The Metal Alliance tour was phenomenal. This took place at the world famous House of Blues in Hollywood, Ca. The lineup consisted of thrash metal legends Anthrax, Exodus, High on Fire, Municipal Waste, and Holy Grail.

Due to the show starting so early and obviously short on time from coming home from work from a traffic jam because of an accident plus driving to LA which there was another accident on the road,


I missed all the bands except for Exodus and Anthrax. Right when I entered the House of Blues, Exodus was just barely opening.

The whole time the crowd was jumping, moshing, crowd surfing, etc. Exodus was tearing it up and played greatest hits.

Anthrax singer Joey Belladonna

Once Anthrax came on, the energy level rose even higher. On this tour, Anthrax was celebrating the release of their album, “Among The Living”, which is one of the greatest metal albums of all time by playing it in its entirety. They immediately started playing the entire “Among The Living” album which since I know it completely, I started singing along right away(I’m the man with the power, Among The Living! Follow me or die!). Then guitarist Scott Ian started the 2nd track, Caught In A Mosh,

which in my opinion is the ultimate song to mosh pit to. Obviously the mosh pit was insane during that song and it being my favorite Anthrax song, I was screaming my voice out(what is it? Caught In A Mosh! What is it? Caught In A Mosh!).

Anthrax - Scott Ian with Slash

Throughout the night there were a few surprises, such as when they did a cover of AC/DC’s “T.N.T”, ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash, came out to play with them.

When they finished with Antisocial, we thought they were finished but they had 1 more surprise. Scott Ian introduced another guest and it turned out to be Public Enemy singer, Chuck D.

Public Enemy singer, Chuck D, playing with Anthrax

They did a cover of “Bring The Noise. A rapper singing with a thrash metal band? That was something to see to believe but it turned out sounding awesome. Who knew a rap song covered by a metal band would sound so…

….metal. This was an awesome night, anyone that was gone to any of the shows will say the same thing.

Exodus live – Piranha 3-27-13

Exodus live – Bonded By Blood 3-27-13

Anthrax live – Caught In A Mosh 3-27-13

Anthrax live – Indians 3-27-13

Anthrax live – T.N.T. (With Slash) 3-27-13

Anthrax live – Bring The Noise(with Chuck D) 3-27-13


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