Shaney McCoy 11/15/10

Unitarian Church – Salt Lake City, UT

Words/Photos by feliciaevita


Shaney McCoy shared with me during the break at her CD release party that she’d dropped her guitar backstage before making her grand entrance for her first set.  Substitute “break a guitar?” for “break a leg.”  Why not?  It worked.

The stars aligned perfectly for her Salt Lake City CD release party at the Unitarian Church downtown, on a Monday no less.  Playing to a packed house, Shaney delivered her lineup from the CD Bridges I Can’t Burn in exquisite form.

Shaney’s style reminds me of Mary Chapin Carpenter, who I listened to almost without ceasing during the 1990s.  Contemplative at times, but with an undeniable sassy side, she says on her website that her early influences were Carole King and James Taylor.  I listened to Shaney’s new CD oh maybe ten times yesterday and can attest, her lyrics provide for pleasant pondering and the tunes make the housework go quickly.

1. Right as Rain
2. Bridges I Can’t Burn
3. Scars
4. Stop it Some More
5. Headed Home
6. Waterfall
7. I Won
8. Tragic Figure
9. In Your Eyes
10. I Feel Good
11. Little Things
12. It’s Alright to Dance

I’d already heard “Right as Rain,” “Scars,” and the feisty “Stop It Some More.”  The words to “Tragic Figure” echoed my sentiments over a breakup and the unfortunate series of events that dragged on well after our last kiss.

But I won’t be your tragic figure, I won’t be a pawn in your game
I’ve stood by the lake of fire and I will never be the same
I won’t let you take my spirit, I won’t let you have my mind
One of us may crumble but it won’t be me this time

It is true that sometimes you have to decide to be over it. And when that happens, “It’s Alright to Dance.”

It’s alright to dance, it’s alright to dance
You’ve done your share of cryin’, honey, now it’s alright to dance

Shaney’s new CD is a celebration of life’s joyful, melancholy, and ordinary moments.  There isn’t a song on it that makes me want to hit the “skip” button.  The CD is available on Shaney’s website or directly from her at one of her many upcoming performances.  And for $10, just think “Black Friday’s” coming. {hmmmmm}

Concert date – 11/15/2010

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