Meat Puppets On Beverly Hills 90210 Pilot


The Meat Puppets have a book out, an oral history to be precise.  Titled  “Too High To Die: Meet The Meat Puppets” It features interviews with Flea, Peter Buck, Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye, Kim Thayil, Dave Pirner and Scott Asheton, among the immensely long, epic guest list. Waiting for my copy in the mail, you can order yours by going to the bands official website. And there in lies the reason we’re here. Figured we’d add a little online chapter to this oral history, since we know for a fact video footage cannot be found in paperback (yet, anyway).

The year was 1990. Aaron Spelling was in the midst of building his latest empire, and the Meat Puppets where about to release their first album NOT on the infamous SST record label: Forbidden Places, which is now out of print.  Somehow, somewhere in the magical land of California circa 1990, these forces crossed paths to fuse the greatest thing I’ve ever found on the Internet since Katy Perry rapping or That cat who can eat with chopsticks.


No secrets here, The Meat Puppets are a band this writer lives and dies for (Much like our Rev Justito with Phish). I will go see them every time they come to town, every time I can afford a plane ticket to where ever they play, etc.  So years back  when I stumbled upon that interview where bassist Cris Kirkwood said that they performed on the pilot episode of 90210, and it was called “Beverly Hills High” at the time, he didn’t realize that he sent me on a life long search for this footage. I’ve asked their tour manager, friends of the band- if anybody has this footage anywhere and it was not to be.  Then, late last night I took a stab at YouTube again, and sure enough I found it. I can’t believe I found it. I want to write those words in all caps because I’m so excited, but that would be unprofessional.  And I kinda blew my vocal chords last night screaming in my house, waking my mother from a drunken sleep.  Did I mention this stuff excites me? So, before too many people see it and it’s taken off the internet, check out the videos below of The Meat Puppets performing at a HUGE High School party, they’re in the back yard by the pool.  You have to fast forward to 8 Minutes into the first video where you’ll hear  “Paradise” in the back round. Then, they get into “Attacked by Monsters”  and you have to switch to the next video to continue on (where they play “Paradise” as oppose to just hearing it in the background earlier) . All I’m thinking during these songs is “Damn, I wish these rich preppy f#%ks would shut the hell up so I can hear this killer band!”

Fast Forward to about 20 Minutes into this vid for the first hearing of the Meat Puppets. The English version of the pilot has been edited to remove the Puppets, but this one still contains them. Attacked By Monsters and Paradise are the songs they play.


Follow the band on Twitter @TheMeatPuppets , and the book is a Jay Porks Suggested Read for sure, so go buy it at their webstore : TheMeatPuppets.Com/Store


Now if anyone can find footage of the Meat Puppets of Craig Kilborn’s late night show back in 2001 Season 3, Episode 74 my life would be almost complete.

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