Buckcherry w/ Fivefold, Redlight Kings and James Durbin 04/27/12

Pop’s – Sauget, IL

Words by concertchk, Photos by  Beth Thompson

Buckcherry, odd name for a rock band but, with a lead singer like Josh Todd the name works well. This was my first time seeing Buckcherry live, so I went into this concert not really knowing what to expect. My friend and I got there after doors opened, but still managed to get in the front row, I guess folks have to leave to go get more beer, therefore losing their coveted spot? Oh well, so sorry.

The night kicked off with opening sets from Fivefold, Redlight Kings, and James Durbin. Fivefold were awesome, a great little rock band from the St. Louis area I believe. They had strong vocals, great guitars and an overall head banging vibe a perfect way to start the night off.

Redlight Kings let’s just say I LOVE THEM!! Seriously this is why I went to the show, Kaz is amazing, he’s the lead singer and I first discovered them last year in Fort Wayne, IN and have been a fan ever since. They lay down old school rock, mixed with a little bit of Everlast and a whole lot of soul. Keep your eyes on this band as they put on a killer performance and very well may be a household name in the not so distant future.

I honestly felt that Americal Idol alum James Durbin sucked. I’m sorry, but Spider One from Powerman 5000 already has that look and you should really try to get your own. I was not impressed, nor would I pay to see this person in concert. If you are going to dress like a rock star, and have a rock star looking band your voice better not sound like a girl.  Buckcherry could have totally done without him on tour. I would have been happy if it was the other two bands minus this dude.

Buckcherry front man Josh Todd is a tattooed work of art, seriously his whole upper half is inked. He sort of reminds me of a young Steven Tyler, not sure if it’s the skinny frame, the lips or the voice. Buckcherry took the stage around 10 pm and started out with “All Night Long.” Before you know it, Josh already had his shirt and jacket off (why come on stage with it, he knows we all want to see his tattooed torso?) and was on the move. For me, I thought he was shorter than what I had seen on TV, clearly I need to not let that affect how I perceive a rock and roll star.

I love messing with rock stars on stage, I’ve done this many times  smiling and looking them in the eye sort of jolts there stage presence, I, of course find it entertaining, and it shows they are actually REAL.  Josh is cocky you can tell by the way he acts, so I decided I was going to smile and make eye contact for the majority of the show. He was doing the same only to the girls that were jumping up and down, wonder why that was?  We did make eye contact several times through the show, and yes he almost cracked a smile, but that “I’m a hardcore rock dude” ego brought him back to reality. Unfortunately, my pal Beth and I were not mentioned in the “sexy” area of the crowd when he took that survey. Perhaps he knew we were the “good girls” of the crowd?

Musically the band sang new songs and old favorites and basically sounded just like they do on record. Highlights included “Tired of You,” “Lit Up” and of course “Crazy Bitch.” They did a great job of rocking Pop’s, and while I was not overly impressed they still put on a solid show. Minus the joke of James Durbin, overall the concert was great, the pit wasn’t rowdy or pushy, just a good old fashioned rock show. Add the fact that Pop’s has great acoustics and is located between two strip clubs and I can see why so many love to perform here when in the St. Louis area. Truly a great night of music, and I am glad I had the chance to see Buckcherry, and the art of Josh Todd. I might even consider paying to see them again one day.

Photos were taken by my friend Beth Thompson..


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