Kasabian 04/19/12

Bud Lite Concert Stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live – Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Reverend Justitio

There is a line from the Kasabian song “Days Are Forgotten” that has been running through my head since I awoke this morning. Perhaps this line is here because I heard the band sound check the song no less than six times yesterday; perhaps it is there because of a deeper meaning? Hell, it is possible it is there for both reasons. The line is as follows:

“Cos I’m taking back what’s mine, I am taking back the time, you may call it suicide but I’m being born again…”

The responsible thing would have been going to the Roosevelt Hotel which is adjacent to the theatre where Jimmy Kimmel films his late night television program. There were some Brits there who wanted to drink cocktails and discuss matters I am not legally allowed to share here. Yet when the day of my death comes and my life flashes before my eyes what memory would I rather see? Cocktails with people who could give two shits about me, or the moment where I met Tom and Sergio from Kasabian? Suicide perhaps, but for this soul it was nothing short of the conclusion of a much needed rebirth.

I made it to Hawthorne Avenue behind the Jimmy Kimmel Live studios around 5:30pm. Off the bat I saw many familiar faces from our “Bring Kasabian to North America” Facebook campaign. I also ended up seeing many familiar faces that I met during Tuesday nights’ stellar Kasabian headline gig at The Fonda Theatre. As the band spent twenty minutes sound checking various sections of “Days Are Forgotten” and “Goodbye Kiss” we bonded even further over our love of Kasabian. We discussed everything from Coachella to Sergio and was he/was he not furious with a few fans disrespecting him at the end of the Fonda show. The fellowship continued as the fine folks at 1iota let us into the parking lot that the Jimmy Kimmel Bud Lite Concert Stage calls home and we all settled in for the mini performance.

As is common practice with all outdoor tapings for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, we watched the entire program as it taped via a videoscreen set up next to the stage. I am now an expert on Precious and her squirrel problem, Morgan Spurlock shared all about his manscaping and of course with it being a Thursday night we were treated to some Unnecessary Censorship. Then it was our turn to be up front and center as the fans who sat inside for the show taping joined us outside. We made lots of noise as Kimmel did multiple takes introducing the band (you can see me in my San Francisco Giants hat looking very awkward over Kimmel’s right shoulder) before my final Kasabian set of April 2012.

We all knew “Days Are Forgotten” was coming from the numerous soundtracks. It appeared that neither Tom or Serge were thrilled with the sound, but as you can watch below the fine editors at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show managed to work some post production magic and you can’t tell that is the case at all. I of course have to mention to wonderful shirt lead guitarist Sergio Pizzorno was wearing. If I was going to be on Television, I’d probably wear something similar as well.


After a quick break, we were ordered to cheer again as the band launched into the second song, the web exclusive (which as of publication time has yet to be posted) “Goodbye Kiss.” A fitting song as the sun set on the 19th of April, this version sounded tighter than the one performed at the Fonda two days earlier. While the band may have sounded tighter, you could no doubt feel a bit of a disconnect between them and the fans due to the fact that cameras are flying above our heads and a large part of the audience was made up of tourists there for a television taping and not because they are fans of Kasabian.

As with most Jimmy Kimmel Live performances, the band played three songs after the cameras went off. Up first was “Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To” which while not terrible didn’t do much to energize the now thinning crowd. The energy level did pick up a bit amongst those who only had tickets for the outside stage when the group closed the set with solid versions of “Vlad The Impaler” and “Fire.” While Pizzorno didn’t ask us to get down at the end of “Fire” fans did sing along to the chorus and a few of us even bounced up and down in unison.  Then just like that it was all over. Three Kasabian shows in six days had come and gone faster than you could say Velociraptor!

With the clock yet to hit 9pm, I decided to do something I have not done in years. I joined some of my new friends and we headed over to the alley directly behind the theatre. For roughly twenty minutes approximately 25 fans waited for Kasabian to be taken away from the site by large passenger vans with tinted windows. We sang “Fire” and we screamed and cheered as loud as we could. Our devotion was rewarded as both Sergio and Tom came out and met us. They posed for photos, signed our ticket stubs and some lucky ladies even got kisses on the cheeks. Some spoke about Football (known in America as soccer) and I was able to pass the “America Loves Kasabian” sign to a very appreciative Sergio. With many fans (myself included) thanking them for returning to our home land, they confirmed they would be back in the fall. Then as fast as they came out, Tom and Sergio were swept up by management and personal handlers and drove off into the night.


I started this website over three years ago as a fan looking to build a community for individuals who had the same passion for live music as I did. I still love this place and I am very proud of what we have accomplished, but the sad fact is that it has gone from a hobby to a job. I have gone from someone who barely passed High School English to someone who sat around a table with legit journalists eating breakfast and frantically posting reviews of Coachella before heading out to the Polo Fields for more. I have had the threat of lawsuits and I have publicists who call me and beg me to check out their bands. I have had the chance to meet some heroes and had to play it cool because that is what you do when you are VIP at the corporate rock and roll venue. I am not crying at all because I love doing this. I am sharing this because I waited six long years to see Kasabian perform live and in person. This week has been amazing for many reasons, but most importantly I was able to shake off all the armor that one must wear when they decide to dive deep into the unknown and pursue what they love. I was able to be a fan boy and geek the fuck out. I made sure I was as close to the guard rail as possible for three shows. I jumped up and down and sang along to every song and made silly signs to show the band my appreciation. I have partied with the likes of Lemmy and Vinnie Paul yet that can’t even compare to what I felt inside my soul during that moment I took a blurry photo with Sergio. I have taken this site so serious for so long that I truly forgot the reason we started. Thank you Kasabian for coming back to America, rocking my ass off three times and most importantly reminding me why I do this again.

A direct descendant of the outlaw Jesse James and star of a 1983 Kilpatricks Bread radio commercial, Reverend Justito has taken his gift of ADHD and put it to good use by creating one of a kind concert reviews. A bootlegger at heart, the man lives off Whiskey, Taco Bell and the love of San Francisco sports teams.
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