The Black Keys 06/10/10
The Pagent – St. Louis, MO
Words/Photos by saucerfulofsecrets


It’s the summer of 2006…. I, like most people, am looking for something new to listen to and at this time, most of the new music coming out is terrible. I ask a friend to give me something good I probably don’t have. He gave me a copy of ‘Magic Potion’ and as soon as the second track, “Your Touch” started, I was officially hooked. I knew that I had to see this band live.
Dan Auerbach - The Black Keys - 6/10/10 STL

Dan Auerbach - The Black Keys - 6/10/10 STL

Four years, and three new albums later, including a collaboration with ODB, Mos Def, Ludacris and others on 2009’s ‘Blackroc’, and I finally got my chance. Not once, but twice in a matter of a week. The first was the 2010 Wakarusa Music Festival at Mulberry Mountain in Ozark, Arkansas the first weekend of June. The second was a sold out show at The Pageant in St. Louis on June 10, 2010. 

Let the story begin with the hype building up to this show. The show at the 2500 person, The Pageant, sold out about three weeks before the show. Since that announcement, tickets were being sold online for upwards of $100, well over the $25 face value. I asked myself if these guys were worth that kind of money, while at the same time being thrilled that I was lucky enough to get tickets days before the sell out announcement. 

As I approached the venue almost three hours before the doors were set to open, there were already a few folks out front asking for tickets. The ticket whores out front, with their stacks of tickets, were asking for $100 a piece and wouldn’t budge. My favorite moment was when a scalper asking $100 for tickets asked a girl for a cigarette, to which I butted in and said “I’ll give you a cigarette for $100” His response was not friendly to say the least, but the young lady as well as myself had a good laugh. 

The opening act for the night was Brian Olive. He did a solid job opening the show, but everyone was more than ready for The Black Keys to embark on the stage and melt our faces off. They opened their set with “Thickfreakness” the title track from their second full length album. From that point on, Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach didn’t miss a beat or slow down to let anyone stop to process what was happening. Its tough to describe the emotion and feeling these guys put into their performance, but as you watch Auerbach shred his guitar and see Carney beating on his drums as if he was still trying to figure them out, it all starts to make sense. They feed off each other more than most other bands, but when there are only two members in the band, I guess you have too. 

The beginning of the set featured favorites like “Girl is On My Mind”, “The Breaks” and “Stack Shot Billy” before Carney and Auerbach brought out two friends, only introduced as Leon and Nick, to help out with keyboards/organ and bass. This seemed to only help them, as it allowed them to not only count on each other so much, but gave them opportunity to loosen up and just play some rock and roll in the bluesy-funky way that The Black Keys have grown accustomed to. They ripped through songs off of the ‘Brothers’ album, with highlights including “Next Girl” , “Howling For You”, and my personal favorite, “Ten Cent Pistol” before having Leon and Nick leave the stage. Then it was right back into the two man spectacle that is The Black Keys with “Your Touch”, “No Trust” and “I’ll Be Your Man.” They closed the set out with “I Got Mine” from my favorite Keys album, “Attack and Release”, which featured some glorious cowbell and Auerbach, again, shredding his way through the guitar as Carney smashed his kit like it was the last time he’d be using it. 

After a short break, Auerbach and Carney came back out with Leon and Nick to close the night out with encore performances of “Everlasting Light”, after which it was just the duo again for “Till I Get My Way” before leaving the capacity crowd on their feet, and scraping their faces off of their shoes. 

Dan Auerbach - The Black Keys - 6/10/10 STL 

After seeing them just six days before, I never would have imagined that the same band could be so much more intense less than a week later. But after leaving The Pageant and speaking with my friends who had just seen them for the first time, it was agreed that tonight’s show was nothing short of amazing. The Wakarusa show was good, and after their set Friday afternoon I could have easily been satisfied with my first Keys experience… But this show at The Pageant was something special. I don’t know if it was the more intimate venue, or just the atmosphere created by the 2500+ fans there specifically to see The Black Keys, but this show is on the top of my 2010 list and it will take a monster to knock it down. 

This is a show that I would watch again and again, and would even consider paying the ticketwhores $100 a ticket to see this show next time around. Get your tickets now for The Black Keys; because this time next year, they won’t be playing in these small clubs and small theaters, this band is on their way to much bigger and better things. 

1. “Thickfreakness”
2. “Girl is on My Mind”
3. “10 a.m. Automatic”
4. “The Breaks”
5. “Stack Shot Billy”
6. “Busted”
7. “Everywhere I Go”
8. “Strange Times”
9. “Same Old Thing”
10. “Tighten Up”
11. “Next Girl”
12. “I’m Not the One”
13. “Howlin’ for You”
14. “Sinister Kid”
15. “She’s Long Gone”
16. “Ten Cent Pistol”
17. “Your Touch”
18. “I’ll Be Your Man”
19. “No Trust”
20. “I Got Mine”
21. “Everlasting Light”
22. “Till I Get My Way” 



Patrick Carney - The Black Keys - 6/10/10 The Pageant STL

Patrick Carney - The Black Keys - 6/10/10 The Pageant STL
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