Local H played a show at Milk Club in Moscow, Russia last Wednesday on a bill called “12 Hours Of Grunge, Noise, Post-Grunge and Grunge-core”, the latter of those four genres I’m unfamiliar with. The card featured bands Round Hills and The Depressounds. As a matter of fact The Meat Puppets were slated to play this gig too had it not been for last minute visa issues. Anyway, always the charmer, one of Concert Confessions favorite dudes Scott Lucas had some pretty amusing crowd interaction before the band jumped into “Bound For The Floor”.

“You know in America we don’t encores… they don’t deserve them”

“In Soviet Russia the High Five Mother Fucks You”

“Here’s where I’m suppose to do the Rocky IV speech, but I don’t know it because Rocky IV sucks”

Local H “Bound For The Floor/T.V. Eye”

Funny stuff. Anyway, the real reason to share this video is for when the band busts into The Stooges “T.V . Eye” halfway through the song. We’re aware the video is not complete, but must admit it’s not bad at all for an iPhone 4S. And, it give us a reason to place the video of Iggy Pop talking smack about Billy Corgan below it. Somehow I feel this should lead to Kevin Bacon.  Hat Tip to …hang the dj for pointing me out to the Iggy footage.


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