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If you are a regular Concert Confessions reader, you probably already know about the only front porch, whiskey swillin, foot stomping, gypsy, punk, country, grumble, boogie band in the land… Dirtfoot. You may even remember that back in the Summer of 2011, it was Dirtfoot that brought 3 Concert Confessions contributors together for the first time. If you haven’t yet heard the tale of Dirtfoot, well than you my friend are in for a treat.

After postponing a few shows in the last few weeks due to banjo picker J Bratlie recovering from surgery, the boys got back out on the road and stopped in St. Louis to team up with Dumptruck Butterlips for a show at 2720 Cherokee. The show was actually billed Official After Party for the LUPULIN Carnival, a local beer festival held by 4 Hands Brewing (shout out for making delicious beer, especially the Divided Sky Rye IPA) and was an early start at 7pm.  Unfortunately I missed the first two acts, Brian Curran and the Root Diggers and we arrived right before Dirtfoot was to begin.

Dirtfoot kicked it off with their warm up jam they call “Honey” and immediately got the crowd pumped up with “Gonna Get You” which set a tone for the evening. Unfortunately there were some technical issues but they jammed through it for a few minutes while it was fixed and then continued on as vocalist/guitarist Matt Hazelton asked the crowd for some audience participation for “Rest My Head.” After he sang “We dont want your bullshit”, it was the crowds job to respond ‘Oh no! Oh no!’ One of the best things about Dirtfoot is the fact that crowd participation is always encouraged and even requested for some songs.

“Right To Breathe”, which is as Hazelton informed us, “a song about doing whatever the fuck you want”  was the prelude to one of the highlights of the night for me… a new song tentively called “John Zook” that was played for the first time. “Devoted Mama”, a delightful little diddy that showcases the sax stylings of Scotty Gerardy followed, and as usual featured an extended jam in the middle with drummer Lane Bayliss and percussionist Daniel Breithaupt banging away as Nathan Woods shredded the bass.

To end out their set, it was crowd favorite “Pulling Up The Stakes” followed by a newer song “Money and Pride”, both of which featured Surka Noelle of Dumptruck Butterlips on the washboard. Then they were joined by Ziggy of Dumptruck on the accordion for “Devil Dont Care” before closing their set down with “Underwater Turtle”, during which the only member of Dumptruck Butterlips with a penis, Mr. Mustard, guested on backing vocals as he danced around.

Overall it was a fantastic Dirtfoot show, and I have seen a few Dirtfoot shows. I was sad that the boys weren’t headlining, but they certainly made the most of their set which clocked in just under an hour and a half. Make sure to catch Dirtfoot at a show this Spring or Summer as they embark across the country yet again. Get tour dates and more info about Dirtfoot here.

SETLIST (Courtesy James E. – Check out his full recording here)
01 Honey (warm up jam)

02 Gonna Get Ya
03 Jam
04 Rest My Head
05 Cast My Plan
06 Right To Breathe
07 John Zook (new song, tentatively titled)
08 Devoted Mama
09 Watusi
10 Heroin
11 Pulling Up The Stakes 
12 Money And Pride 
13 Devil Don’t Care 
14 Underwater Turtle

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