Reel Big Fish/The Aquabats 11/14/10

The Pageant – St. Louis, MO

Words/Photos/Videos by BeeZnutZ


It has almost been 10 years since I have been going to Reel Big Fish Shows. I went on a fateful road trip I believe in 2001 to see Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, and many others. It was another great birthday road trip.

I have seen Reel Big Fish about 5-6 times since then. Mostly at festivals or warped tours over the years. I had not had the chance to see a headlining show. So when I saw the show announcement months ago I eager to go.

I started cracking beers around 4 p.m and by 7 p.m I was ready to roll. I would of loved to see the openers but it just wasn’t going to work out that way.

beer in pocket trick

I was 6 beers into my pregame celebrations when I walked into the pageant to the most lax pat down I have encountered there. Normally its pretty thorough , but they didn’t even make me empty my pockets this time.

Next stop say Hi to my favorite bartender. Always good to see him and as a bonus I scored a free beer. Beer Number 7! I sat there beer in one hand, camera in the other right behind the soundboard and filmed a few aquabats songs.

Now I had never seen the aquabats before this and was pretty impressed. I enjoyed there stage humor and outfits.

The Aquabats had videos playing above them instead of a backdrop, mostly it looked like old 80’s movies but at this point I was a little drunk to pay attention or care.

It seemed the aquabats had brought a decent chunk of the audience as a lot of people knew the words and some were even dressed as a aquabat. Then I had to piss, badly.

After I left the bathroom, they had all these kids onstage. Even with a good buzz on my instinct told me to start filming what was about to happen. Then much to my drunken amazement he let one kid fly after another into the waiting arms of the st louis crowd. He tossed out about 4 children ranging from about 10 to 5 years old.

Before he chucked each kid the singer would ask permission from the parents. To one he said ” Don’t worry, I have a kid and I throw him all the time”. It was a funny moment.

Then he got to the last kid who was 5. He lifted him high over his head the kid spread his arms like wings and was tossed into the abyss. Then dad jumped in after him narrowly missing his son. All in good fun the kids had fun, nobody got hurt.

Then it was beer time again during set changes. Midway through beer number 8, I had a grand vision. It involved me putting my beer into my pocket and walking down to the no alcohol pit. It wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

After a very brief wait, the horns blared as Reel Big Fish took the stage. I called it when I said the day before they would open with ” Sell Out “. It got as rowdy as Ska show could possible get.

Rowdy enough to draw security into the pit, one spotted me and my beer and escorted me back to my 21 and up habitat.
Things happen for a reason, I had a much better video advantage from my new spot. They played lots of my favorite songs and one I hadn’t seen live before. A cool cover of Brown Eye Girl was a fun live treat.

Then after a few songs they brought up a local singer from the band “Dick and Jane” to help sing ” She Has a girlfriend now”

Reel Big Fish has fun playing each night and it shows. I always enjoy their humor and stage banter. As a intro for the song “The Setup” They played a brief version of “Enter Sandman” which always gets the crowd pumped.

Towards the end of the set is that scramble in your mind as you start to wonder…. are they going to play my favorites.

They didn’t let me down as I got a awesome version of “SR, the many versions of”. Which has always been one of my favorite parts of their live show.

At this point I was at 2 minutes left on my 4gb card. I was going to try and delete one of my lower quality videos as I knew what would be next in the set.

I predicted that they would open with “Sell Out” and end on “Beer”. Those predictions held true and I enjoyed the setlist quite a bit this time. I wish they had played “Where Have You Been” but you can’t get everything you want.

Then I proceeded to the Halo Bar where I bought another drink followed by 2 more purchased for me by friends.

After sobering up for 10-15 minutes I drove home doing 85 the whole way to the TACO BELL.

Just kidding, I didn’t drive I was a passenger. The next morning was one of those where you are wearing one shoe and can’t find your hat, camera or another shoe.

However when you scroll back through your videos and picture you know it was alright………

The End.

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