Sebastian Bach we all know the name from the days when Skid Row ruled the world (and perhaps girls of a certain age remember him from the hit TV show Gilmore Girls). I have never seen Sebastian Bach or Skid Row  perform live but I remember the hits like “ I Remember You” like it was yesterday . This show was another free concert as my friend and I got free tickets when we were at Pops two weeks ago. One of the manager’s for an opener asked if we wanted to go, how could we turn him down? As usual we got down to Pop’s early enough that we were the only ones in the parking lot. Seriously I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to Pops when there is someone else there, I’m usually always the first one as I want to be in the first row. So we started to stand in line around 4:30pm when Security came out and moved us back away from the door. Needless to say before the doors opened at 7pm the line was strung through the parking lot and around vehicles so there was a solid turn out for the Sebastian Bach show.

While standing in line my friend Cheri and I, discussed where we wanted to be as the presence of drunk people behind us in line, had us second guessing our spots. Knowing Pop’s has a nice balcony it was decided that we would head up there and get front balcony for the show. Once the doors opened we managed to get two seats almost center to the stage, where Cheri could video tape and I could test out my other angle of photos, and see if that would make a difference. We got our spot which was located underneath an air conditioner vent, you can imagine we nearly froze the whole time (unexpected for the Midwest in July), but enjoyed the show none the less.

Sebastian Bach took the stage at 10pm, and opened up with the head banging “Slave to the Grind.” It was outstanding as Bach was microphone swinging and head banging through the entire song. He sounded great, had the slight echo going through the mic when he finished a song, but that’s to be expected, it is Sebastian Bach for crying out loud. “Slave to the Grind” was awesome, although I kept on singing “Halstorms” version of it in my head, as they did remake the song on an EP earlier in the year, still Bach owned it.

He automatically continued into the next song, “Kicking and Screaming” without slowing down. I did notice his adorable little guitar player, Nick Sterling a young guy in his early 20’s yes I’m attracted to younger guys, he was adorable. In fact I almost thought it could be Bach’s son, but as the show progressed I realized it wasn’t but he could play that guitar beautifully and I thought was the highlight of the show, but that’s just me.

Set list below:

  1. Slave to the Grind
  2. Kicking and Screaming
  3. Dirty Power
  4. Here I am
  5. Big Guns
  6. (Love is) a Bitchslap
  7. Stuck Inside
  8. Piece of Me
  9. 18 and Life
  10. American Metalhead
  11. As Long as I got the Music
  12. Monkey Business
  13. My own Worst Enemy
  14. I’m alive
  15. I Remember you
  16. Tunnel Vision
  17. Youth gone wild

As you can see the set list had major Skid Row songs on it, and “Tunnel Vision” which he stated was wrote with John 5 from Rob Zombie. The highlight of the show was during “Youth Gone Wild” as Sebastian started the song and got into the first chorus a kid came running up on stage from the side and started head banging and dancing around. You could see Nick’s face like what the heck, he quickly got tackled and taken out by the security guards, he was in the crowd earlier and was head banging to the opening bands, he did really make it be “Youth gone Wild”, it was a great ending to a awesome concert.

Sebastian Bach had two opening bands, Conquest, and Divine Sorrow. I could have done without Conquest they weren’t very good. Your basic  hair band where the lead singer resembled Bret Micheal’s. Divine Sorrow on the other hand is a good little band, sort of a cross between Metallica and Creed, they had tons of family and friends there, and put on a great set.

Sebastian did mention “Sauget” a lot, as that is the town were Pop’s is located, but did also say that Pops sold out, and that was awesome considering everything going on in St. Louis over the weekend Pop’s managed to sell out for Bach, and as usual put on a great show, I love Pop’s so I can’t say anything bad about a venue that I frequent at least three or four times a year, a great night had by all.



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