The 2012 concert season has been an interesting one for sure. This year I managed to win more tickets to concerts then I have had in my life, I seen tons of great bands over and over again, followed a tour, seen the band I love, and meet legends from Germany, overall a great 2012.

1. The number one show for me this year was getting to meet Rammstein it was by far the most amazing concert I have ever been to, I could have stopped going to shows after seeing them, my concert career was complete, I totally thank my friend and her boy friend for allowing me to go with her. It was by far one of the best evenings ever, even though I wasn’t in the pit, still meeting them, and seeing them live was worth it, I will never forget it.


2. My second show of 2012 it the love of my life, Powerman 5000, it had been a year since I had seen them last, but I was so excited to see them again, it had been such a long time, and of course they never disappoint. Spider and company always put on a great show, it was one of the highlights of my year.

Powerman 5000

3. The guys from Chevelle, every year I see them at least once or twice, I think this year I managed to see them six or seven times.. the best performance by far was in Bloomington, Il, they put on an amazing set, played old favorites, and a variety of songs from there multiple albums, overall one of the best Chevelle shows this year.


4. The Hoobastank performance, I was on a mission when I seen these guys for the first time ever. My friend overseas loves them, and I had planned to get Doug and Dan’s signature’s, low and behold meeting them and having them tell me they knew my friend, and all was pretty awesome. They were great guys, and put on a great performance as well.


5. Bush, it had been 10 years or more since I seen Gavin and Bush live, so getting to see him again was an honor, and more so meeting him afterward. That was a bucket list thing, and it’s been accomplished, they also didn’t disappoint in the performance department either.

Gavin Rossdale - Bush

6. Halestorm, the best performance to date is on the Carnival of Madness tour in Chicago. It got rained out, but not before Halestorm caused a storm, they tore it up. By far the best show of them I’ve been too, they always put on a great show, but that one was special. Even though we were soaking wet, Lzzy and crew rocked, it was a memorable tour for sure after attending that one.

Halestorm in Chicago

7. Eye Empire, a little band with huge heart. They consist of other band members coming together to make some epic music. I managed to see them twice this year, and both times were awesome. I plan on seeing them more in 2013, great bunch of guys.

Eye Empire

8. New Medicine, a band from the Midwest that put on a great performance in Tremont Illinois, opening up for Halestorm. I’ve seen them a good ten times this year, but overall that performance in the small hot box of a club rocked, they do bring it to the stage every time. And updating this, the bassist is leaving the band, it was announced here over the holiday break that he will be moving to Africa, so in tribute of him leaving, here is a close up photo of his bass, you will be missed Matt Brady.. :(

New Medicine


9. Deftones, Chicago show, was by far the best Deftones show to date. It makes the third time for me seeing these guys, and probably one of my top ten Pits overall. It was nuts, great performance, epic pit, worth every moment there.


10. Shinedown Acoustic, one of the shows I won tickets to this year, a little intimate performance with just Brent and Zach, it was awesome. They sang songs, talked, and took photos. I’ve seen Shinedown many, many times, but always love the small acoustic sets the best, and got to meet them afterward.

Shinedown and me

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