What a show, when you start a review with ‘what a show’ for me it means I’m hurting beyond belief. I’ve been to some rough shows in my concert going career, but when a venue doesn’t use a “proper” rail in front of the stage, you pay the price, and I paid the price last night.


This was my second time seeing In This Moment, and they never disappoint they always put on a good rock show, and this was no exception. Maria and company didn’t have much stage to work with, but she made it work, props and all. I had gotten to the venue, Boondocks as they called it way early, there wasn’t anyone there, I was waiting for a couple friends who were roughly three hours away to get there before going in, around 4pm they made it and we went into the building which was just a bar, all be it a nice bar, it’s fairly brand new and we waited by these two sliding wood doors to go into the concert area, which by the way,  had the maximum capacity of 800 people.

The doors opened a little after 6pm, and we made our way to the front of the stage where this black bike rake looking rail was, granted it was sturdy, but you get 700 people behind you pushing the sturdiness goes away, but that’s beside the point. There was only two bands, as the second band didn’t make it, and honestly I thought the lead singer of the first band looked familiar, he was roaming around earlier and I’m like I’ve seen this guy somewhere. Well low and behold it was Brian “head” Welch from KORN, yes, he was the opening act. Love & Death, his band, or rather “his baby” as he called it, was the opening act for In this Moment. Mind you I’m a huge Korn fan, love Korn seen Brian with Korn, so it was cool to get to see him sing and play with his band, and he did announce he was getting back with Korn, and played a “korn medley” of sorts, along with “Blindt” as his closing number, I can’t quite remember all that he sang, but he did an excellent job, it was his first time headlining and he had never seen In This Moment before, he said “he was rather excited to get to see them play”. Overall Love & Death put on a great little performance, props given to Brian.

The local Radio station WQLZ made a statement before he took the stage, that they did a video of him going around and seeing all the “Lincoln” sites, since Springfield, IL is the home of Abraham Lincoln, the video is located below, follow the link:

WQLZ Video of Brian Head Welch




In This Moment took the stage shortly after 9pm, opening with “Rise with Me” and it was epic, from what I could gather. The pushing started and several folks started body surfing, but In This Moment’s security quickly had them pushed back down as they tried to come over the crowd. The rail wasn’t holding up, it wasn’t a rail that could hold up to the rush of a crowd, right after the first song, security guards came down and pushed there backs against the rail, with feet on the stage, to prevent it from making it’s way onto the stage. Maria has a huge set up right in front, as seen here in this photo:


So, you can imagine I was almost touching that, in fact I could touch it, but didn’t want to if I didn’t have to. There was a box between the rail and the stage, but it wasn’t holding off the rush. First off if you are a concert venue and you know you are going to have a rock show, get a RAIL that is stable enough to hold the force of 800 people, I felt like I had been ran over by a herd of bulls, I’m positive I’ve bruised a rib as it hurts when I breathe, so that’s the price I pay, but I’m not complaining, I’d do it again in heart beat mind you.

In this Moment, sang songs from there album that was released in 2011, titled “Blood”, they have released two albums prior to Blood, but it seems Blood has put them on the band map. The set list consisted of:

  • Rise with Me
  • Adrenalize
  • Blazin
  • Whore
  • Beat Within
  • Burn
  • The Gun Show
  • Maria’s Dance
  • Blood Legion
  • Blood

Overall a great performance by In This Moment, I would have loved to have enjoyed it more, but being slammed up against sort of takes the enjoyment out of it, singing was pretty much all I could do, but regardless of that, a great concert was had.

The venue was called “Boondocks” and is located in Springfield, IL, which is roughly a couple hours away from my house. I would recommend going there as it’s a small bar type club, only holds 800 people, and is a good place for a rock concert, but they do need to install some sort of support rail, a rail that doesn’t sway, and is either heavy metal, or bolted to the floor. You can’t have a venue and put on rock shows without a major piece of equipment, so I suggest they get one after last night. You can’t guarantee that people won’t push, they always push, more so when liquor is involved, but it is what it is.  I never really know how bad I’m hurt at the time, once the adrenaline wares off, then I realize “oh, yeah that rail sucked”…….good rock show indeed.

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