Fucked Up, The Firebird, St. Louis, Mo 04/08/2012
Words.Photos.Videos by BzNtz

After a rather normal and uneventful Easter I sat at home going over my options. One was to stay at home and watch movies alone, or two was go see a band I had only heard about briefly alone. I chose the show and I am glad I did. I left rather late for this show leaving my house at 8:50 p.m and racing downtown to The Firebird. The Firebird is a 500 capacity venue that is one of my favorites, it features good sound, good lightning and a killer bar. I enjoy this place for the fact that the people that work there are nice, you can get 24 oz beers, and the shows are normally pretty great.

I arrived at The Firebird at 9:30 and made it inside as the last opening band was finishing up. I had not intended on showing up so late but that is the way it goes. The members of Fucked Up took the stage and for the next few minutes ran through a brief sound check. They were very particular and seemed pleased at the end that everything was up to specs for them. They left the stage and 10 minutes later came back, the lights dropped, the crowd packed in and the music hit. The place exploded!

The band hailing from Toronto, Canada took command of the stage led by Pink Eyes a.k.a Damian Abraham. He is known for his famous growl and worked the crowd into a frenzy mere seconds after reaching the stage. He worked both parts of the stage encouraging the crowd to sing the lyrics with him into the microphone and they were more than happy to help.

At took all of a song and a half for Pink Eyes to lose his shirt, all while the crowd collectively lost their shit. This show was off to a wild start and that was just the beginning of it all. Things were sure to get wilder as the night progressed and the alcohol flowed. At one point mid song Pink Eyes stopped to pose with a fan for a picture, it was unexpected and cool to see a person so involved with his fans to stop the show for just one. That was about the mildest moment of the whole show as the intensity rarely let up. The rest of the band were just as into the music as Pink Eyes and they were very solid together as a group.

Fucked Up features : 10,000 Marbles a.k.a Mike Haliechuk on lead guitar, Pink Eyes a.k.a Damian Abraham on vocals, Mustard Gas a.k.a Sandy Miranda on bass and vocals, Concentration Camp a.k.a Josh Zucker on rhythm guitar and Guinea Beat a.k.a Mr. Jo, a.k.a Jonah Falco, on the drums. Together they sounded great, and the crowd could not get enough. After every song the crowd would be charged and you could feel the energy and smell the sweat in the air.

As a band they have been very busy since forming back in 2001 and have released a impressive amount of 7 inch singles, albums and e.p records to satisfy their fans. In 2011, Spin Magazine featured Pink Eyes on the cover and named ” David Comes to Life “ the number one album of the year. People had traveled as far as 5 hours away for this show and were not let down. The band kept on with vicious assaults on the stage with each song that followed in the set.

At one point of the show Pink Eyes went to the crowd to bring the show to the next level and he worked the crowd going from one side to the other with a corded microphone. The band kept on with the steady pace as everyone on the floor slammed into each other while others were brave enough to crowd surf above the chaos below.

Pink Eyes gets very into his role and gets the crowd to go insane to their music. His enthusiasm is contagious and the crowd gives it right back. He is a very intense person on stage. However, I hear he is quite smart and collected off stage and has made numerous tv appearances on talk shows.

Coming into the show knowing very little about this band I was made into a fan fast. People kept pushing into me and the crowd swayed as the music pushed people over the edge and into each other. More people went crowd surfing and at one point I was knocked off my feet and had to grab onto the stage. Others in the middle were pushing around the speakers on stage trying to stay on their feet.

They played for over an hour before finally leaving the stage to take a much needed rest. All while Pink Eyes stayed on stage working the crowd even more into a frenzy while his band mates rested and refreshed.

After fueling up on water and beer the band returned for a few more songs for the crowd that was not ready to leave yet. These might of been the wildest songs of the night as everyone went crazy one last time.

The show ended and most of Fucked Up retired to the dressing room while a very sweaty Pink Eyes dropped into the crowd and gave his awaiting fans a very wet hug. Some people had visible wet spots after hugging the frontman and seemed as happy as could be about it.

The show rocked, I am glad I took some good advice and went and saw this show. You owe it to yourself to go check Fucked Up out next time they come to your town. You will be glad you did.

Check out the Album : ” David Comes To Life ” In Stores now and visit Fucked Up’s blog : http://lookingforgold.blogspot.com/ “

Till next time…………….

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