Scissor Sisters 06/16/12

Palladium: Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by VoodooHipster

(Editor’s Note: This is VoodooHipster’s (aka Brian) first Confession for us. He is truly one of the nicest guys you will come across at shows in Southern California and we are honored to share his words).

Scissor Sisters are in town promoting their 4th long playing record “Magic Hour” an album they are proud of, so they came through Los Angeles and treated the crowd with a night full of dancing,drinking and grinding that really only a Scissor Sisters show can bring and the boys of Los Angeles in return brought their girlfriends and make sure that Scissor Sisters had a good time.

Jake Shears told stories of getting crabs in Los Angeles, being high on cough syrup and sung his ass off, Ana Mantronic made sure to do her thing, shake the tits, sing some great songs and just keep the vibe going. Baby Daddy (who is the equivalent to Justin Bieber in the gay bear cub world) really has to do nothing but stand on stage but play killer bass lines and be Babydaddy and finally Del Marquis a cool guitarist and seems fine in his part of supporting the other 3 on stage, but in reality is the glue that keeps it all together. With a cast of three background singers, forgettable video screens and Randy Real on drums, Scissor Sisters have the show down perfect, for me almost too much that is seems more calculated than just being a band on stage having a good time. All that being said they still pulled off a killer show that was tight as hell and was better than the last time they came through town.




Any Which Way You Can

Keep Your Shoes On

Baby Come Home


Kiss You Off


Take Your Mama

Years Of Living Dangerously

Let’s Have A Kiki

Comforatable Numb

Invisible Light

Shady Love

Skin That Cat


I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’

Only The Horses

Music Is A Victim


The Other stuff:

There are still people in this world that only know 3 Scissor Sisters songs

Mary has become a bathroom break song

I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ is still annoying

Only The Horses is a classic, probably one of the best songs they have written

Having grown men yell Babydaddy is my ear all night is still better than drunk girls

The Hollywood Palladium having 3 broken water fountains and still charge 3.00 for water is fucked up

Every man can get laid at a Scissor Sisters show, Guys wanting Guys Girl praying for one, you can’t lose.

This was my 5th time seeing Scissor Sisters, each time for a different album, I have come to realize that there biggest fault is sustaining the crowd for a 80 minute show, The set list always have a strange balance between classic songs and newer album tracks, It’s great cos there are songs that will never be performed again (Keep Your Shoes On,Inevitable) but the major negative is that every show I have seen has a weird groove to it. I can’t wait until the time when they come through town not promoting a specific album and can play a set full of songs that keep the party going all night..I believe that will happen one day. was started by Reverend Justito in the spring of 2009. The goal was simple - Live Music News & Reviews by Fans for Fans. All are welcome to sign up and confess their concert tales. All posts from this account are written by Justito.
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