Janus/Deny The Gravity, Pop’s Sauget, IL 03-29-12
Words/Photos/Videos by BzNtz

My friend Mike called me very excited one day and told me that his band Deny The Gravity was picked to open a show for Janus. I was very happy for him and as I normally do with my friends bands if I am off work I will go.

The tickets were only 10.57 thanks to our local alternative radio station, 105.7 The Point. The Point puts on a lot of great shows that I try to support when I can. I rolled out to this show solo style, but I was instantly greeted by many familiar faces in the crowd.

Pop’s is a great place to see a show I have been coming to Pop’s for over a decade. Located in Sauget, IL right across the river from St. Louis. Pop’s has hosted many, many great shows through the years.

I missed the first opening band Manx but got there right in time to check out my friends Deny The Gravity. DTG is a 5 piece rock band from St. Charles, MO. They always bring a good crowd of people to see them, as they are great at promoting their gigs. They got on stage and wasted no time getting the people left in the seats on their feet.

Deny The Gravity features my friends: Bill on Vocals, Pappy on Bass, Mike, and Shane on Guitar, and Joe on the drums.

I have known them all for years and they have spent the better part of those years working on their craft. Hard work pays off and I have been there to see the crowd size double, and triple for them in size at each show.

They tore up the stage for the better part of 30 minutes, getting everyone moving around and feeling good. What a rock show is supposed to do.

After Deny The Gravity was Connibal Road who also did a great job of rocking the stage and getting the crowd charged. I didn’t get any pictures of their set because of low batteries. Then right around 10:05 our wonderful Point DJ Lux came out to announce the headliner of the evening.

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Janus took the Pop’s stage and started things off with ” In Flames ” which is the first track of their new album released on 3/27/12 titled ” Nox Aeris ” on Realid Records.

They were very excited to be back in St. Louis and the crowd was happy they were back. They rocked ” Your Arms ” and ” Six Letters ” off of the debut album ” Red Right Turn ” before playing a new song ” Lifeless “.

Skin Deep ” and ” The Nerve ” followed by ” Stranger ” were next next in the set all of which are from the debut album.

The song ” Promise To No One ” is easily one of my favorites off the new album had plenty of people singing in the crowd.

They played another song from the new record ” Numb ” was a great song to see live. They seemed very together on the new material and it was fun and fresh to see live.

The new single was next ” Stains ” had the floor moving as Janus tore up the stage. They have a lot of energy when they play and the Pop’s crowd gave it right back to them. The Point has been spinning the new single a lot and the crowd was very excited hearing it live.

They ended the set with ” Eyesore ” which has been shown a lot of love on 105.7 The Point’s airwaves over the past couple years. It was a great choice to close the night out.

My friends and I hung out, drank some cold beers, and played bar games. Bill from DTG bought me a beer and it was very much appreciated. Thanks Bill!

Some of my friends left to hit the Penthouse Strip club and I was almost going to go with them. However, I need to save my chips for Memphis In May which is only a month away. Janus stuck around and signed copies for ” Nox Aeris ” for their fans. It was a great night.

Janus – Sauget, IL 03/29/12

1. In Flames
2. Your Arms
3. Six Letters
4. Lifeless
5. Skin Deep
6. The Nerve
7. Stranger
8. Promise To No One
9. Numb
10. Stains

Thanks To: 105.7 The Point, Deny The Gravity, Connibal Road, Manx, Pop’s, Lux, and all my friends who made this night ROCK! Thank You.

Be sure to check out Janus’s new record ” Nox Aeris ” and Manx, Deny The Gravity and Connibal Road.


and be sure to stay up with shows at Pop’s


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