Metalocalypse Tour 2012

11/27/12 – Palladium/Hollywood, CA

Words/Photos by Misael

This was the Metalocalypse tour on November 27th, 2012. The tour featured Dethklok, Machine Head, All That Remains, and The Black Dahlia Murder. This metal event took place at the legendary Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, California where hundreds of now famous bands have left their mark. Due to my work schedule and not enough time to get there, I missed The Black Dahlia Murder but I made it in time for All That Remains and the rest of the bands. All That Remains kept the crowd pumped through the show. There were mosh pits going the whole time. They put on a decent show but I’m not too familiar with their music.

After them, Machine Head came up. Robb Flynn had just returned from surgery from a double inguinal hernia. It was a little disappointing that they only played 6 songs since I was looking forward to a longer show. They started the show with the song “This is the End” off of their new album, Unto the Locust. Robb Flynn stopped to talk to us about Disney banning them from playing near any of their theme parks so they can no longer play in Anaheim, California. Their show on December 4th in Orlando, Florida was also cancelled for that reason. Machine Head proceeded to play “Aesthetics of Hate” as a big F-you to Disney. They also played “Locust” which was another single off of the new album. They finished the show with Halo which is one of their best songs.

The headlining band for the night was the Adult Swim band from the show, Metalocalypse, Dethklok. Although the band itself is a cartoon, there are live performers for their live performances. The singer/guitarist for the band is Brendon Small which is also the creator of the show and voices some of the characters from Metalocalypse. The drummer is the legendary drummer, Gene Hoglan who has played with numerous metal bands throughout his career including Death, Testament, and Dark Angel.

They used a lot of theatrics for their show and lights. They opened with the first song off of their newest album, Dethklok III, which was “I Ejaculate Fire”. Throughout the night they did a good job of playing songs from all their albums. During small intermissions in between some songs, they put up videos on the screen from other Metalocalypse characters to entertain us. During their show I noticed their sound seemed to be a bit off since I had trouble hearing Brendon while he sang unless I was in a tough spot for his singing. This show is definitely a must for any and all metal heads that are looking for a night of non-stop metal.



Me with Robb Flynn(left, Machine Head) and Gene Hoglan(right, Dethklok)

for full Machine Head and Dethklok show: Metalocalypse 2012: Dethklok, Machine Head, All That Remains

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