Snoop Dogg, 7/20/12 – The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC, Canada

Review, picture and video by thenaturalstoner

Let me tell you what… I’ve been on an extended vacation the last week and a half, and its had its large share of ups and downs along the way, but one big freaking up was Snoop Dogg in Vancouver, BC at the beautiful Commodore Ballroom tonight!  Having this vacation in a foreign land interrupted by phonecalls from the landlord saying my water pipes have busted at home, and all the walls downstairs at my place needing replaced and I cannot stay at home for at least a week, I needed something great to end my trip (sadly I have to skip on the Capitol Hill Block Party tomorrow, and miss one of my favorites in Major Lazer, to get home and take care of business).  Snoop provided that something I was in huge need of in spades.

Being billed as Snoop Dogg and friends we entered the badass Commodore Ballroom to a DJ mixing all the classic rap hits you could ever want.  Ice Cube, NWA, Biggie Smalls, Tupac and more all set the stage for what would be a short, but awesome set to pull me out of the dumps.  Snoop came out more than two hours after the doors opened, but the preshow vibe was so good no one really cared at all.  Great vibes all amongst the crowd had everything A-OK.

Snoop opened with a couple newer tracks before busting into a huge Jump Around cover (the Commodore Ballroom has a sprung dance floor, somewhat similar to the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, and this place had it springing!) followed by Drop it Like It’s Hot and then Whats My Name? got it going good!  A huge stretch there midset.  A couple newer tracks like Sexual Eruption and California Girls (Katy Perry what up!) mixed in with hits like Gin and Juice (which I had two of at the bar) and Nuthin But A G Thang had the room grooving all night long. 

I have been to hundreds of shows over my life and it is no exaggeration at all to say that this venue was the smokiest room I have ever been in.  This easily beat out my Phish, Ween and all other shows as smokiest of all.  Vancouver BC is a very friendly place and seemingly the perfect setting for this show (even Snoop “had a good time” onstage himself a few times, if you know what I mean).  Glad I made this trip!!!

Closing out the gig with an extremely appropriate Young, Wild and Free was a great way to send us home and on our way.  In the morning I will come back into the States and head home to Pullman to see what kind of water damage awaits at mi casa.  The Mr. Sparkly and CC friend Nick O deserve major props for keeping thenaturalstoner sane (and out of jail) this week.  Major love to them.

Snoop did not dissapoint even though we only got a roughly one hour set.  I would love to see him again and definitely feel I need to see more shows in Vancouver, and at the Commodore Ballroom, in the future.  Kudos Canada, eh!

thenaturalstoner is a Northwestern United States concert going human being who enjoys documenting his experiences. These are not always limited to the concert stage. thenaturalstoner likes his WSU Cougar football and collection of wet wipes as well (try ‘em out instead of toilet paper sometime!).
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