Tom Waits Shows Off Mousetraps, Performs on Letterman

If the name Tom Waits isn’t enough to get your panties wet as a fan of music, then I don’t know what will.

He stomped upon the Letterman stage for his interview to a huge ovation, and him and Dave spoke about a number a topics, Waits had props with him. An item that appeared to be a very expensive Rat torturing device, an “antique” I guess, from the 1600’s or something. All this can seen in the video of the interview below.

From the Tom Waits Facebook page, it said that the Musicians playing with Waits would “include his son Casey Waits drums, long time bassist Larry Taylor(he’s got the funky gigantic bass thing going), guitarist David Hidalgo, keyboardist Augie Myers and guitarist Big Bill Morganfield” . Performed a song from his latest album “Bad As Me”.

I got two things from the song besides the feeling of the soulful awesomeness that the man provides was one, I guess he likes things better in Chicago. Two, he had a lyric in there “When the Rainbow Hits the Ground..” that’s gonna resonate with me for a long time. That’s one of those “I wrote this song while I lived in a dumpster” type of lyrics of Waits can write. Anyway, the video of the interview, and the song he performed called “Chicago”. 

Video Courtesy of the Audio Perv



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