BillBoard Mag and Me

Written by Melorocker


I believe that it was late last year that a survey was e-mail to me from BB mag. I was very much surprised, it seemed that one of my concert ticket purchase through ticketmaster came with this survey. I was more surprised when I actualy filled the form…it took me about 10 minutes. Billboard Mag was looking for a “street team” of sorts,
that on a regional basis will act as the eyes and ears for the mag in the hopes that it might yield them an up and coming music scene or artist. If chosen for this task the only renumeration would be in the form of a one year sub of BBmags. I tottaly forgot this until the mags started arriving around early may. For those who might not know BB mag is a trade publication and as such does not have adverstisement outside of music/instruments/concerts related. I was having a blast reading most of the articles and checking out the statistics of the record/concert business. In any event I was waiting for information regarding what excatly I was supposed to do but never received any email or letter from them. In the meantine I started to enjoy my subcription. Checking the charts is fun but my favorite section is the boxscore. I found out that for this year 2010, BON JOVI was well on his way to be the biggest summer concert draw and could well be for the entire year. BON JOVI average take was close to 2 million dollars for each arena concert performed. For the inaguration of the new Meadowlands Stadium Bon Jovi played four nights in late May early June. Those four shows yielded around 21 million dollars…talking about “seeing a million faces and rockin them all”. I also just discover that the Warped Tour that I previoulsy review here back in July and stated that was poorly attended was a mistake on my part. I though that Nassau Coliseum only seated 10,000 thousand seats to my surprised it hold 18,000. Warped Tour was played in the parking lot and the capacity was set at 25,000 thousand with only 17,000 thousand tickets sold. Now thats a huge number. I know that in years past it must have been close to the projected 25,000 but with 17,000 attending warped tour it was crowded indeed. I dont know what my next show will be…but stay tuned.

"Rock n Roll...Forever" Ben Gazzari
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