It breaks my heart to report that 10 dates of the recently revived Rockstar Energy Drink Lilith Fair (oh wait, I am sorry, Rockstar does not sponsor Lilith, that’s Mayhem) have been cancelled.  I could attempt to write some jokes (like the failed Rockstar Energy Drink one you just read), or I could let Mr. Johnny Firecloud from share his thoughts on the once ground breaking chick-fest.

Oh, and for the record, my personal take is that folks are sick of seeing those Sarah McLachlan animal abuse ads on VH1, thus not going to the Vans Lilith Fair (damn, that corporate sponsor joke failed again) this summer. was started by Reverend Justito in the spring of 2009. The goal was simple - Live Music News & Reviews by Fans for Fans. All are welcome to sign up and confess their concert tales. All posts from this account are written by Justito.
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