It was a fingers crossed type of evening. There I was, just waking up from another poorly timed nap. The LA Kings were hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup at the Staples Center, the Yankees had reclaimed a piece of 1st place in the AL East and all I was wishing for was for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals to not suck on Conan.

Opening for Kenny Chesney on tour with a new album out “The Loin The Beast The Beat” and a new bass player (as Catherine Popper tears it up with Joseph Arthur these days), I was skeptical of what direction this band is going. Are they just gonna turn into the Grace Potter band or what? Anyway, the song they played on Conan thankfully, didn’t drive me away from any future Grace Potter projects and was called “Never Go Back”.  You can view the video from that performance below.


No one may know who Dynasty Electric is, but if you gave Grace Potter a Theremin  I swear she’d be that same chick from that band. You know, like a famous version of that chick.

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