The last time I had the chance to see Scott Weiland perform was roughly ten years ago and he was the front man for a band called Velvet Revolver, a lot of things have changed within that ten years and overall Scott isn’t the same performer he was with Velvet Revolver, he doesn’t have Slash, or Duff to lean on, and he doesn’t have the persona that he once had.


The persona that commanded the stage, got the crowd into the performance, and basically blew your mind once he opened his mouth. Things have changed for Scott, but he did do what he was suppose to do, sing songs from Core and Purple, and a few cover songs to make the show seem more interesting for the audience, and less about Stone Temple Pilots.

As usual my friend and I got to the venue early, and after eating lunch across the street from the place and sitting in the car until four pm, we decided to go stand in line, we were the line. I felt bad as we were the only two people there, until a few fellows came up to get in line, granted there was six or seven of us when the door opened. Sad, perhaps, but at least the show wasn’t cancelled for lack of ticket sales, they did say they expected 600-800 people for the show, they just decided to show up later I guess. Either way, we managed to get dead center in front of the stage, wasn’t a problem nor would it be difficult to do so.

The opening band was called the Miggs, and I must say they were excellent, they promptly took the stage at 8pm and were suppose to play for thirty minutes, but somehow ended up playing for roughly an hour or so, give or take. They were awesome, good little band, said they enjoyed being on the Scott Weiland tour, and got the crowd going with a mixture of music, a couple ballads, and some heavy guitar stuff. They even did a couple cover songs. They announced they would be returning to Indianapolis in a couple weeks, and I’m thinking of going, because overall, they did a great job.

Set List for MIGGS:

  • Suddenly Wonderful
  • Stars
  • Pretty
  • Full of Doubt
  • Hole
  • Home
  • Words got in the Way
  • Let the games begin
  • I can’t get no satisfaction (stones cover)
  • Summer takes the Fall

The MIGGS left the stage around 9pm, and got there equipment out fairly quickly as Scott was suppose to go on around 9:30pm, and his stage set up was ready to roll shortly after 9:15pm so it wasn’t like they needed to test guitars,  microphones, or any of that technical stuff.



9:30pm comes around and the crowd was starting to get restless, and I know Scott is a Diva, so OK.. fifteen minutes isn’t that bad. 9:45pm hit, at this time the crowd was starting to boo a little and yell as a crowd normally does. Someone mentioned Pantera, and shortly after they mentioned it, the music that was playing burst out into Pantera Respect, ha. So that got the crowd singing, and booing even more, around 10:15pm after a minute or so of booing, the Wildabouts, Scott’s band appeared on stage to cheers and roars, as we knew that it was going to actually start now. Photo above is what the stage looked like the entire time we waited.

Scott Weiland finally took the stage after being roughly an hour late, give or take a few minutes. The boos stopped, and people stood in awe in a sense, as he started out singing an opening jam, not sure what the song was to be honest, but it got the crowds attention, after the song finished. Scott mumbled into the microphone that, “that song wasn’t a good starter song, this one should be an opening song” (from what I could make out), and they started “Crackerman” that of course got the crowd singing along.

I think Scott is a person that isn’t very social in a sense, his band The Wildabouts did an excellent job playing the songs that Stone Temple Pilots is known for, but you could tell that they were a hired band, there wasn’t that stage presence between band and lead singer that you see with other bands, although Scott didn’t sing Plush, he still sang the songs that he wrote, and sounded just like he did ten years ago voice wise. I honestly think it’s more of a I’m Scott Weiland, I can be late, I can be do whatever I want, regardless of the crowd booing, or bad mouthing me, once I hit the stage.. you will listen, sing along, and enjoy it. Diva is an understatement, more like I don’t care, I’m here.

I do have to give him props though, he did good once he got on stage. He performed an awesome cover of Janes Addiction “Mountain Song”, that was awesome, did the Libertines “Can’t stand me now”, and encored with “Roadhouse Blues” from the Doors, so overall a variety of music, not just STP, but various other bands as well. There were eleven songs of Stone Temple Pilots, and I do believe he through in one of his own recordings “Paralysis” which made for a variety of music, it wasn’t all about STP, it was about Scott doing what he does love to do, all be it late, confusing, and sketchy, a performer he is.

Set List:

  • Opening Jam
  • Cracker Man
  • Wicked Garden
  • Paralysis
  • Naked Sunday
  • Creep
  • The Jean Genie (David Bowie)
  • Kitchen ware & Candy Bars
  • Where the River Goes
  • Mountain Song (Janes Addiction)
  • Big Empty
  • Can’t Stand me Now (Libertines)
  • Still Remains
  • Interstate Love Song
  • Vaseline


  • Road house Blues (Doors)
  • Unglued

At the end of the performance, Scott did say Thank you, it was a heart felt Thank you, and I do believe he meant it, even though we booed, and yes I did threaten him on twitter with my review, he still came out on stage,  and put on a great performance, really that’s all you can ask as a fan. There is no point in dissing him, or even telling him your thoughts, he doesn’t read those, he just does what he knows to do take the stage and perform.


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