Presidents of the United States of America – CUB Ballroom, Pullman, WA

Video and review by thenaturalstoner

Things got off on the wrong foot to start the Presidents of the United States show last night in Pullman, WA, with the lead singer of the PUSA calling me out before a note was even played!  He singled me out for being on a “phone” and “texting my mom”, when really I was filming video on my friends cam.  Of course I took this a little personal (as a swipe against concert filming), and let the band know how I felt during Lump, all in good fun of course.  Regardless, this was a dud evening.

“Were about pretty close to ready. There is one guy back there who is not ready, I can see him, he’s working on his phone or whatever. He’s not ready, he is texting his mom, I’m sure she is ready. It’s a rock show we’re going to rock your mom …”

Lump and my retort to the band

After seeing some video clips online, we purposely skipped the opening act This Providence.  From the WSU school newspaper report, we didn’t miss much as they apparently played a set too long for anyones liking.  A setbreak and half hour mechanical failure break later and the Presidents came out to roughly 800 people.

I am not a huge fan, so I don’t know the bands “non hits”, but the songs I knew were slightly nostalgic and cheesy at the same time.  Lots of younger kids (most of the crowd was 18-20 in this college town) seemed to have fun, but us slightly older concert vets know a snoozer when we see one. A few trips to Dupus Boomers for drinks mid set was a nice perk, but overall last night in Pullman, WA was fairly forgetful.

We stayed over an hour and then felt we had seen all that we needed to see.  Continuing our alcohol antics became much more of a priority and as a group we decided to leave before the set ended.  Looking back, this was a great decision.  Hopefully the next show I go to in this college town will be better.

Go Cougs.


thenaturalstoner is a Northwestern United States concert going human being who enjoys documenting his experiences. These are not always limited to the concert stage. thenaturalstoner likes his WSU Cougar football and collection of wet wipes as well (try ‘em out instead of toilet paper sometime!).
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