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First time I saw Lights was at the Van’s Warped Tour. I was aimlessly walking around watching various acts when I stopped to watch this girl and her keytar rock the stage. She has been quite successful since the Warped days. The last show she played in St. Louis sold out. She was back in town for a show at The Firebird and to promote her new record ” Siberia “.

When our record store Vintage Vinyl announced they would be hosting a live performance instore with Lights I knew I had to be there. Vintage Vinyl is located in the Delmar Loop in University City, MO. They have a killer vinyl record collection, awesome rare cds, hard to find posters and a wonderful staff.

I had invited my girlfriend and her daughter to come join me. It was a beautiful sunny day in St. Louis and as a bonus the instore was sponsered by Schlafly Beer. Everyone who came could enjoy a ice cold St. Louis brewed beer along with free music. That is a great combo.

The instore was supposed to start at 3:30 but I am sure they hit traffic as they arrived 10 minutes late at 3:42. After a brief soundcheck, the eager and very diverse crowd got what they came to see, LIGHTS!

She came out smiling and thanking everyone for coming out to see her, exchanging smiles, jokes and laughter with the crowd. She understands the crowd interaction very well and we basically helped her pick out the set list. Starting the set with “ Cactus In The Valley “. Which is song number 9 off her newest album ” Siberia ” which was released in 2011 got things rolling.

After a random suggestion for ” Jingle Bells ” and a few for the song ” Saviour “. Lights delighted everyones requested by playing a few lines of ” Jingle Bells ” before playing the first song off her 2009 album ” The Listening “. ” Saviour ” really displayed her fantastic voice and had the crowd very into watching the wonderful performance going on right in front of them.

After telling the story of how the song came to be and her days spent at a coffee shop she played one of her older songs ” Romance Is “. Which had a bit of a slower feeling to it.

The song ” Toes ” was a great moment of the set for me. I felt like she really rocked this acoustic version of the song and as the song says she captured our attention, had us carefully listening and had us on our ” Toes “.

Many people yelled out for ” Peace Sign ” which also is from the newest album ” Siberia “. She was glad to grant their request and it went over great.

As I have mentioned numerous times she has a new record she is promoting and judging by the response she got from the crowd things are going well. She played the title track from ” Siberia ” and it came off great acoustic. I really liked this track.

After the 30 minute perfomance she stuck around as the registers were busying ringing with record sales. While she hung out and signed autographs, taking pictures and chatting up the crowd.

Even siging a router for one lucky fan, she had lots of fun and so did we.

While we were leaving the store we were watching the street performer outside the store. My girlfriend’s daughter dropped her cd on the ground. Before I could Lights walked up and picked it up off ground for her with a huge smile. Just another example of the awesome person she is.

Go see a show, and be sure to pick up ” Siberia ” which is instores right now. You will be very happy you did.

Thank you to : Lights, Vintage Vinyl, Schlafly Beer, and everyone else who came out and made this day special. Thank You.

Till Next Time.


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