The award-winning band Muse has finally come back to tour the USA for their first tour since 2011. They are on tour for the release of their newest album, “The 2nd Law”.

Muse 1-23-13

Since I last saw Muse in 2011 at LA Rising (you can read our review of that show here), I had been eagerly waiting for them to return. I got my wish in the fall of 2012 when they announced a North American tour for early 2013. They scheduled a show at the world-famous, Staples Center in Los Angeles, California (where we also saw Muse back in 2010) and tickets sold out the first day. Due to high demand, they ended up with not 1, not 2, but 3 packed/sold out shows at the home of the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions.

The show was everything I had anticipated. The band did an amazing job with putting together an incredible night of entertainment. Almost every song had some kind of special lighting or effect. Front-man Matt Bellamy’s singing was amazing and on the spot as if you were listening to a Muse album. Bassist Christopher Wolstenholme proved to be one of the best bassists around with his different bass playing techniques giving every song a different sound rather than the usual bass playing just about every other bass player does. Drummer Dominic Howard put on a display of his catchy drum fills that I’ve grown to love and learn using my own hands and feet whenever I’m listening to Muse.

During their performance, Muse did a good job of playing songs off of their new album as well as playing fan favorites from previous albums including my personal favorite Muse song, “Knights of Cydonia”. Muse is one of those bands where when you see them live, singing along is a must and a lot of times I found myself singing along without even noticing. Trying NOT to sing along was the challenge. A lot of their live songs have catchy lines where Matt allowed the fans to sing and sounded beautiful as we all sang together in harmony.

During their performance of “Madness”(my favorite song from their new album), they did a beautiful display of laser lights that would leave everyone in awe. It was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve experienced at a concert and it even got me a bit teary-eyed. One of their stage props was a folding upside down pyramid which was made up of television screens that was suspended above the stage most of the time and towards the end of the show, folded right side up and encased the band in time for them to start their encore set.

If you’re a fan of alternative rock, Muse is a must-see live band. It’s fun for anyone and everyone.

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