The Jagermeister Tour rolled into Pops Saturday night in Sauget, IL, and it was pretty good for a sold out show.


As usual I get to the venue way to early, and I knew that Halestorm had VIP that they offered for sale on there fan club website, but I also knew in the past that venues made the VIP’s come back out, but this wasn’t the case at Pops, so therefore my waiting in line for ten hours was in vain, but overall I wasn’t bitter I did enjoy the show none the less.

The doors opened around 7pm and I did manage to get myself a little corner of the rail on the left side of the stage, while everyone else that had been in line for the past ten hours made there way up to the balcony, and got seats.. I did have one saved for me if I decided to head to it, but standing on the corner of the rail, would be sufficient enough for the time being.


The opening band Eve to Adam took the stage promptly at 8pm, they where awesome, they are from New York, and the lead singer and drummer are brothers. Taki Sassaris and Alex Sassaris, along with Gaurav Bali as the lead guitarist, also a member of Dope was on hand, and a bassist’s who’s name I didn’t catch, this band has some major musical talent. They rocked, they sang songs off of there current album “Banquet for a Starving Dog” which consisted of;

  • 2 Pills
  • No Regrets
  • Run your Mouth

They even did an amazing performance of Billy Idols “Rebel Yell” it was awesome, the lead singer has a voice like Scott Stapp from Creed, so it’s raspy enough to pull off the hard sounding song, as they opened up for Creed on there major tour. They closed out there set with there lead single “Reach” and a brand new one that Taki said was co written by Eric Bass from Shinedown called “Straightjacket Supermodel”, overall great performance by these guys.

Next up was In this Moment, which I’ve seen once before, but was so preparing for this show…. they are epic..and I knew they would put on a great show, as they started setting up there stage you could tell it was going to be a show stopper. Maria has tons of props, and there was white skulls in place, skeleton’s, plastic foam heads, and all sort of cool things gracing the small stage at Pops. Of course Maria Brinks the lead singer was  dressed in all white from her shoes to the mask that she wore for the opening song. They opened with “Rise with Me” and then burst into “Adrenalize” from there current album “Blood” it was awesome, the whole front row’s faces were enough to make me laugh, as they were there to see Halestorm and had no idea who In this Moment was, but In this Moment stole the show. I’m glad I was able to be up front for them, as Maria wowed the crowd with costume add on’s, and major guitar riffs from the band members that are decked out with war paint on there faces, and give off a creepy vibe, but are overall extremely friendly. There set list consisted of:

  • Rise with me
  • Adrenalize
  • Blazin
  • Whore
  • Beast within
  • Burn
  • The Gun Show, (which included Maria’s dance)
  • The Blood Legion
  • Blood

In this Moment had prop changes, and overall stage presence. Maria Brinks, is truly the heavy metal version of Lady Gaga, she commands the stage, and puts out great music while doing it, overall they stole the show for me.

After standing through Eve to Adam and In This Moment, I let someone have my corner rail and I made my way up to the balcony for Halestorm as my friends headed that way to begin with, this was my ninth or tenth time seeing Halestorm and they never disappoint, granted the stage wasn’t big enough for both of there riser platform’s, but Lzzy and company put on a great show. There set list is as follows:

  • Mz Hyde
  • Love Bites (So do I)
  • Freak Like Me
  • Dirty Work
  • American Boys
  • Daughters of Darkness
  • Rock Show
  • Break In
  • Gold Dust Women (Fleetwood Mac cover)
  • Familiar Taste of Poison
  • Drum Solo
  • You call me a bitch like it’s a bad thing
  • It’s not you
  • I Get off

Encore: Here’s to Us, and I Miss the Misery..

They put on a great show for the crowd, I was able to get a couple videos, and some awesome photos..

Overall another great tour, and with Pops being the venue of choice I always go there, one of the security guards said “oh hadn’t seen you for a while” I said, I’ll be back next week to Bush and Chevelle, so it’s nice to know that I have friends, and folks remember you makes you feel secure in a not so great part of East St. Louis.  Thanks again Pops, see you soon.


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