The Rouge The Firebird 02/10/2013
Words/Photos/Video By BeezNutzStl

There is a funny story about how I discovered this band. I work at a famous restaurant in St. Louis, and back during the Myspace days I met this band traveling to and from Nashville to record. They all were very nice and I added them on myspace. Over the years I had served them about 3-4 times and they were always cool. Fast forward to the Facebook era, I saw they had booked a show in St. Louis. I jumped on the chance to come out and support.

They booked a show at The Firebird, which is a great venue for music. I invited my awesome sister, and bought her ticket. Pulling into the parking lot I was pleasantly surprised at the crowd. Sundays are not the best for concerts in St. Louis, because sometimes the crowd is a no show. Not this night however, about 50 cars were already parked in the lot by the time we arrived around 8:30. When we got there the first band was walking off stage, so I didn’t get to catch them.

The next band Without Hazard started and my sister and I stayed at our table during the first few songs chatting it up. They played this song which they called ” Track 4 ” because they hadn’t named it yet. It got both of us out of our seats and in front of the stage. I really dug everything about the song especially the bass line which was very catchy and funky.


We stayed upfront for the rest of their set and enjoyed the music. My sister loved their sound, I dug it too. They played a great set and did a great job of warming up the show. They had a Cd for sale and download ” Amateur Astronomer ” which I will provide a link for at the bottom.

They wrapped up the set, and let The Rouge run through a brief soundcheck. Then something happened that I have never seen in all my years of concert going. The singer Josh jumped on stage and told the crowd his batteries to his guitar were dead. He said the show would start when the new batteries arrived. Minutes later his dad came in the door with some fresh double a’s. He brought his father Dan to the stage and had the crowd give him a hand.


A few minutes later the 4 piece band from Nashville took the stage. The Rouge fronted by Joshua Vaught on acoustic guitar/vocals, Jack Egan on Bass, Nick Edler on the drums, and Steve Voss doing back up vocals, Guitar, and keyboard took their positions on stage. The first song ” Steel Town ” captured everyones attention. Joshua has such a strong voice and the rest of the band compliments each other so well. They had won me over before the first song even finished. They said they had a new video coming out for the song ” Cocaine Hero ” which the guitar palyer Steve had shot and edited. It is a very catchy song, and can see this single becoming a big hit.


My sister and I keep looking at each other saying to each other how good they were. There was so many great songs ” Medication ” was a personal favorite of the night. Such great lyrics, and feeling behind each song. Joshua has a great showman quality about him, at one point he left the stage to check the poster out so he could mention the opening bands. Which was funny, most bands just say thanks to the great openers. Someone in the crowd named Troy I believe bought the guys a sixer of Schlafly Beer. Schlafly is a great local beer company and was great to see that on stage with them.


Recently they have been signed to Atlantic Records, and released a single ” Pressure ” which has been getting spins nationwide. Joshua told the crowd all his friend had been calling him about hearing them on the radio. It is a great song about Rock and Roll, and really sounds great.


They played for 60 minutes finishing their set with ” We The Free ” which was a great song to close the night. It was such a good show, the kind that leaves you feeling great at the end. My sister and I stuck around to chat with the guys. I am happy we took the time to come out, it was a great show. The new E.P ” Blurry ” is out now at major retailers, and online at Amazon, and Itunes. You really should consider buying a copy. Be on the look out for The Rouge when they play your area. You will be glad you did.


Be sure to check out Without Hazard and their E.P which you can find at the link below.


The Rouge – The Firebird – 02/10/13

1. Steel Town
2. Absinthe
3. Cocaine Hero
4. Medication
5. Pressure
6. Sleepwalking
7. Six Shooter
8. Bashful Branches
9. Sinners
10. Handcuffs
11. We The Free

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