I had no intention of even going to this concert until I found out that my friend’s band was the opener. I got free tickets!
Ratt. They were big in the 80’s. I was a huge fan of their “Out of The Cellar” LP. “Round And Round”, “Lack Of Communication”, “Back For More”, “Wanted Man”, all great tunes. That was 1984. Their next effort, “Invasion Of Your Privacy” was a bit light for my tastes as I had since discovered Anthrax and Metallica. So, Ratt was all but a passing fad in my opinion. Part of the Hair Metal movement that I didn’t particularly care about. They had a string of popular songs through the 80’s and like most Metal bands of the era, they died a slow painful death as Grunge took over.
So, now it’s 2010. Ratt has resurfaced with a new album. “Infestation”. Former Quiet Riot guitarist, Carlos Cavazo is now in the line up replacing some replacements for the late Robbin Crosby. Stephen Pearcy, is he sober or not? You hear things, people talk. Anyway, I was interested as much as I was skeptical about how this was going to turn out.
The night started as you might expect with a show at The House of Blues at Disney’s Downtown West Side, with a line of people wrapped completely around the building. It also began as you might expect on a July afternoon in Central Florida, thunderstorms. Naturally, there’s no cover to stand under and of course, they didn’t open the doors to let folks in. Not even on time. So everyone got a good soaking before entering. At least The HOB has an awesome a/c system because once you got inside, you were wet AND freezing!
My friend’s band, Dirrty Hairy started promptly at 8:30 PM. Dirrty Hairy is an Orlando based Hair Metal tribute band. They’re an 80’s cover band. I think it worked out well. DH primed the capacity crowd with big hair 80’s metal. You can check them out at www.hair-metal.com they did a 45 minute set that started with Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher” and ended with some Gun’s and Roses. It was 1987 all over again!
Ratt took the stage and started playing hit after hit. The sound was pretty good and you could hear everything clearly, except for Stephen Pearcy. I think that was by design though. The man just can’t sing his own songs very well anymore I guess. He can’t hit the notes. The rest of the band members were awesome and their singing ability pretty much carried Pearcy. They played some selections off of their new record too. Although, I couldn’t tell you what they were. They pretty much sounded the same as the rest of the material. Not that, that was a bad thing necessarily.
Of course, they all had the look. They all look matured, for sure. But it didn’t look like a bunch of old geezers up on the stage. They were rockin’ the house. I was glad to see Carlos Cavazo looking and sounding good. He fit in right with the Ratt and Roll show.
All in all, it was a great time and it definitely brought me back to a time when we were all about 25 years younger and 25 pounds lighter. If you liked Ratt in the 80’s, you’ll like them today. Check them out if you get the chance.


I'm the drummer/lead singer of a classic rock band in Central Florida. I'm happily married and have no kids. I drink lots of Jagermeister.
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