Honda Civic Tour w/ Linkin Park, Incubus & Mutemath 09/08/12

Home Depot Center – Carson, CA

Words by Tarantulaman

This was the Honda Civic tour which had Linkin Park and Incubus with Mutemath opening for them. This was at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. This was my first time seeing Incubus and my 4th for Linkin Park. It was a night of pure rock with thousands of fans in attendance.  Although I loved the show, there were some serious flaws.

The Home Depot Center is a soccer stadium in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. This was a terrible place for a concert. No matter where you sat, it was a terrible view because the stage was so far away from the seats.  As a result the artists looked like little people. The only real way you would’ve been able to see them was if you were on the floor. They should’ve made it a center stage on the floor and that would’ve made everyone happy.

Incubus was good. It didn’t help that I only knew a couple of the songs they played. The crowd themselves knew them but they just didn’t show they were into them as they were seated down pretty much the whole time. The only time they seemed to stand up and cheer was when they finished. They opened with “Privilege” and then played “Wish You Were Here”, then “The Warmth”. After that they played some songs off of their new album such as “If Not Now, When?”, “Adolescents”, and “Promises, Promises”. They continued with their best known hits “Drive”, “Pardon Me”, “Sick Sad Little World” then finished with “Tomorrow’s Food”.  All band members sounded spot on with their instruments so they were legit, Brandon’s singing sounded just like the albums. They played for about an hour and a half. There stage setup consisted of just lighting pretty much, nothing special.

Linkin Park: You can tell the crowd was waiting for Linkin Park. They came out and the crowd went nuts. The sound was good as you could hear them perfectly. Chester’s singing/screaming was off the charts and sounded better than ever thus proving you don’t have to be a metal vocalist or auto-tune to sound great. It was nice to see they played some songs I’ve never seen them play before from the 3 other times I’ve seen them. They opened with “Faint” and kept playing their well-known songs as well as songs from their newer albums. They appeared to finish with “One Step Closer” but then came out for a 3 set encore which contained the first single off of their new album, “Burn It Down”, “In The End”, and finished with “Bleed It Out.” When they played “Bleed It Out”, they stopped in the middle of the song and played a snippet from the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” as tribute to the late Adam Yauch. They had an impressive stage setup which consisted of 3 screens, dry ice, lots of lights, and even pyros.

To check out more videos from the Southern California stop of the 2012 Honda Civic Tour – Click Here.



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