Kasabian 06/01/10

Astra Kulterhaus – Berlin, Germany

Words/Photos/Video by Ellen


Editors note:  Ellen helps me run the Facebook Group “Bring Kasabian to North America.”  She was kind enough to e-mail me this review.

This is a first for me Ive ever written a review before so hopefully you will get the jest of it.

This has to be one of the strangest yet best venues I have been to see Kasabian play.
It can best be described as a bomb hit shed in someones back garden, but once inside its like Dr whos tardis fantastic place in a perfect location right near to the last remaining parts of the Berlin Wall.

The bars are located outside the building in a court yard and the beer is cheap compared to london prices 3.20 euros a pint.  Unfortunately Ii forgot what order songs were played in although I do know they started with fast fuse, they totally changed the set list for this concert but ended in L.S.F. as usual.

It took a while for the German crowd to get into it about 3 songs I’d say but then they went absolutely wild.  The Germans aint into the beer throwing as much as us Brits they prefer to drink it. Kasabian concerts are renowned for getting a good soaking of beer so if you don’t wanna get wet stay up the back, even then your not that safe.

The concert it self was brilliant as are the German people, but I spose i would say that being a massive fan having seen them well over 30-40 times now.  From start to finish they were rocking the place and Ii think at some points were more into it than the crowd, they love to entertain and pull out all the stops.

Tom and serg are two of the best front men a band could ever have, but lets not forget chris, ian and jay who are great musicians and after all the band would’nt be what they are without them.

Shoot the Runner, Empire, Vlad The Impaler and Clubfoot all went down a storm.
A few of the slower songs off their recent album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum  had the crowd go a bit quite but were well recieved all the same.

Doberman, Clubfoot, and L.S.F.  were the 3 encore songs the place erupted with Clubfoot even the germans gave up their beer for that one, while L.S.F.  could be heard round the streets of Berlin for about 2 hours after the show.

All in all a great show well worth the trip to Berlin and just a word of warning if ever you travel abroad to see kasabian in action DON’T book a flight back home for the following day the hangover that follows is not good, take this from someone that knows.


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