I’m really not sure how many times I’ve actually seen Chevelle, I know I’ve seen them many, as I was seeing them when they first came out and Joe there other brother was the bassists, so regardless of how many times.. they never disappoint. I love standing there and singing every word. I tend to think of the time when I actually heard the song on the Cd, or why Pete wrote the lyrics for that certain song, it’s memories in your head that come up while your singing along, it’s priceless.

Chevelle really is about the music for me, I love there music, love Pete’s lyrics and the guys are great, regardless of what others say, they bring it every night.

Overall Chevelle never puts on a bad show, at least not none that I have been too. They had two opening bands, the first one Lye, isn’t worth mentioning they were a local band from St. Louis. 10 years was the second opening band and they rocked, it was my first time seeing them, and they were amazing. They got the crowd going, came out into the crowd, it was a major group effort and I know they have toured with Chevelle in the past, so overall great performance by 10 years.

Since this is one of my favorite bands, being in the front is a must, so you can imagine that my friend and I were the first two, too arrive at Pops at 10am in the morning by dang it, we had a plan, we were on a mission we were going to be in the front row. After picking up another friend from the airport we planted ourselves with chairs in tow, outside the doors, and that worked. ¬†We were front row and that’s all that matters.

Chevelle took the stage around 9:30pm and started off with a bang, the bass in Pops was massive that it vibrated through your soul, it was awesome. They opened with “Sleep Apnea” from there 2009 album “Sci-Fi Crimes” of course they could play all of there albums and I would be happy. Pete had just gotten the ‘ok’ from his doctor to use his knee again, a couple months ago, he fell off a stage at a show and tore a muscle in his left knee so he was glad to be back to normal and ready to rock. He’s such a trooper though, even after he fell he still got back on stage, and finished the set all while sitting down.

There set list is as follows:

The majority of the photos are of 10 years, as the lighting for Chevelle was in my face and hard to actually take photos, I did manage to get a few, which was fine. It’s not like I don’t have photos of the band, just enjoying the music and singing was the highlight of my night. It’s all about there music for me, and Pete’s lyrics. I heard they are going to try to get another album out next year so that will be a plus all the way around.

Again Pop’s came through venue wise, can’t wait to see what 2013 brings to the area, and finishing off the 2012 concert season with two great bands was well worth the travel. Thanks again St. Louis.

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