eric told everyone in the crowd how he was repeatedly offered a lot of money to play this show, but he just didn’t wanna play St. Louis. Then his agent again asked if he would play a show here for free, and he finally said Yes.

Which was a great fitting intro to ” Yes, Yes, Yes ” off the 2008 album ” Introducing Foxy Shazam “. It was hard to snap pictures on the floor and this show was all about me having fun so I didn’t take a lot of them.

Holy Touch ” was easily a highlight of the show for me, featuring a 2 minute break down featuring Eric telling a story while wearing a lighted cowboy hat which he remarked could of been a prop in the movie Tron. After story time the band jumped right back into the song and sent it out with a bang.

” The only difference between me and a scholar is what we paid for what we know ” was the advice offered by Eric to the now somewhat drunk crowd at Off Broadway. They took that intro and played another crowd favorite ” Unstoppable ” and had the floor bouncing.

They ended the song ” Unstoppable ” by singing Greed Day lyrics (Brain Stew ). It was a cool thing to see live, they always change it up and keep things fresh. Before playing my favorite song off the new album Eric told everyone this was the best song they ever wrote as a group.

It is a song called ” Forever Together ” a song about being away from loved ones. During one point of the song Eric got serious on the crowd ” Don’t laugh it’s not funny, I miss my family ” It was the most serious tone I have ever heard that man take.

They always mix up the setlist and ” Rocketeer ” was next up and had the crowd singing the chorus along with the band while making the 5,4,3,2,1 gestures. It was a very high energy song.

The Temple ” which is the 9th song on the their latest release was next, followed by ” Ghost Animals ” both got great crowd reactions which only fueled the bands performance that much more.

Before another one of my favorite songs ” Killing It “. Eric asked the crowd for a cigarette and within seconds had at least 30 different smokes to choose from. He ended up smoking 5 of them at once and eating the butts much to the shock of the people in the crowd whom hadn’t seen Foxy before. In between songs, him and Alex demostrated and discussed proper ” Monkey Fucking ” techniques.

Choosing another selection off “ Church Of Rock And Roll ” they played the single ” I Like It ” which is peaking at 37 on the US rock charts.

They ended the 57 minute set with ” Only Way To My Heart “. It was a fitting end to a great set, this band is worth the money to go see live.

Each member of the band really plays their instruments well, Aaron on Drums, Alex on horns and vocals, Sky on Keys, Daisy on bass, and Loren on guitar all fit together great as a band and there is no way you could write about how great they all sound and perform together.

The show wasn’t over yet though after a 5 minute wait they all reemerged on stage and started in on a encore. They started the encore with the last song on the new album ” Freedom ” before venturing way back to 2005’s debut album ” The Flamingo Trigger ” and playing ” No Don’t Shoot “.

The crowd obviously wanted more, and Foxy didn’t let them down. They played ” Bombs Away ” and let everything go on the last song, Sky held his Keyboard out into the crowd and let the crowd go wild.

After asking the crowd if they came yet, because they had to leave they finally ended a great set.

It wasn’t till I got home and went through my pictures did I see one that kind of shocked and intrigued me at the same time. Taking lots of photo’s through the years a lot of people talk about energy orbs in photos. Mostly photo’s taken in graveyards or other haunted places. Knowing that the area the venue sits on is a very old part of St. Louis, it is very likely there are more than a few spirits just floating around. So the question is? Do you believe in GHOST? Look at the picture below and see for yourself.

Foxy Shazam Setlist 02/13/12

1.Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll

2. Oh Lord


4. Holy Touch

5. Unstoppable

6. Forever Together

7. Rocketeer

8. The Temple

9. Ghost Animals (Across)

10. Killin’ It

11. I Like It

12. Only Way To My Heart

13. Freedom

14. No Don’t Shoot

15. Bombs Away

Thanks to Off Broadway, and the great staff there, thanks to Foxy Shazam, Thanks to Grilled Cheezy and everyone else who made this night great.

Go check out the Newest Foxy Shazam Release ” Church Of Rock And Roll ” go out and see a show with The Darkness.

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