Sir Paul McCartney

07/10/10 AT&T Park – San Francisco, CA

Words by Bellaluna/Photos by Dan V

Let me begin by saying, although I’m not a huge fan of Paul McCartney, a mediate fan rather, last night’s concert in San Francisco has elevated my interest in him. For being almost 70 years old, he still rocks and sounds totally awesome! First- the fans, I was amazed by them and the diverse age ranges, from teenage to 70’s, they all clearly loved him.

While waiting in the line which was wrapping down the Embarcadero, I had plenty of time to observe the crowd. My first observation was that probably 85% of the people all sported a Beatles or McCartney shirt, obvious right? But then the woman wearing a raspberry beret, (yes, I said it!) with classic Beatles and solo George Harrison pins stuck in the front started to make me look deeper into the crowd forming. The adorable senior couple happily attending the concert wearing all tye dye get up, yes- tye dye hats, shirts and the matching zippered hoodie to boot! Okay so it was obvious that they’ve been true to Paul since the 60’s. Later down the line I saw a younger guy about 30 with the phrase “Let it Be” tattooed down his forearm, wow! The dedication was becoming more prominent. A man who we referred to as “Frank” (he looks like one of our good friends named Frank creepily so) sat to my left, but never moved an inch, clapped his hands only after Band on the Run, but otherwise sat there motionless and emotionless as well. I was confused since the 65 year old in front of me was dancing irratically and playing the air piano, which I and other people were so entertained by! Maybe he was lucky enough to get a free ticket? To my right a man that we referred to as “Jim” as in Jim Morrison because this guy just looked like him, well, a cross between the unibomber as well, but I still enjoyed his presence. He wore his vintage Adidas hoodie and was maybe in his early 30’s, bobbed his head viciously with his hood on all night, I couldn’t tell if he was smiling due to the heavy 70’s like mustache he had. Only a few characters, but Paul pleases in several ways- the genres of the fan base, visual pleasure with home videos and personal photographs scrolling behind and beside him on the giant screens, pyrotechniques, and of course, him! “Obla di Obla dah” boomed through the speakers and into the crowd’s ears with a force, and brought a huge happiness to all that were gleefully chanting the verses.

Hey Jude was a beautiful melodic orgasm as Paul started the song and by the time he got to the ending the crowd took over, the “Laaa la la la la la laaaaa heeey Juude” was vibrating your ear drums, it almost brought a tear to your eye, I know it sounds funny, but the song and reason behind him writing it, is lovely.. There were a couple tribute moments to George Harrison, Paul played “Something” on ukelele which was soothing and crowd pleasing. One of my all time favorites “Blackbird” was performed effortlessly and flawless. A couple of new songs from his Fireman album were played, which were good as well. “Live and Let Die” was the magna cum laude of songs due to the fiery explosions and sparks darting out of the top of the stage, good, but I have to admit, it wasn’t my favorite, not because he didn’t perform it well, but I enjoy his acoustics slightly more.

All in all, Paul performed physically and vocally without wear, and ended with “Segeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club”, an appropriate goodbye song. I recommend seeing him before the touring stops for good, it is an epic experience to remember for me, would definitely go back to see him again if the opportunity arises. I might even stuff a flask in my sock in homage of the businessman i witnessed on the way into the venue. A five star rating for Paul McCartney and of course the rest of the band, but, being a musical phenom for more than 50 years has obviously made him into the household name that he is today.

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