From The Vault: The Meat Puppets Guest Host ‘120 Minutes’  (1995)

While the band spends these days in the studio working on their 14th studio album, here we are at another Jay Porks “From The Vault” piece that has everything to do with the Meat Puppets.  Hey, if they’re gonna go with reruns  most of this week on all the late night shows then we’re going to continue to search the web for cool stuff that has been seen on TV, whether it was this decade or not. Don’t worry though, this time we violate both Network and Cable television.

This past Friday, this Meat Puppets super-fan had found footage online of the band performing on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn back in October of 2000. To try and paint a picture, I’ve been to nine of this band’s live shows.. I’ve talked to management, band members, random audio tapers in the crowds,  and even checked the never ending land of the torrents-this footage was NO where to be found. Then a few weeks ago, after we posted the video we found of the Pups on the Beverly Hills 90210 pilot , I happened to bump into somebody in the comment thread who had the video. After I cried tears of joy for about 20 minutes, I got a hold of the band doing “Hercules” on Kilborn. But they performed two songs that evening according to Shandon Sahm via email, he says they split it into two episodes.  So below, I’m happier than a pig in shit (Porks, get it?) to share with you video of the band doing another jam off Golden Lies , this one being “Armed and Stupid”.

Meat Puppets-“Armed and Stupid”

In typical commercial cliche fashion: But wait, there’s more! Well there is. Along with this, I was pointed by yet another fan to a Vimeo account that had about 20 minutes of footage of an episode of 120 Minutes the Meat Puppets guest hosted on MTV in 1995.  If you watch the video, I guess Thurston Moore was suppose to be there too-there’s some hilarious banter in there in better quality then anything that’s on YouTube at the moment.  They play the videos for “Backwater”, “Get On Down”, and “Scum” towards the end with a live performance of “Lake of Fire” mixed in there. You know, that song everyone thinks is a Nirvana song.

Meat Puppets Guest Host 120 Minutes (1995)

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