iHeart Radio Music Festival 2012 Lineup Revealed


I loved the App when it first came out, and although some of the acts may not be up everyone’s  alley, it can’t be denied that the huge names that appear on the card for the iHeart Radio Festival 2012 are nothing short of ginormous.

Tickets are on sale July 14th via Ticketmaster, for your chances to see acts like No Doubt(new album on the way this year) Green Day(Three new albums on the way this year), Lil Wayne(The guy who ruined Hot 97’s Summerjam 2012 with one fatal tweet) , Rihanna(who’s suitor and ex suitor brawl it out in clubs partying with Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs), Swedish House Mafia(Who is reportedly on their last tour), deadmau5(It’s really pronounced Dead-Mouse? I was going with “Dead Man 5” for the past year or so), Usher(The schmuck who brought us Justin Beiber), Mary J. Blige(on tour with D’Angleo,), Linkin Park(who’s new album seems to not suck as much as the last one), Pink(girls with boy problems LOVE Pink),Bon JoviAerosmith (with Steven Tyler taking a break from his Idol Judge position for at least 45 minutes), Pitbull( The soundtrack of the kitchen in the restaurant where this writer spends his days for $4.15 an hour), Shakira , Brad Paisley  Enrique Inglesias, Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift.

 So basically what we’re saying to you is that you can go to Vegas  with every single person you know in life. Seriously, here’s a list of people you can take:

That Ex girlfriend you wish you had back( She’ll hate you during Taylor Swift, but you might get some nice dry-humping/dancing during Pitbull), All the junkie friends you have (the type that sniff pills during a Swedish House Mafia set), your parents(They’re sold on Aerosmith and Bon Jovi),That girl you’re in the “friend zone” with(she’ll bitch about men being scum during Pink), all your teenage cousins as long as they stay off the Casino floors (for Green Day), Hip Hop Heads (half these folk live and die with Lil Wayne), Your current girlfriend if you have one (Rihanna will get you laid, I promise) any backwoods family/friends you have from the Deep South(Brad Paisley will reel them in easily), and, this guy currently typing, who will go anywhere that a band from the 90’s is performing, and No Doubt delivers that for the nostalgia section of your group.

So in conclusion, it’s entirely possible for you to  create some sort package through Expedia or something, grab all your friends all fans of differing music genres, and you may be able to successfully get to Las Vegas for next to nothing. Call up your travel agent, I’m sure you can work something out.

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