Lollapalooza 08/04/12: Grant Park – Chicago, IL

Lollapalooza needs no introduction. The once great touring festival now goes down once a year at Grant Park in Chicago. One year I will manage to make it to all three days of the fest but for 2012 free tickets to Saturday is nothing to complain about.

This will be a short review as I didn’t get to do all I wanted to do at Lollapalooza this year, first off I don’t think my friend that I met there wanted to be there. She got nausea from the smells of various plants inhaled into the lungs of our fellow concert goers. I get that it’s a music festival and that is to be expected. However she didn’t get the message. Perhaps next year I’ll either go alone (as I seem to have more fun that way) or ask a friend that has never been and wants to partake in the festivities with me.

I decided to park at Soldier Field this year and leaving at 7am did help the cause I wasn’t caught in traffic nor was it hard to access the parking garage. The bad part about parking at Soldier Field is the over the river and through the woods trek you take to actually get to Grant Park. A few times I thought I might pass out, but I kept on going and managed to get myself to the front gate of Lollapalooza.  Just in case you’re wondering I’m older and muscles aren’t as limber as they use to be.


Going into the festival I knew I had wanted to try to catch Fun. on the Sony Google Play stage, so we headed that way to check it out. Then we roamed around the festival checking out Perry’s stage which was larger in comparison to years past, that seems to be the happening stage of the festival. You can see in this photo that it’s a huge set up, with LED screens on two stand along towers which will showcase any dance performance music to its fullest.

Lollapalooza had something new this year, Boxed Water, yes you read it, boxed water. It came in a little milk carton looking box, and said “Boxed Water is better” yes it is, for the environment indeed. This was handed out for free or purchased for $2 which wasn’t bad. It’s re-usable and a great little water jug for sure.


Moving back to the Sony Google Play stage and sitting in the picnic area while eating some Chow Town grub, a band started playing. Fidlar, I suggest you check them out, they were awesome. They had the crowd going and even got a circle pit started and just had a great vibe. I managed to finish eating and head up near the stage to get some photos. They rocked in my opinion and the lead singer even made his way out into the crowd to join the fun, overall a great little band and great performance, not sure if anyone caught them on the You Tube stream, they were awesome as was the Givers they were next on the Sony Google Play stage and I made my way up front for them, they put on a great little set as well.

After watching the Givers my friend decides she is going home early, so I decide it’s best if I roam around and then head off to the Jane’s Addiction after show at the Aragon. I was trying to find my way out and walking as it was announced over the PA that Lollapalooza was evacuating due to a major storm that was headed our way. By the time I had finally got out and made it to my vehicle, the storm hit Chicago hard. I decided then it was best if I head home. I had to sit and wait for the rain to pass. As everyone was being cautious due to the weather and getting to the Aragon would have been a challenge.

So sadly my Lollapalooza 2012 experience was a bit of downer. Next year I will attend as I’m going to try again to get the three day passes that go on sale early, if not I’ll wait and see who is going to be there and decide that way. This was only my second time at the festival. I went back in 2010 when Lady Gaga was there, and was in the massive crowd that she decided to body surf upon. Overall a good Saturday, I’m burnt, and sore but I all that means is you are living life to the fullest.

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