Municipal Waste/Napalm Death 11/14/12

House of Blues – West Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Misael

Municipal Waste and Napalm Death was a night of non-stop metal. They rocked us out to a jam-packed venue at the world-famous House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California.

The opening bands were Attitude Adjustment, the death metal band Exhumed, and the hardcore punk band, The Dwarves. All opening bands did a great job in keeping the crowd wild and intense.

After them came up the 32 year veteran extreme/grindcore band from Birmingham, England, Napalm Death! They started off with the first 2 songs off of their new album Utilitarian. They continued to play songs from their new album was well as classics like “Suffer the Children” and “Scum”. The crowd was wild as there were mosh pits and people crowd-surfing the entire time.

The night’s headliners were the mighty thrash metal band Municipal Waste. The crows didn’t seem to be tired from Napalm Death as they continued to mosh pit and it was chaos the whole time Municipal Waste was playing. They were touring for their new album, The Fatal Feast and they played a few songs from that album but also did a good job of mixing it up with songs from their other albums. Highlights included “Mind Eraser,” “Beer Pressure” and “Thrashing Is My Business…And Business Is Good.” During “Born to Party”, one fan went as far as to climb up one of the speakers on the side of the stage and dove into the crowd for an epic stage dive. This was an intense night and exceeded my expectations as to how good it would turn out to be. My ears were ringing for days after the last note rang through the PA.

To view a playlist of Napalm Death and Municipal Waste videos from this show, click here.

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