Slipknot w/ Coheed and Cambria & Trivium

The Forum: Inglewood, CA 03/07/09

Words/Photos by Reverend Justito

I mean, lets be honest here, you are not good enough to be a cop, so to get your rocks off you work concert security. Not only do you collect a paycheck to power trip, you tiny lil cock is rock hard right now and were it not for an arena full of underage children I know you would have it covered in your own saliva stroking till you blew watery wad all over the beer line.


Saturday night at The Forum in Inglewood, CA I uttered those words (or at least something close to that) to the security guard who confiscated camera #1. I spoke those words to him, not because I can, but because he works for me. As the cock smoker turned around and walked away, I told him I would make him famous, and I did just that.

It’s a shame that camera #1 got taken, not because it is the less superior of the two I crotched into the Forum tonight, but because it was taken by opening band Trivium. Now don’t get me wrong, Trivium do their thing and they do a fine job at it. However, it’s just not my thing. A bit too generic for me. They do however do an outstanding job at creating a relationship with the crowd. It is a relationship based on respect, and they truly did an outstanding job at warming up tonight’s very undersold and un-saved crowd.

After spending a few valuable minutes with Claudio Sanchez earlier in the day, I was very excited to see what really is the best thing going on in music right now – Coheed and Cambria. This was the 7.5 time seeing Coheed live for me, and expectations were at an all time low. I had planned to see Slipknot this spring regardless of who opened, so having the mighty Coheed was hard to believe for a few days. Knowing the Slipknot fan base has a lower IQ than NASCAR fans (with a few choice exceptions) I fully expected to see Coheed get boooo’d from the stage. With banners that read God Won’t Save You, the upstate New York band took the stage at the venue that would be holding a church service for 18,000+ the following morning in fine fashion. Opening with “Welcome Home” the band is so fine tuned being just shy of 3 years on tour that they easily could have checked tonight’s Phish set list on their cell phones without missing a beat. “The Velourium Camper III: Al The Killer” followed and despite the earlier shake down I stealth taped it with camera #2 as it was all part of God’s plan for me.


As a faint Slipknot chant started, bass player Michael Todd assured the crowd they would be their soon enough. A few songs from their recent record followed including a smoking “The End Complete” and solid version of “No World For Tomorrow” despite Sanchez having some kind of issue with his gear. The band closed with the epic “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3” that was amazing for those who cared, but a struggle for those who could care less. In the end, where I was there were more cheers than boo’s and despite one object bouncing off Claudio’s dome I think they managed to at least get the respect legion of maggots ready to worship their own God’s.

As the floor grew more rowdy, I grew more angry about getting busted. I tried to shrug it off, and did a pretty good job as the main event of gang masked mayhem took to the stage. Going old school off the bat, “EYELESS” made an early appearance much to the obvious delight of the name dropping of our wonderful state. As I watched security warn a female for her camera only to bust and steal a camera from a male, I got so steamed I for a moment wished I could hop in any one of the 4-6 pits on the floor.


“Wait and Bleed” really seemed to be the first song that sent the large pits into overdrive. If there was to be a breather during the set, it was “Before I Forget” which is saying a lot for their song selection. The band is killing it. Not only are they killing it, they spend a lot of time walking around the crowd. Clown came somewhat close to us at one point, and Taylor managed to sing their most recent single “Dead Memories” from the soundboard that sits in the back of the floor. Watching another male busted while female was giving a warning, I decided to go fuck some shit up on my own.

I went up to the booth and demanded my camera back due to their sexist standards. The gal (who was neither friendly, but not rotten) refused, and I demanded to speak to a manager. Over the next three minutes, I explained the sexism at hand, I gave the number of the guard and I explained how this was already going to be on the internet anyways and that it was Gods will that he do the right thing. I returned to my seat with my camera tucked into my pocket in time for “Left Behind”.

The interesting thing with Slipknot is that even if a song is not a hit, heck even played on the radio, each song feels like a hit. I think it’s the fact that their fan base is so rabid and crazy. It is almost scary how much control that band has on their fans. Thankfully the 9 men who make up the metal messiahs treat that honor with respect. They allowed the fans to sing “Duality” and while 97% of the upper deck was empty, I know for a fact the crowd sang louder than every other show in Los Angeles tonight combined.


They closed their set with the popular “People=Shit” and left the stage to ear piercing chants of SLIPKNOT. Returning for an encore, the band launched into “Surfacing” and the place went nuts. All night injured/crushed fans were pulled over the guard rail. The paramedics clearly had their hands full. These fine individuals had to work overtime during the encore it was that nuts. “Spit It Out” closed the night. Taylor didn’t even have to tell the fans to sit down as he often requests the crowd to do, they already know too. As the entire crowd (floor included) sat down, the band built up, and waited for Taylor’s command. As he screamed JUMP, the entire crowd rose and went nuts one last time for their masked heroes. As the song wrapped and feedback rang through the room the lights came up and the crowd seemed as if it was a balloon that comes untied and is propelled by the leaking oxygen. A collective exhale with a crooked smile, knowing that you survived and won all on the same night.

A direct descendant of the outlaw Jesse James and star of a 1983 Kilpatricks Bread radio commercial, Reverend Justito has taken his gift of ADHD and put it to good use by creating one of a kind concert reviews. A bootlegger at heart, the man lives off Whiskey, Taco Bell and the love of San Francisco sports teams.
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