Reel Big Fish, The Pageant 01/15/13 St. Louis, Mo
Photo’s and Words By BeezNutzSTL

I have been lucky enough to call myself a Reel Big Fish fan for many years. They always make me laugh, their shows are high energy and most of all they are FUN. So with a show announced for the first month of 2013 in my hometown. I had no choice in the matter. During the weeks leading up, I kept suggesting that my girlfriend come out and see the show with me. She wasn’t that hard to convince. It had been a year since I had seen The Fish so there was no way I could miss this show.

Reel Big Fish released ” Candy Coated Fury ” on July 31st 2012 on Rock Ridge Records. They have been very busy since embarking on a world tour that had already included a St. Louis date. Well that didn’t stop the fans from showing up again. Arriving at The Pageant a bit after 8:30 my girlfriend and I parked and hustled through the cold to the venue. After a brief search we were in and Dan P and MU330 were finishing their reunion set which I sadly missed.

Up next was a band that I was at the time unfamiliar with The Pilfers from New York City. I was unprepared for the level of energy, and the show they brought with them. They got the crowd moving as soon as they hit the stage, and the floor soon reached capacity.


The Pilfers took the stage as the loyal fans none as ” Pilfer Crew ” filled the pit area. The fusion of the different styles of music melted into a crazy stream of energy felt throughout the venue. The band lead by ex-Toasters singer Coolie Ranx on vocals, Billy Kottage on Trombone, Nick Bacon played Guitar and did back up vocals, Ben Basile on Bass and James Blanck behind the kit. They all sounded great together, and had my lady and I dancing to the beats.


My girlfriend told me after their set how compelled she felt to dance during the whole set. Before leaving the stage Coolie came and paid the crowd a visit. First he did a entire song from the pit, then he walked the length of the crowd on the counters of the venue. Very cool and made for a highlight of the show for myself.


After a brief sound check and set change, the crowd grew louder in anticipation. The lights fell black, and a epic sounding intro song blasted through the speakers. The Orange County Ska Legends took the stage. Notable missing Little Johnny Christmas (congratulations on fatherhood) and Matt Appleton (whom is sick). The band led by Aaron Barrett on Vocals/Guitar, Dan Regan on Trombone, Derek Gibbs on Bass, and Ryland Steen on the Drums took their places. A few of the Pilfers helped fill in the void of the 2 missing members. They chose to open the set with the opening song from ” Candy Coated Fury “. The song ” Everyone Else Is A Asshole ” started the crowd on a nonstop skankin’, dance marathon that was this entire show. Next were the fan favorites ” Trendy ” and ” Everything Sucks ” which are always great live.


Reel Big Fish is a great live show, for one the jokes are different every time. And two the setlist will be different every time no matter what. So every show is fresh and new, which I love most about this band.


Midway through the set, Aaron told everyone about how cool the 90’s were. Before jumping into the song ” Sell Out ” he told everyone that the next song was written before Instragram. Which made for a great intro to popular hit song.


The highlight of the show for me was them breaking out the 2002 classic song ” Where Have You Been “. It had been far, far too long since I heard that live. Last time I saw that song was 2008 on the Warped Tour. They dropped many gems throughout the show.


Before breaking into everyone’s favorite drinking song the band had a identity crisis on stage. First they played ” Tequila ” before they realized they don’t know that song. Then they tried “ Red Red Wine ” but sadly didn’t know that one either. Finally they gave ” Margaritaville ” a try but that didn’t fare any better. Before giving up they played a awesome version of ” Beer “.


They left the stage for 5 minutes with chants of Reel Big Fish filling the dark room. Getting the crowd charged up again with ” Don’t Stop Skanking ” Reel Big Fish got the crowd moving again. Which was followed up by one of my favorite ” The Many Faces Of Suburban Rhythm ” which is where they play a quick song followed by different musical versions of the same song (Country, Death Metal, Disco). Before ending the bit, Aaron remarked that was the first time for that joke. Funny guy.


They sent everyone home with a classic cover of the 80’s song ” Take On Me ” which was a fitting way to end a great night. This show was awesome, Reel Big Fish never lets me down and I always feel great when I leave.

Reel Big Fish are on tour NOW! Through April 2013 and BEYOND!!!! Check the dates here:

The Album ” Candy Coated Fury ” is in stores/online now. Go support locally owned record stores. Or shop online by clicking here

Thank You to : Reel Big Fish, The Pageant, Dan P and MU330, The Pilfers, Mike at Ear Shot Media, Nick Bacon and everyone else who made this night so great.

Reel Big Fish, The Pageant 01/15/13

1. Everyone Else Is A Asshole.
2. Trendy
3. Everything Sucks.
4. She’s Famous Now.
5. Your Girlfriend Sucks
6. All I Want Is More
7. Everybody’s Drunk
8. Sell Out
9. Your Guts ( I Hate Em’)
10. Good Thing
11. I Hate You, Fuck You, Leave Me Alone.
12.Where Have You Been
13. Candy Coated Fury
14. She Has A Girlfriend Now
15. Another F-U Song.
16. In The Pit
17. I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore.
18. Tequila, Red Red Wine, Margrataville – BEER.
19. Don’t Stop Skankin’
20. Suburban Rhythm (Many Faces Of)
21. Take on Me.

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