Deftones w/ Scars on Broadway 10/23/12

Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL

Words/Photos by concertchk

I managed to get a Personal Day off from work so I knew there would be nothing getting in my way as I traveled north to Chicago to catch Deftones. A friend of mine was traveling from Michigan and had stayed the night up in Chicago, so she was already there, just not at the venue yet, I managed to get to Chicago around 11:30am or so, roughly that time, and low and behold there were two folks in line, a nice couple that had gotten there around 10:30 am, Of course friends were made with another couple that came along with Alexis my friend from Michigan and the line was formed.

The Aragon in Chicago is an old theater that has a sky for a ceiling, and a Spanish looking balcony, it’s very ornate inside. It’s a good venue, the acoustics are good, the air flow isn’t, but I’ve seen several shows there, and would recommend anyone going to a general admission show, there is a flight of stairs, but overall, it’s one of my go to venues in Chicago. Love it, and it’s located a block away from the Riveria. So two great venues all on the same street.

Of course there was construction happening at the train station that the Aragon sits next to and we were told to start lining up down the alley. That’s where we sat throughout the day. We did get rained on, got food, but overall having good company and someone to talk to helps you pass the time. The doors weren’t opening until 6:30pm, and we were allowed into the venue around 6:45pm. Got right up in the middle on the rail, they had the rail going in a ‘u’ shaped format, so standing right in that left area of the ‘u’ worked well as all of us who showed up early got great spots.

The opening band was “Scars on Broadway”, which consisted of Daron and John from System of the Down, honestly I have never heard of them, so they were new to me, but overall they didn’t do that bad. There was several folks there just to see them only to leave when they were done. One guy in the pit down by me actually said he had never heard of the Deftones, can you believe that? Scars on Broadway played some really catchy rock songs, and at one point there was this giant penis, that was lifted up out in the crowd, and it said and I quote “I’ll piss on your face while you suck on my cock” Lyrics from one of Scar’s songs, and they played that song, and acknowledged the huge blow up dick. I swear, between the pot and blow up, it was a rather interesting concert.

This makes the third time I’ve seen the Deftones, and roughly the most brutal of all three shows. I’m really surprised I didn’t break a rib that’s how bad the pit was. I even have the battle scars to prove it. The Deftones took the stage around 8:45pm to a massive push on my side. The other side of the pit didn’t move, but the left side did.  I’m really surprised a rib did not break. It was just a rush of people coming at the rail, and that continued pretty much through the whole entire set. Chino looked fabulous, he was flawless in belting out “Diamond Eyes” as their opening number.. The stage was really high at the Aragon, so he was able to actually look out over the entire crowd, everyone was singing along, and as usual the pit had many shifts. After “Diamond Eyes”, they went right into “Rocket Skates”, overall I believe they sang twenty songs, with Chino coming out into the pit during one, I can’t remember which one it is, as soon as he jumped off the stage, the surge of people was intense, he did manage to come on my side, right in front of another friend and her boyfriend. He started to go over to the other side, and then decided to hit up the middle of the pit, which was epic; his shirt did get ripped off almost.

Overall excellent performance by the Deftones, out of all three shows I’ve been to, this one was the best, the worst for pit, but the best for performance. There wasn’t an encore, although Chino did go change his shirt (to a Ghost shirt, click here to read all about how amazing that band is) so that could have been the small break, and they roughly played for an hour and half.

I did walk away bruised and battered, and slightly high in a sense, along with a parking ticket, and making it home, to catch three hours of sleep before being at work at 7. Great concert, typical day in this concert chick’s life.


Diamond Eyes

Rocket Skates

You’Ve Seen The Butcher

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

My Own Summer (Shove It)




Digital Bath

Knife Party



Engine No. 9


Change (In The House of Flies)


Bloody Cape



7 Words



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