Words can’t describe how excited I was for this concert as it had been a year since I had last seen Powerman 5000. I Usually when you mention Powerman 5000, you get a response as “They still exist” well yes they still exist and if you are a diehard fan you would know they have a new album out. Yes folks it’s true you need to get the with program because Powerman 5000 is as good as ever.

I’ve been a fan of Powerman 5000 since roughly 1999 even though I have there earlier albums, “True Force” “The Blood Splat Rating System” and “Mega Kung Foo Radio.” They hooked me in with “When Worlds Collide”, which was a mixture of sci fi rock and some pretty good head banging music all around. But things change and sometimes world events depict the decisions made, but the band still continued to make music.

Powerman 5000 played the Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville Illinois Saturday night. This was my first time at Austin’s Fuel room and I believe it was Spiders first time as well. Spider One is the lead singer and founding member of Powerman 5000. I as usual left my house at 9am, because I wanted to be down front. Hello, it’s Powerman 5000 that’s a requirement. We managed to get to the venue around 1pm but after finding a food joint and taking our time, we came back around at 4pm, only to be told, “you left four hours to early”. Okay. The owner was like “oh you won’t have a problem, there won’t be a line” Okay clearly this wasn’t an issue, but still I’m the type of person that feels bad for the band if they don’t have a huge crowd. Sure it is more fun that way if there isn’t a huge crowd, you feel like you’re getting a private show with 100 of your closest friends whom you don’t know.

While we were waiting for the doors to the concert area to open, the band decided to come out in the bar area and eat dinner. I did get to chat with Spider for just a bit, telling him I’m glad they are back to touring, and we mentioned the venue and I said that they sounded pretty good. He’s like were you listening and then we were interpreted by people wanting photos. I’m not the type to go up to someone sitting at the table and ask them for photos, but many did, I waited patiently until the band finished dinner and was getting up to pay, to ask for a photo before he got too busy, it is the common courtesy to do so.

Powerman 5000 took the stage around 10:30pm with a spoken word entrance before they burst into “Show Me What You Got” one of the amazing songs off of their latest album “Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere.” The jam was awesome and personally I felt they could have played every song off of their new album and I would have been happy. There is just something about their music that makes you want to move, and Spiders lyrics are just plain kick ass. Spider moves around so much on stage, it is quite hard to get a good photo, but that keeps the energy up during the concert and you do find yourself head banging, which your neck pays for later.
They sang quite a mixture of songs, even a brand new one; “How to be Human.” I will be all over that album when it comes out. They also sang a song from “Destroy What You Enjoy” called “The City of the Dead”. Overall it was quite a mixture from several of their albums, I was impressed with the set list, they even did my favorite off of the new album, “V is for Vampire” and the famous “Bombshell” that was released on “Anyone for Doomsday” the album that almost never was, but did make its release several years later, I have one of the advance copies, that is safely tucked away and never played, but there is several rare copies out there that are going for well over 100 dollars on eBay.

Powerman 5000 has gone through several band members over the years, I’ve seen the original ones, to the members that Spider has now. Adrian or AD7 the drummer that was on the “Transform” album, made his way back to go out on tour with the guys, and I’m glad he’s back. He was an amazing part of Transform that album was different and not at all your typical Sci Fi music, but they did play “Free” and “Action” from the CD which was a nice surprise.

Set list is below:

The current members are Spider One, Velkro (Dave Pino), X51 (Gustavo Aued), AD7 (Adrian Ost) and sci55ors (Nick Quijano), which is an awesome lineup all together, the guys work well together and blast out a ton of epic music.
Powerman 5000 had an opening band called “Pipe” they were a local band I believe, they put on a good hour performance, they were somewhat heavy, but not too much had a good beat to it, and the guitarist was really good, the drummer was a cancer survivor and they sang a song they had wrote for him, but overall they were a good little band.
Austin’s Fuel Room is located in Libertyville Illinois which is on the other side of Chicago, off of route 41, it’s not a huge place by all means, but was just big enough for a small concert, I heard they have exceptional food, and regardless if they chuckled when I said I left at 9am, I would go back, they were very friendly and I had a great time.

Overall can’t wait for October 5th, I’m seeing Powerman 5000 again in St. Louis, and yes I will get there way before the crowd does and sit outside waiting to be in the front. It’s what I do for the bands I love, granted they may not draw a huge crowd, and I’m okay with that, it allows me to enjoy the show, and rock out to some amazing music, as every Powerman 5000 show is epic in my book.

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